And Francis X. Farricker, Chairman of Greenwich Democrats, applauds


Greenwich Democratic Headquarters

Greenwich Democratic Headquarters

College police stop student from passing out copies of the United States Constitution on, naturally, Constitution day.

“The Constitution is a living document” Farricker explained to FWIW. “And it’s evolved. As Dear Leader has proclaimed, ‘elections have results’. One of the results of the past election is that Democrats are in charge. Another is that any libertarian punk who thinks he can just show up on public property and corrupt the minds of young students is gonna get roughed up – live with it. Or go whine to my buddy, Judge Brunetti.”


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10 responses to “And Francis X. Farricker, Chairman of Greenwich Democrats, applauds

  1. EOSredux

    I’m more shocked that anyone at Modesto Junior College speaks and reads English. 🙂

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Sadly, even taxpayer funded state universities are private property, so the “owners” are not bound by the first amendment rules. For example, I can stand on a sidewalk and legally photograph anything I see, but I cannot do the same if I step onto someone’s property even though I’m seeing the same view.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    So, the “educated” administrators of a public college violate the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day by prohibiting a student from distributing free copies of the Constitution and they think they get a free pass? Stupid Liberal Tricks. Funny how “liberals” are some of the most illiberal people there are

  4. FF

    Funny. Can I then ask your readers to stand with me next Sunday at the Greenwich Library when I will hand out copies of the constitution to random people leaving that facility? That group of all Republicans from the Friends of Greenwich Library have frequently threatened to have me arrested if I wanted to exercise my First Amendment rights there, because it is a “private” organization that cannot engage in “politics”, unless I give them permission to review and get their approval.
    I will expect you to be there noon sharp next Sunday, along with any local reader whose blood pressure rose when they thought your article referenced solely a “liberal plot”

    • I’m pretty sure Greenwich Library’s acceptance of town money rules out its claim to be a private institution entitled to prohibit free speech – looks more like a state university campus, as in the school here, than a private shopping center or mall, whose owners can do what they like. So you go ahead next week, and use your free call to contact me. Just as soon as I can find the time, I’ll wander down to Superior Court and get you sprung.

    • AJ

      And here’s to hoping you enthusiastically support the second amendment as enthusiastically as you do the first.

      • As FF well knows, certain members of his party here in town are as opposed to the exercise of First Amendment rights as they are the Second. Like all things Democrat, there are no rock-solid principles, only situational. And the “situation” depends on whether they agree or disagree with the speaker.

    • Martha

      Pssst, the library opens at 1 on Sundays.