See if you can spot the one Republican town in this list of Democrat funding

Man, Greenwich is so screwed!

Man, Greenwich is so screwed!

Dan Malloy and the Democrat kleptocracy have announced the divvying up of loot seized from the productive citizens, and here’s the breakdown:

The first round winners include Bridgeport, receiving $1 million, second only to Hartford, which is receiving $1.5 million. Other area recipients include Danbury, $55,401; Derby, $267,873, Greenwich, $1,918; Norwalk, $29, 305, Shelton, $168,537; Stamford, $136,537; Stratford, $135,334 and Westport, $261,083.

I checked on Westport just to make sure and yes, Westport is a “Democratic Stronghold”.

Which leaves just us holding the shitty end of the stick.


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  1. Anonymous

    Since when exactly has Greenwich been given anything from Hartford, no matter the holder of any office

    • That was my point, I think. Tesei gets a pass on this one. But how about Fudrucker and his pals, who whoop up the very policies and spending patterns that make this theft possible?

  2. My point….
    We spend more money looking for tax money we have already paid.
    Stop applying for “grants” from either State or Federal breast (both left for now) and run our Town without either.
    We pay the tax, why spend more ?
    Net result, regulatory strangle net.
    CUT FREE !
    Pay tax, don’t look for payback….too costly in many ways…..

  3. Barack Obama

    Morale is still low………Step up the beatings!

  4. FF

    I have a printout of the total amount of taxes paid in 2011 in all towns in CT. Greenwich is clearly #1, at $619 million, or $24,000 per capita. New Canaan, on a per capita basis, pays $26,000. Nobody else breaks $20,000 and Greenwich alone accounts for 10.59% of all income taxes paid statewide. No community generates even a third of that in total, and that includes Stamford. That amount should be enough to be a force, but no matter whether the Governor is Rell or Malloy, Weicker or O’Neill, Greenwich gets nothing of consequence because we don’t engage them, don’t fight for what we are entitled, and most importantly continue to send legislators who dwell in the forgotten and ignored minority

    • Your pal Krumeich once argued along those lines: “vote us in because we’re friends with these guys, so they’ll take less from us than they do from you, their enemies”. That still leaves Greenwich taxpayers as enemies of the state, of course, and while Krumeich was probably right, it seems galling to just admit defeat meekly and send our own resident thieves up to their home base to plead for leniency.

      • FF

        So what is it going to be, Chris? The joy and comfort of righteous indignation, the happiness of being screwed in every which way because less than 1% of those funds come back to the Town from Hartford, or to get in there and engage. You may wish and hope that some of your ideas will take hold, that we will become a fair and tax-free nirvana and that all the people of the state will realize the joy and wisdom of what you and your ilk say. Sadly, regardless of your thunder and echo chamber on this blog, it will not. You live in the bluest of blue states and even if things did change – which they likely will not – it would take decades. However, in that time, we have Peter Tesei cursing out the Governor everywhere he can to score political points, minority legislators who have less than no impact on anything other than crumbs, all who feed into the notion throughout the rest of the state that Greenwich people are self-centered and petulant, who look down their noses at us so why should we work with them? A system exists, and will continue to exist, to distribute the funds and set priorities. It is called representative democracy and it works with something called majority rules. As long as you don’t have a seat at the table, as long as you excoriate those who participate in it, as long as you revel in the fantasy of the way things should be rather than the way they are, you’ll be writing the same blog post over and over again, you will pass out from holding your breath until you turn blue (ha!). Many Republicans, such as Larry Cafero in Norwalk, John McKinney, etc. seem to work well within the system and represent their constituents, yet seem to also be held in high regard for their principles – and wield some power too. Yet Greenwich seems to find this unseemly and only seem to complain

    • Riverslide

      You must mean per taxpayer, not per capita. The per capita numbers are probably even more skewed toward Greenwich, and especially New Canaan.

      I assume, based on your more-gov’t-money-for-me attitude, you will be campaigning to elect a Republican to the US House of Reps next year, to join the majority and to be more successful bringing money back to Greenwich.

      • FF

        There is ZERO probablility of a Republican takeover of the Connecticut legislature next year, yet a reasonable opportunity to take over the House of Representatives. I’ll make that case to re-elect Himes and find a strong candidate who might have the authority to bring back more than a grand to Greenwich. Do you find that satisfying that your representatives brought back a cool 10 benjamins for your $600 million in taxes, or does it just feel better to be mad about it?

    • Publius

      You imply by your last and most important point that sending Democrats to Hartford would result in a tidal flood of rebated income taxes to Greenwich given the veto proof majority of Democrats in the House and Senate. That seems to highlight the corruption in our state government given that you only get something if you go long with the crowd or are part of the crowd. Surely, I am naive to think that school security issues should be based on facts not party affiliation, since it is “for the kids”. I find it hard to believe that Westport schools are 136x more dangerous than Greenwich schools.

      You are correct that if Greenwich were to send Democrats to the state house things would get better for Greenwich right before we all are dragged over the fiscal cliff.

      • Francis and his crowd don’t believe there is any need to stop spending. Indeed, you must remember that their credo is, for every dollar spent by the government, a dollar-fifty of wealth is created. Why this magical formula didn’t make the Soviet Union the richest nation on earth remains a mystery to them, but they’re positive that this time, with Democrats at the helm, they’ll get it right.

