The silence you heard today was Al Gore paying tribute to the victims of global warming

Where was Superman? Providence, 1938

Where was Superman? Providence, 1938

Seventy-five years ago this weekend, polar bears first came down from the melting icebergs of the north and invaded New England, toppling buildings, tossing boats onto busy downtown streets and setting the stage for a new religion that would sweep across western society in the decades to come.


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24 responses to “The silence you heard today was Al Gore paying tribute to the victims of global warming

  1. Dad and Grand Dad were there, and passed down the stories to me. I know it’s hard for mohrons like Gore to understand, but the key to understanding the ’38 storm’s destructiveness was the fact that it hit a below sea level city at high tide. In fact hitting at high tide was the only thing super about Super Storm Sandy.

    • That, and the fact that the Long Island it swept across in 1938 was comprised mostly of potato fields and chicken farms. If it had struck today, Obama would shut down every power plant and automobile as an emergency measure to end CO2 as we know it, now.
      Because he understands nuance.

  2. Greenwich Resident

    Is there anything wrong with wanting to have clean air and preserve our earth for future generations? Why would anyone want to breath discussing, polluted air? Why would anyone want to eat food laden with growth hormones and PCB’s…I could go on and on but you all might get enlightened! So continue the blah, blah, blah.

    • As usual, you substitute a good intention: clean air, preserving the earth, etc., for a solution. How will a reduction in CO2 clean your air? Facts don’t matter, nor logic, so long as the intention is good.
      Head Start, anyone? Minimum wage increases? And so on.

    • Al doesn’t just want clean air – he wants to bend us to his will, which is no inconvenience to him; he’s fabulously rich. He drives the car he wants, flies when and where he wants, and lives within as big a carbon foot print as he desires. As a non scientist, he can figuratively light his hair on fire about the environment without the slightest worry about the facts. His admiring legions will nod yes. The data he spouts may or may not have been accurate at one time in, perhaps, 1980. It matters not to him. His role is not that of scientist. He is an international rock star, and of course, the world’s biggest Boy Scout.

      • Greenwich Resident


        I really don’t care about Al Gore, what he has or does. Because he’s made money off of his lectures, CD’s & such doesn’t personally bother me. For me, he’s not the first to speak of climate change, pollution, PCB’s, etc. I can remember discussions of climate changes many years earlier before Al ever thought of opening his mouth. Even if there is no such thing as climate change, as some think, great! Why wouldn’t you want to try and do something about it before the scientists say, OOPS we were wrong? Why wouldn’t you want to clean the pollution from contaminated rivers, oceans, air pollution, cleaner food to eat? Maybe healthcare costs would have a chance of going down if the populous were healthier. Prevention would be a good thing.

        • Anonymous

          I was under the impression that Gore made his real money from being awarded Board seats and stock on green start-up companies that benefited from his global warning scare. I’m not sure how many really succeeded, but I don’t think there were/are many. Perhaps this is inaccurate, but I thought he “pumped and dumped.”

  3. Greenwich Resident

    So you’re saying clean air and food grown free of PCB’s impedes minimum wage increases? Good intentions didn’t bring down our economy…greed & war did. How would you rid the earth of air pollution…buy another Humvee? After all you know best and always need the last word.

    • Do you have the slightest idea of what carbon dioxide is? Go study the matter, or ask a third grader, then come back and talk about “air pollution” and the rest of your litany of woes. Really, if you’re going to have an opinion on such matters, you really ought to have a basic-and I mean elementary school level- knowledge of the subject.
      Otherwise, you just look like a fool.

      • Greenwich Resident

        Yea, yea, I know you are a non-practicing attorney.

        • AJ

          Greenwich Resident, you are confused. But it’s no wonder because just a few weeks ago in a speech, Obama referred to carbon dioxide as carbon (sounds much sootier) and called it a pollutant. You might as well call oxygen a pollutant, and a corrosive one at that (it causes rust, you know).

          Carbon dioxide fuels plant growth; reduced levels reduce plant growth, lead to deforestation, and reduce crop yield. Without it, life on this planet would cease to exist. Are you aware of these facts?

        • Inagua

          AJ – Please recall that the first President to call C02 a pollutant, the President whose EPA made a formal finding to that effect, was the President that Chistopher frequently defends, the moron George W. Bush.

          How any one can consider a natural component of the earth’s atmosphere, a gas that humans exhale and plants inhale, a pollutant is beyond ignorant.

      • Anonymous

        Those who complain about air quality aren’t necessarily warmists, Chris. You seem hung up on CO2.

        • NO NO NO: we’ve been talking about the warmists’ attempt to shut down industrial society in the western world, and that hare-brained scheme (India, China and the rest of the Third world are going on their merry way) is based solely on the idea that the west must ban CO2 and solely because they blame man-caused CO2 emissions for global warming.
          Global warming is a political-economic- religious movement, and has nothing to do with clean water, air, preservation of wilderness (see, eg, solar farms in the desert) whatsoever. That you ate confused is the precise, desired result of a deliberate policy: emotionalism used to overpower reason. You can do better.

