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Did the U.S. create the biggest Mexican drug king in Chicago?

So who do we know who does dope in Chicago?

So who do we know who does dope in Chicago?

It’s the kind of speculation that a few years ago, only AJ and his Royal Canadians would believe. Today, it seems entirely plausible to even a (once) non-conspiracist like me.

(By the way, there are an estimated 70,000 gang members in Chicago, and while the affluent white neighborhoods are violence free, those gangsters are killing each other off in a constant war to establish and keep drug territories. Couldn’t we just confiscate the drugs  there and have peace?)

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel, owns the Chicago-area drug game.

Sinaloa members have embedded themselves in the city’s robust Hispanic population, employing tens of thousands of local gang members to push all kinds of drugs in the streets.

And Illinois’ highways allow for distribution across the Midwest, making it a hub for North America’s staggering meth problem.

As to how a man from a small mountain village in Mexico became the pusherman for America’s third-largest city, there are allegations that the Sinaloa cartel works with the U.S. government.

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that Guzman is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.

Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals.

A Mexican foreign service officer made similar claims to the private security firm Stratfor, according to leaked emails. And a former Sinaloa member told a similar story about Sinaloa working with law enforcement to Aram Roston of Newsweek.


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Wondering what Obama voters were doing yesterday? Here’s a report from the trenches


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Got a shortage of an essential commodity? Nationalize it!

The triumph of socialism

The triumph of socialism

Venezuela nationalizes toilet paper industry, vows to wipe out exploiters and running dog capitalists.

(Believe it or not, this inability to provide its citizens with toilet paper has been on a roll for quite some time;  I blogged about it back in May.)


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Too good to bury in the comments

Greenwich Democrat headquarters

Greenwich Democrat headquarters

I wouldn’t want you to miss this exchange between a reader who writes to condemn a school “educational” field trip that forced black children to assume the roles of slaves so that their white peers could feel empathy towards them, and a high-ranking officer of the Greenwich Democratic Party’s response voicing approval of  the lesson. Remember, this is a person that Fudrucker and his pals deem of sufficient intelligence and wit to represent their party and to prescribe policy for running the town.

Which explains their appointment of cultist Ramadmadingdong Tamm to the BOE.


  1. Going to school in CT:

    “Students at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy in Hartford, Conn., were on a field trip last November to Nature’s Classroom (a residential environment education program), when they were asked to re-enact slavery as part of ‘educational exercise.’

    A local newspaper called The Courant, confirms that on the third night of a four-day trip, students participated in an exercise that included “threatening language and use of a racial epithet; packing together students in a dark room, as if they were on a slave ship; and hiding in the woods from ‘white masters’ – and the instructors were white.

    “‘Bring those (n-word) to the house over there. (N-word) if you can read, there’s a problem. Dumb, dark-skinned (n-word). How dare you look at me?’”

    The overall theme of the re-enactment was the “Underground Railroad.”

    Sandra Baker said her 12-year daughter, who is African-American, was “terrorized” during the exercise and filed a complaint in March with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). …”


    • When I was forced to attend Nature’s Classroom with my kids it was all about eating dirt and twigs and stuff. According to the article you link to, they now teach diversity training and “empathy”. I’ll take the dirt, thank you.

  2. Dollar Bill

    And as we all know from Ayn Rand, your patron saint of selfishness, “empathy” is for losers.


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Hmmm. Black man, Obama supporter, mentally ill, no AR-15: why has the media stopped covering the Navy Yard shooter?

Getaway car

Getaway car

Because it doesn’t fit the narrative, of course.

Had the story been about a white Tea Party member as everyone in the liberal media was hoping, we’d still be bombarded with coverage of the story. Black guy? Liberal? Mentally ill? The story no longer served any purpose for the left’s agenda so it was dropped.

For a good laugh, I always recommend reading the comments of FWIW’s token Democrat, Dollar Bill who’s back today (here, comments section) , ranting about Ayn Rand, empathy, and the need to force black school children to act like slaves so that their white peers can feel “empathy” for – er, black school children.

It is from this same desire to display empathy that DB and his friends emptied the nation’s mental institutions and threw the inmates out on the streets.  You can be sure that if DB had encountered the D.C. shooter, homeless, he’d have placed a full five dollars in the man’s cup. So much more convenient to show his liberal empathy than if the man were locked away. “But let’s not talk that”, says Bill.


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Feet to the fire, BOE writes the Education Tsar and asks for clarification

Moriarty respectfully requests that the state opine on whether New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue are “unique” schools, exempt from the racial quotas imposed by Hartford. If they are, end of the whole racial redistricting matter, and we can return our attention to improving the actual instructional programs in town.

It’s a start, but where is the legal opinion the BOE’s sitting on that advises on the constitutionality (and thus despite Democrat Fudrucker’s assertion, the legality) of the entire racial scheme being imposed on us from upstate?


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It’s a pity that the Crackberry in Chief will never understand this lesson

I don't get it

I don’t get it

Blackberry to fire 40% of its workforce, write off $1 billion in unsalable inventory.

The plan radically diminishes a company that popularized mobile email and minted millionaires in its native Canada, but which lost its market to rivals like Apple and Samsung with disastrous results….

Mr. Lazaridis, an engineering whiz, founded the company in 1984 in Waterloo, Ontario, with a $15,000 loan from his parents. The company, originally named Research In Motion, set up shop above a strip mall and began by making products that sent text wirelessly to electronic signs. It hooked some big-name clients like General Motors, but remained a niche player in the electronics industry.

Eight years later, Mr. Lazaridis hired Jim Balsillie, a Harvard M.B.A. with a reputation for doggedness and a passion for hockey. The two would run the company as co-CEOs for the better part of the next two decades.

After experimenting with wireless pagers, the company launched its first BlackBerry in 1999, the same year it listed its shares on Nasdaq. Sales took off, and within five years the company had over 3,000 employees.

BlackBerry once controlled more than half of the U.S. market for phones that handle email and Web-browsing. It is now less than a 3% market share, according to research firm IDC.

Those gains started to fall apart after the iPhone emerged in 2007. Apple won over consumers and then invaded the corporate market, while inexpensive devices built on Google’s Android software spread through emerging markets. BlackBerry cut prices to try to maintain its subscriber base, but the effort faltered.

More than half the market? It’s a wonder that the DOJ didn’t bring an anti-trust action. But the real moral here for our Blackberry – loving president is that a company was founded with no official government “Technology Innovation Support program”, flourished and killed off the entire pager industry, then died itself, as better products came along. In short, the market is more efficient, and knows better than, a band of politicians and bureaucrats picking winners and rewarding their friends.

If Barry could still receive messages on his now-defunct communicator, I’d tell him so.


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Even Walt’s not buying this, I hope

Thai bra ad. I have absolutely no idea what they’re selling, or to whom, but it’s gone viral. I believe this has what Walt refers to as “a happy ending”. Poor Walt.


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