I’ve solved Iran, Syria, the economy, and the budget deficit – what can I do now?

Only when you pry it from my cold, dead hands

Only when you pry it from my cold, dead hands

Aha! Refocus like a laser on meaningless anti-gun propaganda! Obama proposes tougher background checks for gun owners after gang members in Chicago shoot 13,  gunman with security clearance shoots 12. 

He doesn’t even bother to explain how background checks would have prevented either of these crimes, and he doesn’t have to: anything that feeds into the hysteria is fine with his base and, sadly, many otherwise rational Americans.

Syria was so, like, yesterday.


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23 responses to “I’ve solved Iran, Syria, the economy, and the budget deficit – what can I do now?

  1. EOSredux

    Obama plain and simply doesn’t get it, no matter what the it is! Doink, the killings in Chicago are all gang related so sure, lets do background checks on gang members because they always get their guns legally, right? I’m laughing out loud at the thought!

    But I want to know how in this day and age a group of politicians gets away with being called The Black Caucus? I know there’s a Hispanic Caucus too. So by logic, shouldn’t there be a White Caucus. Or the Red Caucus for Native American pols. Or the Yellow Caucus for Asians?

    • There was a Black Law Students Organization on my campus back in the day. Funniest thing, and something that inspired me to write a novel, about black posing as Siwanoy Indians so they could build a casino here on our town beach, was that a guy named Sam Dixon was the coal-black president of the BLSA, but showed up years later on the front page of the paper, still coal-black, but now wearing a Sioux war bonnet and claiming to be a member of the imaginary Golden Hill Indians, here to build a casino in Bridgeport on their ancient, if also fictional, ancestral camping grounds. Sam had been disbarred by then, so I guess he needed the gig, but his switched allegiances did seem just a tad convenient.

      But no, I don’t think the school would have been pleased had I started a White Law Students Alliance. I should have tried, but my politics were already unpopular enough.

  2. Anonymous2

    Sounds like another episode of don’t waste a crisis and hope your supporters are moronic enough not to notice what’s really going on.

    • Having fooled them twice without them noticing, he’s got good reason to be confident. Besides, they’re all busy standing in line to buy iPhones.

      • EOSredux

        I can’t think of a time recently (or ever for that matter) that Obama isn’t speaking in an accusatory or demeaning tone. He stabs his opponents in the back without ever offering to engage them in conversation, unless you consider a phone call a conversation. He hasn’t a clue how to bring two sides together. So he gets out on the dais and blames blames blames. I just don’t get how his minions keep falling for such crap.

        • Because they shut down their minds when they first discovered they could have a clean, articulate Negro as their president back in 2007 and simply refuse to turn them back on and consider what’s going on. How else to explain the confidence of their leaders that they can just utter any preposterous lie and not even be challenged? With the exception of the truly brain-dead, like our own Dollar Bill, even a Democrat could only remain silent through all this by deliberately choosing to ignore it all. Here’s Nancy Pelosi Friday: “Obama’s presidency has been almost apolitical, and certainly nonpartisan”. Dollar Bill would believe that; a guy with a pulse, like, I think, Farricker, would recognize that for the utter crap that it is, yet he’ll remain as silent as his butt boy, Dollar Bill.

        • I think, therefore, you do

          his minions i understand, but, Boner and Cantor?

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Wow! Putin is a Charlton Heston fan?