Is this really what we want to import into our country?

She's not just coming our way, she's already here, and Dick Durbin wants her to stay

She’s not just coming our way, she’s already here, and Dick Durbin wants her to stay

I realize that the “myth” of the great American melting pot is no longer taught in our schools and is instead denounced as some sort of white people’s plot, but Democrat Dick Durbin’s poster child for amnesty doesn’t strike me as anyone we need. What a great idea: “Let’s bring hatred to our shores so we can be like the rest of the world – no American exceptionalism here!”

Alaa Mukahhal, the “Dreamer” who has been praised on the floor of the Senate by Dick Durbin (D-IL) as an activist “in the finest American tradition,” wrote a short and obscene assessment of Israel and its supporters on her Facebook page that was “Liked” by a former congressional staffer named Lindsay Schubiner, also a Dream activist.

On September 12 via mobile, Alaa posted to her Facebook page [language warning]:

F*ck Israel. F*ck Zionists and all the Zionist apologists. F*ck them all.

[…] Dream activist Alaa Mukahhal also used her Facebook page for a series of angry, foul-mouthed leftist rants in the past, including one laughing about using the American Flag as a prop in a photo shown by Sen. Durbin. Mukahhal, who was born in Kuwait, describes herself as Palestinian and frequently lashes out against Israel on her Facebook page.

Breitbart News will reach out to Sen. Durbin’s office for comment later today.

Read more here.

Added bonus: Alaa Mukahhal also comments frequently about ‘white people’ and makes fun of the American flag that Dick Durbin used as a prop to promote his political amnesty agenda, reported as follows by Breitbart:



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42 responses to “Is this really what we want to import into our country?

  1. Anonymous

    Bad people.
    A Progressive.
    An Obama constituent.

    Nonetheless, send her a Christmas ham as a deportation gift.

  2. Anonymous

    Off topic sorry, but check out McCain’s rebuttal Op Ed in Pravda. Some of the comments are hysterical, makes this blog’s anonymous posters seem very well behaved.

  3. Tired

    Honestly, she is like a breath of fresh air. I, an American, too am tired of interfering in every country around the world. Tired, for example, of sending $500 million of planes to Afghanistan where there are no trained pilots. Tired of sending pallets of dollar bills to pay off the locals who then ship the money to their own bank accounts in Dubai. Tired of telling people how to live their lives. Tired of getting the pro-Israeli side of every story in MSM. Tired of sacrificing our sons and daughters to protect same.

  4. Anonymous

    Chris, it seems to me that you are confusing hatred of Israel with hatred of the United States. Last I looked, they were two different countries. And, guess what, Isreal, like every other country in the world, acts in its own self interest.

    • Anonymous

      If you check the links and her Facebook posts, she is explicit about hating America and white people. Anti-American and a racist to boot.

      You and “Tired” can send her, her deportation ham.

      • Tired

        Did it ever occur to us to ask WHY these people hate us? It’s our unconditional support of Israel and our constant interference in their part of the world. Let’s look at ourselves for a while.

        • anon

          So, TiRED – you want to give America back to the native americans? Because you should considering your views. ugh. You are the type that funds the terrorists. I am sad that you are an American. I bet you think 911 was an inside job.

      • Anonymous

        I guess the only difference then between her and you is that she is merely Anti-American!

  5. Publius

    The biggest irony is that in a country like the US, a Palestinian can have access to Facebook and use it like any other American infidel without literally losing one’s head or being stoned to death.

    As for Tired, “these people” will hate us no matter what we do, so the naive thinking that if we can just get along, have coexist stickers on our cars and stick our heads in the sand then “these people” will like us (as in like us on Facebook) is delusional. That is the difference between lib/progressives and conservatives; lib/progressives are believers conservatives are not.

    • Anonymous

      Dear Plubius. I am a Republican and a Christian. How many Palestinians do you know? I’m just wondering. I had a distant relative who lived in Jerusalem. In 1967 after the liberation of the city, he and his relatives were put in an open truck and driven to Isreal where they had stones thrown at them. So, please understand my frustration when someone talks about Paletinians in the way that you do

      • Tired

        Anon, You can’t blame them. Most Americans have been indoctrinated with the “Jew =Good, Arab = Evil” mantra for years. And on top of that 85% have never been abroad to get a different viewpoint.

        • anon

          Wow. I always knew there were people like you in America. Not sure why I am so disgusted. You hate Jews. Just come out with it. All of the middle east should be Arab right? Jews should not have their tiny country right? It is the only country over there that allows worship of all kinds. It’s the only country that is flourishing. The others – their governments just cut off your head if you’re caught practicing another religion. Oh, and they cut off your head if you are gay. Yes, yes, TIRED – we should be supporting those cut off your head countries. Silly me.

      • Publius

        When the Israelis were minding their own business and were attacked in 1967 do you not think that they were defensive? The Arab hatred of Jews and the Jewish State of Israel started the process that we know witness in the Middle East today. The Palestinians are used as pawns by their own kind and use Israel as a bogeyman to maintain their grip.

