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Obama’s war on women


You want fries with that?

You want fries with that?

Bloomberg: Most new female jobs went to waitresses.


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This will happen when the stars of the movement don’t take themselves seriously

Would you shut down your economy on the advice of these experts?

Global Warming protest: Would you shut down your economy on the advice of these experts?

The church is emptying: Fewer people than ever believe in global warming.

[A]  report from the UK Energy Research Centre also shows the number of those who resolutely do not believe in climate change has more than quadrupled since 2005.

The Government funded report shows 19 per cent of people are climate change disbelievers – up from just four per cent in 2005 – while nine per cent did not know.

The report comes as climate change scientists working on a landmark UN report on climate change are struggling to explain why global warming appears to have slowed down in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.

Dr. Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist and author of Climate Confusion, argues in his influential blog the UN report shows scientists are being forced to “recognise reality”.

He said: “We are now at the point in the age of global warming hysteria where the IPCC global warming theory has crashed into the hard reality of observations.”

When Al Gore builds himself a pair of 15,000 sq.ft. mansions, when movie stars and UN delegates fly private jets to GW conferences in Bali, when Obama flies Bo the dog around the globe in the dog’s own fleet of aircraft, the little people can be excused for thinking that no one really believs this shit anyway.

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From my friend in Naples


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September 19, 2013 · 8:25 pm

Foreclosure price cut on Round Hill Road

We're not in La Tuna anymore, Toto

We’re not in La Tuna anymore, Toto

516 Round Hill Road is now offered to the discriminating buyer for $7.750 million. This property has had a colorful history, beginning back in 2003 when that lovable rascal Dom Devito bought the land and persuaded his friend Marcus Zavataro at Patriot Bank to lend him $6.143 million to build  a spec house. The foundation went in, the framing went up, and there things stood for a long time, while most of the Patriot/Zavataro loans went belly up, Dom was sent off to La Tuna Federal Medium Security prison outside of El Paso, and the market for big ticket homes on Round Hill Road fell off the cliff. Eventually, Patriot won title via foreclosure (June, 2010), Marcus went off to offer financial advice to new clients and even Dom has returned, fit, rested and raring to go. He’s even driving a rather fancy Indian car around town these days – the boy knows how to land on his feet.

In any event, Patriot sold off the shell of this house for $3 million to the present owners, who finished it and put it back up for sale in January for $8.3 million. Today’s price cut indicates how that’s gone, so far. The two problems I see here (aside from price and location) are what to make of that four years or so it sat unfinished, and the affect, if any, weather and cold had on the structural integrity, and the land: Dom sort of bulldozed a pile of dirt together, just large enough to support a house footprint, held it back with a retaining wall and left the rest as an ironic reference, for movie buffs, to “The Guns of Navarone”. Tough sledding, if you will.

But there you have it. If you want to live in Dom’s neighborhood; and you should, or just down the road from the Raj, when he gets out of his prison, this is the spot for you.


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Dang, I was hoping to snag this one for my own kids

555 Lake Avenue

555 Lake Avenue

555 Lake Avenue under full contract, $26.5 million. 19,000 square feet, 8 acres, but just 8 bedrooms – there’s still room to expand, thank goodness. This property was never on the market but supposedly it was going to be and a buyer moved in and snapped it up.



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Back from open houses

What looked like a promising day: 68 listings to see, was pretty disappointing. After weeding out the rentals, retreads and hopelessly overpriced, there were just a handful of houses worth driving to.

More on those later; while I was out, two contracts were reported, both in the low range.

11 Mill Pond Court

11 Mill Pond Court

11 Mill Pond Court, $1.345, has a fully executed contract after just 14 days, which would indicate that a buyer stepped up within just a few days of the property appearing on the market (there’s a time lag between an accepted offer and formal execution of a contract). The owners paid $725,000 for this in 2007 and did a “total renovation”; judging from the mortgage they took out to pay for that renovation, it looks like they really did redo the place. In this market, a house that needs no additional work is a valuable commodity, and the speed with which this one sold isn’t surprising. Besides, Mill Pond is a nifty little street. 0.15 acre, for those interested in saving on lawn care.

29 Riverside Lane

29 Riverside Lane

29 Riverside Lane, on the other hand, is not on one of our finer streets in town: it’s busy, but it has also found a buyer after 29 days. Asking $829,000; building lots here were selling for $750,000 just a short time ago. This was improved in 2004, so the buyer may intend to live in it, which would justify paying more than land value.  Just about the same size lot as Mill Pond, 0.2 vs. 0.15. Your kids can still use the yard for play, so long as they play on a pogo stick.


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Attention, Whole Foods shoppers

Trudeau“Natural Cure” fraudster Kevin Trudeau sentenced to jail after failing to pay $38 million fine.

Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau has been ordered to jail after failing to pay a $38 million fine he received for misleading thousands of people with advertisements for  weight-loss books.

In August, a federal judge sided with the Federal Trade Commission to hand over control of the presenter’s assets and businesses to court-appointed official.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been after 50-year-old Trudeau, originally from Massachusetts, for several years after he made millions flogging what he claims are natural cures for serious and potentially fatal illnesses.

The ruling at the end of last month was the latest round in more than a decade of legal battles that began with a suit filed by the Federal Trade Commission.

Trudeau was slapped with a $38 million fine in 2011 after allegedly scamming customers for decades.

