Often, the more I like a house, the longer it takes to find a buyer. Here’s an example

335 Valley Road

335 Valley Road

335 Valley Road has finally reported an executed contract. (link now fixed)

I loved this house when I saw it four months ago and predicted it would sell within two weeks. Off by 127 days (well technically, subtract 14 days from that number) and it had to take a price cut, from $2.375 million to $2.250.

Oh well. I’m delighted that it has found a buyer in any event, and I hope the new owners will like it as much as I do. And I still think, given what’s out there in this price range, it’s one of the best. Obviously, a number of other buyers disagreed, but that’s why houses come in different styles. How boring it would be to live in one of those modern, built-on-a-cornfield developments you find in northern Virginia, for instance, where the only variation, house after house, row after row, is which side of the house the garage is on.


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13 responses to “Often, the more I like a house, the longer it takes to find a buyer. Here’s an example

  1. Anonymous

    ummm, you might want to fix the link. it goes to a newton alliance thing.

  2. Flash

    File under right wing rant…..links to Newtown rant

  3. anon

    All that blond wood doesn’t successfully mask the bad 70s Deckhouse underpinnings. I wonder if the new owners are named Ole and Kim? Whatever their proclivities I bet they are stocking up on a lot of white paint.

    • Some people (I, for instance) really like Deckhouse homes, and I found the wood panelling bright and distinctive. My suggestion for those who don’t find the style to their taste and prefer dark wood slathered in lead paint is to find another home. I understand that, while Greenwich long since got rid of them, North Stamford lacks the resources to afford new, and there are still plenty of genuine money pits still around up there, surrounded by some of the finest examples of the 1970s builder craft still standing.

      • anon

        The market agrees with you, hence the long day count. The same house in North Stamford for $750K is for a whole other buyer pool.

  4. Stanwich

    I just don’t understand the price on this house at all. Valley Road is marginal, there are nicer locations in Cos Cob at this price. I realize it is on the river but not much of a yard. The house itself is just so dated looking, completely out of style. CF, no offense but your style is old antique farmhouses and weird mid-century crap. I am baffled by this price. I would have thought a million less.

    • Jonathan

      Great points. About the only thing supporting this price point is the fact it is over 4300 SQFT. And the resurgence in mid-century design could raise the value of deck houses like this. But today, for most buyers, the style is very polarizing. For a couple, both would need to like this style for sure. Much easier to compromise on a boring colonial!

  5. Anonymous

    The Brady Bunch lives on.

    “Oh, my nose! My nose!”

  6. Rats, that was the house you were going to buy for me (well I asked you to, anyway).