Peter Tesei finds an ally – unless this is His Honor in drag

An intellect lighter than air

An intellect lighter than air

The last time he was allowed out in public, our first selectman Tesei sought to blame this blog and its anonymous commenters for the suicide of Bart Paloscz and said,

“I think our media locally has been irresponsible…when you provide a platform for adults to make anonymous comments…you fuel a behavior that is deemed acceptable. In a sick sort of way people get off on it because they get, ‘Well, I can say what I want but I don’t have to say who I am.’ They say things that are inflammatory, inaccurate, andthey are allowed to get away with it...I’m all for freedom of speech, but I think freedom of speech means you have to know who is saying what. Anonymity is cowardice and I think bullies are cowards…I would call upon the local media outlets, Hearst and all the others…to cease that practice.”

Tesei seems to have no respect for either the Second Amendment or the First. Fortunately for the universe he’s merely a small town mayor with no particular general appeal, but he is rumored to have higher political ambitions. Should he somehow achieve that ambition, here’s a logical choice for his running mate:

Anonymous Cop Pens Bizarre Editorial Calling for ‘End of Anonymity on the Internet,’ Says All Internet Posters Should be Forced to Register with the Government for ‘Public Safety.’


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36 responses to “Peter Tesei finds an ally – unless this is His Honor in drag

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    All Internet Posters Should be Forced to Register with the Government for ‘Public Safety.

    It’s a cost saving device …. his way saves the NSA from having to actually trace the users. Think of the budgetary savings!

  2. Just_looking

    It WILL happen.

  3. Stanwich

    The people “responsible” for Bart Paloscz’s death are not unknown, they are probably sitting in GHS right now. Hopefully their peers are now subjecting them to some of the same social humiliation that Bart endured for years.

    I am not sure how the tragic death of Bart Paloscz, the First Selectman and your odd attack on his personal finances got all mixed up in the same conversation but it should end now. Bart’s death is horrific and it highlights a serious problem not only at GHS, but across the country. Can you imagine the pain and suffering he went through to decide that killing himself was better than going to school??? The First Selectman’s stupid remarks about your blog (if they are indeed about your blog) and your equally idiotic response is infuriating. Stealing tragedy for one’s own agenda is usually the realm of cheap politicians. Let’s resolve not to do that here.

  4. Riverside Chick

    Off topic- All the beware of dogs and other signs (including MYOFB now covered in plastic) are gone from the Riverside ave/ Marks rd house!

  5. Anonymous

    Stanwich—your point is well taken. There is absolutely no ambiguity to the School Administration (headmaster, nurse, counselors, asst principals, etc) who did the bullying over nearly a decade that pushed poor Paloscz over the top. Its just a matter of what the school will do to have those kids have accountability for their actions.

  6. Anonymous

    You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you

    • Peter Tesei

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Several readers who were at the meeting and heard all of Tesei’s comments say it was clear he was referring to this blog and more particular, my policy of allowing – ahem – people to comment here anonymously. So he was targeting you people,too. If you’re comfortable with that, if you think we have no right to free speech, and, as an aside, no right to even question how a politician gets a mortgage 4X larger than one he can afford on his salary, then by all means go enjoy your servitude.
        Personally, I’m appalled that citizens of the United States would so readily give up their liberties, but I’m no longer surprised.
        So yes, Tesei’s comments were indeed “about me”. And about you, but you don’t care.
        I do.

        • Mickster

          Don’t get your panties in a twist. I have not read anywhere where it was suggested this blog had anything to do with that suicide. Can anonymous blogging lead to bullying – absolutely if there is no monitoring. However, in your case we know you’re careful to approve or disapprove all comments so the blog is monitored.
          If indeed Peter Tesei was referring to you, then “unleash the hounds!” and we’ll all have at him because that’s unconscionable.

        • Anonymous

          Who said any one of us want to give up liberties? Not me.

          I do think in the case of the kid at the school—the online anonymous bullies (and their circle of friends) are probably the same ones who pushed him around physically at the school. It won’t be hard to find out the source of who was involved in the harassment.

  7. South of Village

    Speaking as a libertarian, of course I believe in free speech. However, most people agree that freedoms can be checked by limited regulation, when there is a social externality involved. In the case of speech, it is limited by they outlaw of slander – a deliberate lie that has a damaging impact on others. I’m not sure why your website has anything to do with this because it’s about real estate, not about high school kids. But the day should and will come when slanderous lies told on Facebook or other social media sites, along with proof of physical bullying, will cause perpetrators to be expelled and or imprisoned. I believe that the bullies’ lives should be destroyed just as his was. An eye for an eye. Make an example out of them.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Tesio is the mayor of Greenwich? I thought that was what Francis did? So if Francis isn’t the mayor, what is he? Beside a commie? Is he the El Presidente of Greenwich? He isn’t some two bit political hack, is he? Wll I know he is, but what is his title? I know he controls the gambling, and has his eye on the pot business. So who has prostitution and waste management? Is that Lee Mazzilli? What does Lee know about whores? The professional kind, not political whores.