        • Publius

          Click to access 2013-09-18_Data_Alert.pdf

          According to Rock Institute the recent surge in state income tax receipts is a “bubble”. These folks are not right-wing nuts. Would you like to wager the state of CT will never switch their accounting from voodoo to GASB standards. Moving healthcare spending off budget and claiming fiscal probity is just the start…..

      • FF

        Nobody said a tidal flood, but something reasonable might be good. From what I understand, for example, many of the Democrats like Fred Camillo up there. Of Italian descent, like many in this very Italian state, modest income, amiable, even the most partisan say that he’s OK. However, when its time to make actual decisions, he’s not in the room and it shows. As far as your somewhat Pollyanna-ish view of government, is it the same when the Republican House of Representatives excludes Democrats from everything imaginable? No, its not, because it is not about the “crowd”, its about the “majority”, and that is who rules until the voters make a change.

        • Publius

          I don’t follow your leap to Republicans in the House excluding Dems from “everything imaginable”. The Republicans in DC are in many cases as liberal as the Democrats. GWB spent like a liberal. The Dem controlled WH and Congress passed ACA w/o 1 Republican vote. Look how that has turned out; that signature legislation is now being postponed and waivers are being issued by the bucketful to avoid collapse.

          As for voters making changes, they did in 2010 which produced the GOP majority in the HoR. Yes there is a stalemate in DC and though there are important issued to address (entitlement reform) at least the most damaging aspects of a “productive legislative session” have been mitigated somewhat.

          As for my “Pollyanna-ish view of government” you missed the gist of my argument that being that libs/progressives like big government, big taxes and big spending because they are trying to help people and make their lives better so there should be no amount spared to “help” people. You have actually made my argument that the lib/progressive crowd is corrupt and hypocritical and the facade of “helping people” is just a ruse to keep and hold power via favor granting to like minded folks.

    • Anonymous


      How about just cutting the size of state government by 75% and have Greenwich send only ~$155 million instead of $619 million?

      If you want a list of government activities, and “services” to cut, I’m sure the multitude of readers would be more than happy to oblige with suggestions.

      • FF

        This post reminds me of when pollsters ask people what percentage we spend in “foreign aid”, and the average answer is about 12% of our national GDP. It betrays a desire for an easy and accounting-free way to impose an ideological goal. You probably have a fantasy that all our tax revenue goes into urban black holes, theft and generalized corruption.

        I want your list first. Find me a billion dollars now from the state budget you would cut. Not fantasy dollars, but real budget items. Good luck!

  5. CatoRenasci

    You have two Greenwich residents to thank for the income tax: Lowell Weicker, whom one presumes was determined to pay Connecticut citizens back for turning him out of the US Senate and who personally saw his taxes decrease by over 60% – going from a 10% rate on unearned income to a 4% rate on all income – and – far, far worse – Republican State Senator Bill Nickerson, who was the deciding vote which passed the state income tax.

    The fact that anyone still speaks to Nickerson is beyond me – the man betrayed the Republican Party, the voters of Greenwich who elected him having taken the “pledge”, and the taxpayers of Connecticut.

  6. Cos Cobber

    FF’s grand bargain for Gwich will work like this. He’ll vote to double up on borrowing, expand regional programs/ pseudo county government concepts and expanded taxes (death taxes, conveyance, carry taxes) in exchange for 2600 bucks back instead of 1926. The idea Hartford will give Gwich a better deal w/o soaking us via the back door is ludicrous.

    • FF

      That makes absolutely no logical sense at all. Toss a couple of feel-good Republican tropes (“death” tax) then feel bad for poor old Greenwich by saying its useless to engage in the democratic process because they just hate us is just you acknowledging that I am right and that it doesn’t feel good for your worldview. How about this: I’ll give you that regional government solutions won’t work well for Connecticut, and will even oppose them, if you acknowledge that no matter how distasteful it is to you, a Democrat in the legislature representing Greenwich might actually give us a better chance to protect our interests from the rapacious legislature – unless of course you are willing to accept getting screwed because the complaining feels so, so much better than getting results

      • Cos Cobber

        I dont believe a democrat in Hartford representing Greenwich could do anything more than bring back an extra crumb all the while be under tremendous pressure to go with the flow and vote for expanded government, generous state benefits and more debt. Yes, you’ll be able to bring back a few more creumbs, but what good is that really?

        • FF

          Then you should just stop complaining about what the Democrats do (or don’t do). Since you’ve abdicated any responsibility to get involved in current reality, you really have no right to complain. Yes, you can and should talk about how your ideas are better to you and what life would look like if they were adopted, but your fatalism serves no purpose other than to put a satisfied punctuation on the reality that you live in a state where the large, large majority to not agree with you.

  7. Anonymous

    We haven’t even mentioned the incredible $ Greenwich generates in sales taxes.

    • FF

      That one isn’t very true. Greenwich generates $59 million in sales tax, but towns like Manchester ($140 million) , East Hartford, Danbury and Berlin generate far, far more. That is because while you see 6.35% of an Hermes scarf at Richards, those people actually manufacture things of value which are more important. We are responsible for 1.8% of all sales taxes, which is almost perfectly in line with our population per capita