Cognitive dissonance, or just a plain old plot to destroy the country?

In the name of Mother Gaia, I salute you - let us pray.

In the name of Mother Gaia, I salute you – let us pray.

Obama begins the shut down of coal plants today with his new EPA rules. No one (except miners) loves coal, and this will doubtless be greeted with hosannas from the president’s base, but there’s the inescapable fact to deal with: coal provides 40% of our electricity – how will we replace it?

We could use natural gas, of course: the switch from coal to cheaper gas has lowered  energy costs (estimated savings $1,400 per family, per year; far more than any increase than the Obama administration has achieved with his “laser-like focus” on the economy these past five years) and cut the CO2 emissions he’s so worried about 20% (a reduction at least twice that achieved by any other country).

But Obama opposes natural gas, and has done everything he can to prevent its use, from banning pipelines to prohibiting exploration or fracking on federal lands. His alternative is propeller beanies and solar panels, neither of which is producing any significant amount of energy and won’t, if it ever does at all, for decades. What do we do until then?

“Return to the Garden of Eden”, says the leader of the Free World and the crazed members of his congregation.

Tough times ahead.


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6 responses to “Cognitive dissonance, or just a plain old plot to destroy the country?

  1. once

    Using natural gas for power may some day prove to be an extravagance. It can be used to make fertilizer where coal can not. If electricity is so cheap from natural gas why do we pay two bits for one kw while out West coal generated power is as cheap as 10c per kw?

  2. Cos Cobber

    We are witnessing the most stupifying administration in modern presidential history. They claim to be concerned about job creation, yet they are uninterested in low cost domestic energy creation which keeps more $$ at home, generally pays better than many service industry jobs and keeps US manufacturing more competitive via lower costs. Low cost domestic energy is without a doubt, the single easiest way to stimulate the economy without costing the taxpayer anything.

    And FF, dont give me that crap about the domestic oil/gas boom under the Obama adminstration. The boom is happening inspite of efforts to curb, not efforts to enhance.

  3. Balzac

    Obama’s war on coal will eliminate tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs. California obtains none of its electricity from coal (zero percent) and therefore has the highest electricity prices west of the Mississippi. As a result, California has lost 37% of its manufacturing jobs over the last 20 years. Obama doesn’t care. Jobs for regular Americans are much less important to the celebrity activist than obeying the hip cultural consensus that coal must go.

    Meanwhile the consensus…..well, it’s not consensual. There has been no appreciable warming for 15 years, and the alarmists have been proven wrong, again:

    Try reading anything by Bjorn Lomborg, who actually brings common sense to the debate:

    On energy, Obama simply ignores the elected members of Congress. He’s leading us to an expensive and unreliable energy infrastructure.

  4. can’t we just trust this brilliant president and watch his exciting vision for this country develop?

  5. Just_looking

    He did it to the republicans for defunding his obamacare. Tit for tat.

  6. Balzac

    You can’t….. You CANNOT….
    YOU MUST NOT PUT NANCY PELOSI ON MY COMPUTER. She brings forth uncharitable thoughts………
    When it comes to being oblivious to reality, highly partisan while denying partisanship…. she really brings self-centered liberal ignorance to a high art form..