And back for another try…

45 Husted Lane

45 Husted Lane

45 Husted Lane, now at $6.895 million. Brother Gid tried selling this for them back in 2006 for $7.995 and it’s been on and off the market since, at various prices and with various brokers. This was built by Hobbs, according to the listing, so there can be no question as to its quality. Is there anything else, except its price, that’s preventing its sale?

I don’t remember seeing this, although I’m sure I have sometime in the past seven years, so I can’t say what the problem is with the place, if a problem there is. One clue, perhaps, is that in all its listings, even when it was new, there are no pictures of its yard. It’s on two acres (two separate, one-acre building lots, in fact), so there’s certainly room for a yard unless the topography prevents it. Swamp? Cliffs? Maybe.

But that’s just a guess. I’ll check it out next time there’s an open house and report back. Or I could just ask Gideon.

UPDATE:  Another agent reports “zero yard”. No pictures: the dog that did not bark.


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13 responses to “And back for another try…

  1. CEA

    I wonder what the magic formula is, as most families seem not to want big yards nowadays. But they do want SOME yard, apparently, if only to host cocktail parties and toss up a swingset.

  2. Flash

    Zero yard is a winner for me…..that’s maybe $50-100,000 maintenance in my pocket every year. However swamp is a negative that may be overcome with a forest of weeping willows.

  3. EOSredux

    We too thought we’d want little to zero yard in our next house, anxious to give up huge maintenance bills. But when push came to shove, looking at houses with little land made me claustrophobic and was hardly conducive to this phase in our life, grandparenting! When all the rugrats come over, a big yard is imperative for tree climbing, hide and seek, fort making, and learning to drive the tractor. I’m not sure I could ever give up a big yard, even when I’m old(er), gray(er), and poor(er).

    I Googled 45 Husted. Zillow has a funny error in its last transaction post:
    08/20/2001 Sold $54,000,000 6,398% — Public Record

  4. MTA

    I don’t believe that Hobbs built this house. It was built by Ken Bacco (Bacco Inc.).

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe Calvin built it. Hobbs was often lazy & sleeeping on the job.

  6. Yardbird

    Does it have Tischler windows?