Stories like this just encourage the gun confiscators

Navy Yard killer used sawed off shotgun (four-shot capacity) and “high capacity” cargo pants pockets to hold still more ammunition.

So he passed two background checks, violated Washington D.C. law by bringing any gun into the city limits, violated federal and local laws by killing people and used an illegal sawed off shotgun. The gun confiscators see that as proof that no law is sufficient to stop immoral behavior (they’re right), and move from that acknowledgment to the conclusion that we must seize all 300 million guns in this country and melt them down.

They won’t succeed in that, of course, at least not for a few more decades, but in the meantime they will continue to harass legitimate, legal gun owners with ever-increasing restrictions. They know these won’t work but that’s not the point. Just as PETA is doing to hunters, these people are doing to gun owners. The more difficult it is to hunt or own a gun, they hope, the less likely the next generation will do either.

And their irrational hatred of gun owners is unbounded. My neighbor of 30 years and (now my former) friend accused me last week of being a “cold-blooded murderer” for opposing the immediate confiscation of all guns. Spittle on his lips. The man is deranged, and if I thought he had a gun himself, I’d report him to the authorities.


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  1. hmmm

    I don’t watch or read mainstream anything so I most likely don’t know but it seems this navy yard thing is off the air…not sure…

    also call me twisted but I do think that the more these horrific acts happen the more people will realize it’s not the guns….

    and your neighbor is an idiot…

    did I get 1 out 3?

  2. Anonymous

    CT Judge Robert C. Brunetti:
    Judge Brunetti expressed his contempt for the right to keep and bear arms, as spelled out in both the Second Amendment to the US constitution and Article 1, Section 15 of the Connecticut Constitution by stating in chambers that “No one in this country should have guns” and that he ‘never returns guns’.

    What about that oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? Brunetti is a treasonous tyrant.

    • The State judicial system offers a chance for every citizen to file a complaint against any judge, any lawyer. I’m away from my computer but I’ll look up the link later and post it here.
      Yes, a judge’s stated intention to disregard and deny a constitutional right is a grievable offense (imagine this same petty tyrant announcing, “screw the law, the police can search the defendant’s home without a warrant”). Will our judiciary sanction this man? Probably not, but they do have to conduct a hearing, and perhaps we can at least embarrass the man and expose him for the lawless thug that he is.

  3. Coolea

    The more I read about the gun issue the more I feel inclined to get one. My problem is I would never have it in the house – I don’t have a concern about defending myself against a burglar in Riverside (yet).
    do you just go and buy one and submit to a background check? I know this but have forgotten. Is there a local range? Are there courses in gun safety?
    Your neighbor is a little off, no?

    • Hiller Sports in Norwalk conducts the (mandatory) gun safety course (or i think they do- otherwise, they can steer you to one) and also sells guns and safes, has a range (and probably lessons) and offers free advice on what might suit your needs.
      Until this year, no permit was required to keep a gun in your house, but I believe one is now. Since a gun is useless unless you practice, you’d probably want a permit anyway, to take your fun to a range.
      But check with Hiller, and they can walk you through the process. My advice is to get one now because they’re making it harder each year.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Nope, you do not need a permit to keep a gun in your house. You do need a CT Pistol Permit to purchase and carry a handgun. In order to get that permit you must take an 8 hour handgun safety class, then go to your local police chief (or if your town doesn’t have a police chief, to your First Selectman or Resident State Trooper) to obtain the handgun Permit application. Complete the application, get fingerprinted, pay the various fees and file it with the appropriate authority in your home town)

        Under the law passed last April, long guns (meaning rifles and shotguns, but not those scary looking semi-automatic black rifles purposefully mis-labelled for political expediency as “Assault Rifles”) now require a Purchase certificate good for 5 years. The purchase of an “Assault Rifle” is now banned in CT as of last April 5, 2013 and all such firearms legally owned and present in CT before that date must be registered with the state police before January 1, 2014.

        Beginning October 1, anyone seeking to purchase ammunition will have to have at bare minimum, an ammunition purchase certificate. The Pistol/Revolver carry permit is a “Super Permit” which allows its holder to purchase and carry handguns, purchase a long gun without a waiting period and purchase ammo in any legal caliber or gauge. No permit is required to “carry” a long gun, but there are strict rules concerning the transportation of them in vehicles. unloaded, locked in a case, in the vehicle trunk or in a manner making the firearms inaccessible to anyone in the vehicle (e.g. In a padlocked or keyed lock case in the way back of an SUV)

        I recommend anyone interested in firearm ownership in CT join CCDL. Membership is Free and they are a very good resource for information. Website is:

        • You know, in all that lengthy, laborious process of getting a pistol permit, I didn’t see a single Bridgeport Crips member. Do they have a separate instructional/permit unit?

        • Libertarian Advocate

          No, the Malloy Administration has issued waivers to the various criminal elements in the state from compliance with CT gun laws. Mustn’t antagonize the voter base.

      • Just_looking

        Guns and credit…get them when you don’t need it, because it wait until you do need it it will be too late.

    • Toonces

      I recommend taking a course first. Here’s a good one:

      Or – you could go to Cabellas in Hartford where they have a course this weekend:

  4. Lorin Hart

    I had tea with that neighbor recently and it was lovely, informative, fun, right up to the moment the subject of guns came up. Then he just lost it. It was like waiting out a gale.There was no hope of a discussion so I politely went home.