        As for having stones thrown at them, I am not sure if you keep up with news from the Middle East, but Palestinians throwing stones at Israelis and lobbing bombs into that country are not rare events. I suppose that you think that Yassar Arafat was deserving of his Nobel Peace Prize as well…….

        • Tired

          “Israelis minding their own business” – what planet do you live on?? That is so laughable I had to pick myself off the floor!! I count a couple of moderate Israeli as friends and they will know where I’m coming from. Its not my intention to criticize the country as a whole. I have no arab friends and my limited experience with arabs abroad has been negative but I refuse to get brainwashed in believing one is good and the other evil. There is enough Jewish money in the world economy to support Israel without including my (and your) tax dollars.

        • Anonymous

          On the subject of Yasser, a good friend of mine (Moslem and Palestinian) once told me, “You have no idea what it is like to be represented by Arafat. If he were any good, the Mosad would have killed him years ago.”

  6. Anonymous

    And, by the way, they were Christians.

    • Publius

      ” a Palestinian” is how she describes herself, despite being born in Kuwait. Islam is the official religion of Kuwait.

      • housecat

        So, what’s stopping her from moving back home? If it’s such a f***ing ordeal for her to live here, then why stay? Her views on Zionism and Israel are beside the point, really. I would argue that it’s her views on this country, the one she insists on living in illegally, that are relevant here. If she truly thinks the US is such a terrible place, you would think she’d run straight to JFK and board the next plane to Kuwait City. How very odd that she does not. However much earlier commenters may agree with her Anti-Israeli sentiments, the bottom line is that she should not be airing them from the US.

  7. Anonymous

    yo allah, pass the pita, would ya? get me some extra baba while you’re at it.

  8. CatoRenasci

    The Arabs have been very clear, since the earliest days of Zionism, that they did not want a significantly increased Jewish presence in Palestine. Never mind that the Jews who immigrated into Palestine, whether early on when it was still Turkish or during the British Mandate under the League, brought capital, expertise, and with those and hard work transformed a backwater desert into a viable country. It was the Arabs who aligned themselves with the Nazis (specifically, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, among many others), and it was the Arabs who all invaded the area to drive the Jews into the sea as soon as Israel declared its independence. One does not have to be Jewish (I’m not) to support Israel and see the country as the one remotely democratic and viable modern state in the entire Middle East, one which is a better ally of the US than any Moslem country.

    I can’t say I have always agreed with how the Israelis have dealt with the Palestinians and the other Arabs, but the Arabs have given them nothing to work with. They still want to drive the Jews into the sea! The Arabs refuse to give up on that goal. It makes it tough to make peace when people are working on a ten year truce plan and constantly lie about their intentions (both expressly authorized by Islam in the Koran).

    It’s still at least nominally a free country – Tired and one of the anonymi have every right to be anti-Semitic swine, and most of the rest of us have every right to demand that the US does not let anyone into the country who doesn’t share the commitment to Western values which are embodied in our Founding documents and the Revolution. We are a country where belonging is not a matter of blood or birth, but of embracing our values. There is no place in the country for sharia, and anyone who sincerely advocates sharia does not accept American values. The two are simply completely incompatible.

  9. Anonymous

    Palestine blah blah blah ….. Israel blah blah blah. Who cares.
    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius
    – Arnaud Amalric

    She and her family are here illegally. Deport their and her sorry unappreciative asses.

  10. Publius

    @ Tired

    The Israelis were constantly attacked by the PLO prior the start of the Six Day War. At some point you have to defend yourself and that is what they did. Unfortunately that does not fit into the neat narrative that Muslims hate us because we support Israel, and Israel is a war monger. The country sits amid a den of vipers and it has every right to defend itself. I don’t necessarily agree on everything they do, but I do not agree on rewriting history to fit a convenient narrative

  11. Tired

    I waited for it and it came – “anti-Semitic swine”.
    We have reached a point in this country where if you criticize African Americans you’re called racist and you criticize Israel you’re called anti-semetic. All I suggested is that there is more than one point of view. My fault.
    Europe and the British created this mess – let them police it. How much more American blood and dollars must we spend. So tired of all this BS.

  12. Anonymous Citizenette

    She can hate America, white people and Jews all she wants, I couldn’t give a crap. Problem is she’s living here in this country while saying it. Go back to the shithole you’re from, lady, and take care of business from there.

  13. Anonymous

    sickening. just sickening.

    i can only imagine what the generations of those who fought (and lived) in ww2 think of people like this.

    america used to be a great country, offering no apologies. people wanted to come here and create a new life for them & their families.

    now, people want to come and destroy our way of life.

    i wish someone would run for office solely on a platform of isolationism and returning to the premise that built this country. and for those who don’t like it? leave. now.

  14. Anonymous

    “i wish someone would run for office solely on a platform of isolationism” like say, Eisenhower? Oh wait, he ran for office principally against issolationism, yet if memory serves me correctly he did kind of fight in WW2.

  15. GWChase

    Only poster girl worth her salt was shown a couple of days ago highlighting to the article regarding 45 Hillside Drive!

  16. sunbeam43

    Disregard Tired…….it’s a troll!! Trolls love it when you pay attention to them!