    And Tesio obviously is not a supporter of free speech. Are they going to ban talk radio, or viewer call in shows? Why doesn’t he start by dealing with the known bullies that he can actually do something about? This grandstanding moron.

    And did you see the libtards want to make ugly people a “protected class”?

    How do you do that? Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. You are a chubby lover, while I prefer the old “tits on a stick” hottie. The libtards won’t rest until everyone is categorized and cataloged, disarmed, and unable to express an opinion. And government decides what you read, what you believe, what you eat and what health care you receive. It is much closer than you think.
    Your Pal,

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    AND ANOTHER THING!! If you put a pair of those nerdy Buddy Holly glasses on Tesio, him and Francis would be the same PERSON!! Are they the same person Dude?
    Your Pal,

  10. Once

    One reason we leave our comments anonymously is due to reprisals by Government employees. When I get emails from fellow residents regarding the “redistricting/racial” crap in town I am always instructed not to forward “with name” because of kids in the public school. Speak up about the public schools and watch what happens to your kid. Government won’t do that? We know the IRS does. I questioned Tesei at a RTC meeting and, as the man with the microphone can do, he got very testy and combative. Liberals attack the messenger when they are questioned.

  11. South of Village

    agree that anonymous speech that is not slanderous is a good things and perfectly constitutional. but anonymous speech that is slanderous should be prosecuted – by court order ID of IP address

    • Slander (and libel, which it becomes once published) is always at least a cilvil tort, supporting a cause of action for damages. Has been since English common law. Seems to me that if the parents of some of these school bullies lost their homes as the result of law suits filed against them and their kid, parents everywhere might start paying attention to what was going on.
      It’d be a start, anyway.

  12. towny

    Anonymity | Electronic Frontier Foundation

  13. AJ

    Tesei and the cop who anonymously called for an end to anonymity (oh, the irony) are either just “on message” or receiving messages from Hitler’s brain.


    ‘Former NSA Director Advocates Chinese-Style Internet’

    ‘Hayden: “The problem I have with the Internet is that it’s anonymous”’

    September 16, 2013

    “During a speech at St. John’s Episcopal Church yesterday, former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden advocated a move towards a Chinese-style world wide web where users are forced to identify themselves before posting online content.

    Comparing the Internet to the wild west and Somalia, Hayden indicated that he would like to see the United States adopt a system of web policing similar to that used in Communist China, where users are mandated to submit to real name ….”


  14. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Take a look at this result and recognize how much stroke he has in Hartford:

    In all, 169 schools in 36 districts of some 111 who applied will get some level of reimbursement for $20.8 million in costs they put into making schools more secure.

    The first round winners include Bridgeport, receiving $1 million, second only to Hartford, which is receiving $1.5 million. Other area recipients include Danbury, $55,401; Derby, $267,873, Greenwich, $1,918; Norwalk, $29, 305, Shelton, $168,537; Stamford, $136,537; Stratford, $135,334 and Westport, $261,083 The funds are going toward things like cameras, panic buttons and ballistic glass. Also funded will be metal detectors, card and door access systems and signage.

    • You could go through every single Ct. Democrat redistribution program and get the same result: Greenwich gets nothing; never has, never will. We serve only as a source of funds for the Democrats to pass out to their friends. This isn’t Tesei’s fault, it’s the Democrats, even – especially? – Greenwich Democrats, who cheer on the very programs we’re funding with our dollars.
      Secede or move.

  15. FF

    Its no big deal posting non-anonymously. If you read the blog enough, you can figure out roughly who the person is. For example, everyone knows “Walt” is sewer and drainage impresario Peter Quigley.

  16. what’s the point of registering for “Public Safety” reasons when ‘the government’ can’t seem to protect anyone?

  17. towny

    Word Press is in the lower half of the ‘top ten list’ for LE data mining

  18. Anonymous

    there are private company solutions that can aggregate social media posts and use complex algorithms to link things together to create an individual profile. have used ’em, they’re quite effective risk mgmt tool.

  19. LAK

    I have started a group on my fb page “Norwalk Parents and Students Against Bullying”
    Ever since this tragedy, I have rallied the BOE, Superintendent, Malloy, Himes, Duff, etc. to see changes in our schools. It also must begin at home.
    I want Bart’s name to be heard thruout Connecticut!
    I’m no expert on bullying, just a concerned parent.
    May Bart rest in peace…