Geeze, now even junior congressmen won’t toe the line

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Now available for just a $10 donation to the Fudrucker Fund!

I received an inteligent form letter from Jim Himes today, responding to my own, in which I voiced a strong opinion against invading or bombing Syria. Himes expresses the same doubts about any such attack as the majority of his constituents, for which I’m grateful, but I was struck by this passage in particular:

In June 2013 [actually, 2012, but that’s a quibble-Ed], the President, wisely or not, responded to the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria by stipulating that any chemical weapons use by Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s regime would be a breach of a “red line.” On August 21, 2013, forces loyal to Assad attacked opposition-controlled areas in the suburbs of Damascus with chemical weapons, killing approximately 1,500 civilians, including women and children.

In response to this horrible atrocity and to uphold his established red line, the President called for limited missile strikes on key regime targets without putting any American “boots on the ground.” In the face of growing opposition from the American public, the Administration called on Congress to authorize the use of military force against the Syrian government. As a result of a recent tentative diplomatic agreement between the U.S., Russia, and Syria, it is unclear if Congress will vote on a resolution to authorize military force.

Doesn’t Himes know that just this past September 4th his party’s leader insisted, “I did not draw a red line, the world did”?  If LBJ were still in office, Himes would have been chewed out royally for so blatantly ignoring the president’s fiction. But, as any Russian KGB agent could tell him, Barry’s no LBJ. In fact, Himes probably didn’t need any help reaching this conclusion on his own.


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5 responses to “Geeze, now even junior congressmen won’t toe the line

  1. AJ

    Going to school in CT:

    “Students at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy in Hartford, Conn., were on a field trip last November to Nature’s Classroom (a residential environment education program), when they were asked to re-enact slavery as part of ‘educational exercise.’

    A local newspaper called The Courant, confirms that on the third night of a four-day trip, students participated in an exercise that included “threatening language and use of a racial epithet; packing together students in a dark room, as if they were on a slave ship; and hiding in the woods from ‘white masters’ – and the instructors were white.

    “‘Bring those (n-word) to the house over there. (N-word) if you can read, there’s a problem. Dumb, dark-skinned (n-word). How dare you look at me?’”

    The overall theme of the re-enactment was the “Underground Railroad.”

    Sandra Baker said her 12-year daughter, who is African-American, was “terrorized” during the exercise and filed a complaint in March with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). …”

    • When I was forced to attend Nature’s Classroom with my kids it was all about eating dirt and twigs and stuff. According to the article you link to, they now teach diversity training and “empathy”. I’ll take the dirt, thank you.

  2. Dollar Bill

    And as we all know from Ayn Rand, your patron saint of selfishness, “empathy” is for losers.

    • So if I understand the Democrat policy, you would take money from workers who care nothing about an obsolete product and have nothing to do with it, and give it to the manufacturer of that unwanted device in the name of “empathy”? No wonder our country is in decline. Robin Hood D.C. – brilliant.

      UPDATE: Ah – reading your comment on my iPhone, Dullard, I thought it was a reply to the demise of the Blackberry. Instead, apparently, you’re using Ayn Rand (wtf?!) to demonstrate…something. The director of Nature’s Classroom attempts to teach your “empathy” by forcing black children to assume the role of slaves. So does his intention to instill empathy trump the empathy others might feel for subjecting black children to such humiliation? Or are you condemning him and emoting for the children? How do you, a liberal, choose between two competing empathies? Or do you choose at all? Perhaps you feel that just denouncing Ayn Rand is all the point you need to make?

      You really owe it to your party to go down to Democrat headquarters and surrender whatever device you’re using to post on the Internet because, really, you’re just destroying Farricker’s claim that the Democrats are capable of intelligent thought.

      Show some empathy for your fellow retards.