Obama’s war on women


You want fries with that?

You want fries with that?

Bloomberg: Most new female jobs went to waitresses.


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5 responses to “Obama’s war on women

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I think, as a Nation, we have lost our way. We have allowed white Libtard guilt to overcome basic common sense. The MSM has been corrupted, and only report that the Messiah in Chief can do no wrong. Obama is at war with our basic common values, our belief system, and it is not confined to only a war on Women. It is divide and conquer. Splinter our basic core values. You ignorant ninny.

    Our basic civil liberties are under attack. Full frontal assault and we are dealing with it like lemmings. Those are cute furry creatures who run off cliffs Dude. You dolt.

    Free speech, the right to protect ourselves, the right to live free and reward success, are all under a full assault by the Left. Or is it the Right? I always get confused on that.

    Anyhows, income redistribution, and a trickilng down to poverty for the successful is now the norm. Success is considered a sin, and failure is rewarded by Government handouts. This is Hope and Change. And the majority of the population has changed from seeking success, to seeking free stuff. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I agree with Putin. American Excellence disappeared sometime in the 60’s. And the Libtards have no desire to get it back. How sad is that?

    Do you know why I read your blog? WELL DO YA PUNK?? Dirty Harry DUDE!! That never gets old!! Well it certainly isn’t because of your writing. So let me tell you, if I may be so bold. Shall I?

    Number 1 – you have a sense of humor. Number 2 – I admire your pissyness. It may be your greatest and only skill set. Number 5 – you are honest. I admire that. You frigging no talent, hack loser. Number 3 – you admit when you are wrong. Number 11 – while most of your “writing” is pabulum inducing puke, every once in a while..dare I say it… you scribble something BRILLIANT. Probably by accident, but it is really good. BALLOON HEAD.

    Anyhows, and finally, it is the reader that intrigues me. Today I learned the Greenwich Litbards hate the Jews. I actually think most Libtards hate the Jews. Except all the Jew Libtards, of which there are many. Self hating Jews? So I am trying to figure out why the Jews vote Democratic. It stumps me.

    And the sense of entitlement, and self-importance of the reader always blows me away. They are always right, and their farts smell like roses.

    So your blog, while written by someone who lacks the elegance of a Hemingway, or an illiterate dysylexic, actually, is worth reading. It provides an interesting microcosm into how the community in which we lives thinks. And I find that interesting and compelling. And often frightening. You reading this Francis?

    And that is all I have to say about this. FORREST GUMP DUDE!!

    Your Pal,

  2. Once

    We need waitresses.

  3. If I recall from reading Bozell, the whole war on women narrative was started by Stephanopolous asking Romney a question that contained the phrase, as if it were one of the hot issues of the day.
    As long as the Republicans meekly allow the agenda to be set that way it will continue to happen over and over.
    A proper reply might have been “What the hell are you talking about?”

  4. Anonymous

    Hooters is hiring?

    Walt can you report back to us?

  5. Greenwich Gal

    I was a waitress once. I made a hell of a lot of money in a very short time.