The FTC said that he has made millions of dollars by telling followers that coral calcium can cure cancer among other claims.


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But the science is settled!


Well it's bound to be one or the other!

Well it’s bound to be one or the other!

Lack of solar activity defies earlier predictions, sets off war between warmists and ice age worriers.

LONDON: Predictions that 2013 would see an upsurge in solar activity and geomagnetic storms disrupting power grids and communications systems have proved to be a false alarm. Instead, the current peak in the solar cycle is the weakest for a century.

Subdued solar activity has prompted controversial comparisons with the Maunder Minimum, which occurred between 1645 and 1715, when a prolonged absence of sunspots and other indicators of solar activity coincided with the coldest period in the last millennium.

The comparisons have sparked a furious exchange of views between observers who believe the planet could be on the brink of another period of cooling, and scientists who insist there is no evidence that temperatures are about to fall.

New Scientist magazine blasted those who predicted a mini ice age, opening a recent article on the surprising lack of sunspots this year with the bold declaration: “Those hoping that the sun could save us from climate change look set for disappointment”.

“The recent lapse in solar activity is not the beginning of a decades-long absence of sunspots, a dip that might have cooled the climate. Instead it represents a shorter, less pronounced downturn that happens every century or so,” (“Sun’s quiet spell not the start of a mini ice age” July 12).

The unusually low number of sunspots in recent years “is not an indication that we are going into a Maunder Minimum” according to Giuliana DeToma, a solar scientist at the High Altitude Observatory in Colorado.

But DeToma admitted “we will do not know how or why the Maunder Minimum started, so we cannot predict the next one.”

Many solar experts think the downturn is linked a different phenomenon, the Gleissberg cycle, which predicts a period of weaker solar activity every century or so. If that turns out to be true, the sun could remain unusually quiet through the middle of the 2020s.

But since the scientists still do not understand why the Gleissberg cycle takes place, the evidence is inconclusive. The bottom line is that the sun has gone unusually quiet and no one really knows why or how it will last.


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I never did until 2004

Poll: 51% of Americans believe in the Devil


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Is this really what we want to import into our country?

She's not just coming our way, she's already here, and Dick Durbin wants her to stay

She’s not just coming our way, she’s already here, and Dick Durbin wants her to stay

I realize that the “myth” of the great American melting pot is no longer taught in our schools and is instead denounced as some sort of white people’s plot, but Democrat Dick Durbin’s poster child for amnesty doesn’t strike me as anyone we need. What a great idea: “Let’s bring hatred to our shores so we can be like the rest of the world – no American exceptionalism here!”

Alaa Mukahhal, the “Dreamer” who has been praised on the floor of the Senate by Dick Durbin (D-IL) as an activist “in the finest American tradition,” wrote a short and obscene assessment of Israel and its supporters on her Facebook page that was “Liked” by a former congressional staffer named Lindsay Schubiner, also a Dream activist.

On September 12 via mobile, Alaa posted to her Facebook page [language warning]:

F*ck Israel. F*ck Zionists and all the Zionist apologists. F*ck them all.

[…] Dream activist Alaa Mukahhal also used her Facebook page for a series of angry, foul-mouthed leftist rants in the past, including one laughing about using the American Flag as a prop in a photo shown by Sen. Durbin. Mukahhal, who was born in Kuwait, describes herself as Palestinian and frequently lashes out against Israel on her Facebook page.

Breitbart News will reach out to Sen. Durbin’s office for comment later today.

Read more here.

Added bonus: Alaa Mukahhal also comments frequently about ‘white people’ and makes fun of the American flag that Dick Durbin used as a prop to promote his political amnesty agenda, reported as follows by Breitbart:



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Unexpected consequences from Sandy

UnknownBreach in Fire Island inlet helps flush the Great South Bay.

Fishermen and scientists report cleaner water and more marine life in the Great South Bay since superstorm Sandy blasted a new inlet across Fire Island, the slender land barrier that separates the Long Island bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

As government agencies move toward a decision on whether to close the opening, evidence is mounting that the breach may have sparked an ecological turnaround that has long eluded environmental advocates, commercial fishing interests and state policy makers.

For at least three decades, widespread blooms of algae have regularly darkened the waters of the bay. The blooms are traced to nitrogen seeping underground and into the bay, primarily from large sections of Long Island that rely on septic tanks but also from fertilizers and pesticides applied to lawns and farm crops. They have contributed to the demise of meadows of eelgrass used by fish for nurseries and shellfish beds that once supplied half the clams eaten in the U.S.

The breach has shifted the equation.

Not surprisingly,property owners on the South Shore want the breach closed so their own homes aren’t threatened. The race is on to see who has more power, but it’s usually a safe bet to go with the guys with the most money, so goodbye, inlet.

“You can literally see sea robins on the bottom in eight to 10 feet of water,” said Mike Busch, 48, a financial adviser from the hamlet of Brookhaven who fishes from his boat near the inlet. “This is the only good thing this storm did, and it just shocks me that it’s the one thing the politicians are trying to stop.”

There’s been talk over the years of reopening the filled-in inlet at the entrance to Tod’s Point, with the idea of letting waters flow into Old Greenwich Harbor again and cleaning it up. If memory serves, it was our local environmentalists who opposed that idea, but (a) I’m not at all sure I have the parties right and (b) I have no idea whether it would work. Peter Alexander? Mike Finkbeiner? Anyone care to chime in?


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