September 18, 2013 · 5:57 pm

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  1. M

    Yeah – cos it’s a really amusing subject isn’t it. Mass murder.

    • Mass ignorance, I believe you mean. Kinda undercuts whatever the man might have to say on the subject, don’t you think? Nah, of course not, all guns are bad, ban them all, end of problem, the lion will lay down with the lamb.
      Ban these dangerous steam locomotives! :

    • AJ

      There is only mass murder when the citizenry is unarmed. When citizens are armed there is usually only one victim before the reciprocity of the golden rule sets in; that’s if a crime even takes place in the first place, as would-be killers think twice, and think again.

    • Anonymous

      That’s racist!
      Pointing out the mass murder of Negroes by Negroes in Chicago!

    • Anonymous

      DC was a tragedy. No other way to describe it.
      The death toll was not quite an average weekend in Chicago.

    • Anonymous

      Well, M, you’re right there is nothing funny about mass murder and the author clearly wasn’t trying to say it was. However, consider this for a moment: your Prez, Barry, is going to arm one group of Syrians so they can commit mass murder against another group of Syrians. Let that slosh around in your brain pan for a bit.

  2. AJ

    BTW, M who does your hair?

  3. Anonymous

    Ban all guns. Full stop.

  4. Is it starting oct1 that you need a permit to buy ammunition in CT. I thought that was the change coming.

    If so, will need to stock up even faster.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Beginning October 1, anyone seeking to purchase ammunition in CT will need to have, at bare minimum, an ammunition certificate. A Ct Pistol and Revolver carry permit and the new long arm certificate are also good for ammo purchases. The legal requirements to obtain the two new lower grade credentials are mostly the same as a pistol and revolver carry permit, except that the Pistol permit requires an 8 hour course (NRA basic Pistol) and application through one’s local chief of police or (if no police chief) first Selectman or Resident State trooper. The pistol Permit is the super permit that allows both no wait purchase and carry of hand guns in the state as well as long guns and ammunition. There has already been a tsunami of applications for the CT pistol permit since SCOaMF II (aka Dannell Maolloy) signed the new law on April 5 2013. Even out of state residents will have to have an ammo certificate to purchase ammo in CT.

      Aside from mostly causing pointless aggravation for most entirely law abiding citizens, all the ammo purchase laws will accomplish will be to create a huge black market in ammo in CT and it will also drive up the cost of ammo as many online merchants refuse to ship to CT after October 1.

      One potential bright silver lining is that once the law kicks in, it may well really piss-off a whole lot of nutmeggars who’ll find themselves suddenly unable to buy ammo on the white market and who will suddenly become angy single issue

  5. AJ

    The ultimate in protection:

    ‘Grave Robbers Beware: Cemetery guns and coffin torpedoes’

    “There was a time when vampires, zombies and the undead were not the only cemetery problems we faced. There were, in fact, very real dangers of grave robbing in the (crooked) name of medicine. To combat the body snatchers? Cemetery guns, of course. …”


  6. http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/DeMaio-seeks-transfer-to-psychiatric-facility-4825172.php

    Anyone following this story.. It is starting to unfold .. Brain tumor, disability, wife had family money . Joint checking account closed and selling house in top of divorce .. Sad all the way around on both sides ..