Riversville Road bridge replacement

A reader inquired about this last week, and here’s the story from Greenwich Time. I was by there during open house Tuesday (“there” being the little bridge immediately south of the Merritt underpass), and it looked as though the temporary bypass was just being finished up, so I’d expect the lane shift that will accommodate replacement to begin soon.

Shouldn’t be much of a problem because there’s just not much traffic on Riversville.


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6 responses to “Riversville Road bridge replacement

  1. Jane

    You are wrong there. The traffic is a nightmare twice a day around 7:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. That is the major feeder to Brunswick and Sacred Heart.

  2. Martha

    Does anyone know if John street is open yet? A couple weeks ago they were repairing/replacing the bridge and you couldn’t get from Round Hill to the Audoboun.

  3. Martha


  4. Martha: I was at the Audubon yesterday. The bridge is still out, but they are routing traffic to North Porchuck, from where presumably you can cut across on Old Mill Road to the Round Hill store.

  5. Martha

    Thanks, Bill!