        • Greenwich Resident

          Exactly. CO2 not issue…

  4. AJ

    “We are now within two months of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    There is no excuse for not acting. All the resources our species can muster must be focussed on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4.

    Fukushima’s owner, Tokyo Electric (Tepco), says that within as few as 60 days it may begin trying to remove more than 1,300 spent fuel rods from a badly damaged pool perched 100 feet in the air. The pool rests on a badly damaged building that is tilting, sinking and could easily come down in the next earthquake, if not on its own.

    Some 400 tons of fuel in that pool could spew out more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released at Hiroshima.

    The one thing certain about this crisis is that Tepco does not have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle it. Nor does the Japanese government. The situation demands a coordinated worldwide effort of the best scientists and engineers our species can muster.

    Why is this so serious?

    We already know that thousands of tons of heavily contaminated water are pouring through the Fukushima site, carrying a devil’s brew of long-lived poisonous isotopes into the Pacific. Tuna irradiated with fallout traceable to Fukushima have already been caught off the coast of California. We can expect far worse.

    Tepco continues to pour more water onto the proximate site of three melted reactor cores it must somehow keep cool. Steam plumes indicate fission may still be going on somewhere underground. But nobody knows exactly where those cores actually are. ….”

    ‘Fukushima: If Number 4 Collapses, Japan Will Be Evacuated’

    “Chris Canine – who has 15 years experience as a health physics technician, chemist and radiation safety instructor – told Energy News that if number 4 reactor fuel pool at Fukushima collapses, Japan will be evacuated.

    He did not elaborate on how such a logistical nightmare would be accomplished.

    Canine worked at Fukushima in the late 1970s and has also worked at over twenty nuclear plants in the United States, Japan and Mexico.

    He wrote:

    There are several reasons why I believe the country will be evacuated if the #4 SFP collapses. The amount of radioactive material in the fuel pool dwarfs the total amount at Chernobyl by a factor of 5 to 10. Chernobyl’s core was still mostly contained in a building (although heavily damaged), and most of the radioactive material melted downward and became lava like. If #4 SFP collapses it will be lying on the completely open ground, probably going critical on and off in portions of the pile for years. The dose rate from this pile will make dropping sand or anything from the air much more lethal than anything at Chernobyl. And probably impossible. The entire site at Fukushima will be uninhabitable and unworkable because of the dose rate coming from this pile of fuel. That means there will be no control of the other fuel pools, and we could lose control of them.

    Nuclear experts will soft sell the ramifications because that is how the industry works. When the experts “have concerns” about the situation at #4 that means they are pooping their pants. My experience at Fukushima was 30 years ago. I worked in the industry for about 15 years as a health physics technician. I was also referred to as a “nuclear gypsy” because I traveled from plant to plant working outages. That meant I was always in the middle of the hottest jobs in the heart of the plant. The engineers will talk about this part or that part of a plant, but I have been all those places wearing full gear. …”

    While we worrying about carbon credits, Syria’s civil war and taking away citizens guns, the real threat lies here. why are we doing nothing about it?

  5. Greenwich Resident

    I’m not confused and not the one trying to cloud the overall issue. I’m speaking of pollutants collectively not just carbon dioxide obviously. You know that. For what it’s worth put your heads back in the sand. The comments are redundant, Chris.

  6. Anonymous

    In The 1730s three supers hurricanes hit the East Coast Space of two months. One of them deposited ships 5 miles in land

  7. climate change? global warming? what are these sumptuous constructs you humans speak of?

  8. One of the parks closed last week in Colorado is at 7,550 ft above Sea Level the remnants of a Tropical Rain Forest.
    Dramatic seismic activity ?
    1930’s and 2000’s share a number of things as far as US chronicled weather, droughts and famous storms,relation to prolonged dramatic Pacific Plate going under Asian Plate.
    Harvidiot Policy of social engineering by branding CO2 does all harm.
    Dirty air and water need to be defined and rated by threat not fund raising potential.
    When there was a mile of ice above Southern New England was there more or less CO2 than today ?
    Do trees give off CO2?
    I know these are severely technical question but whether you can get through them or not why not ask anyone with green cool aid stained teeth you see ?
    Optimism will win in the end.
    A good place to start is funding a private study of Pacific Currents to North American weather patterns. much more salient than state funded hot air…..

  9. Picture of Providence….the protective and enviro. friendly retrofits we pulled off there should be used as a model for rational response over time to the irrational reality Mother nature pulls off….Happy to host tour of area to show how surge, volume and tidal influence in a positive way can provide calming protection.
    Our sudden Post Sandy “experts” could learn from the joint Brown/RISD efforts over the last 70 plus years that has been tested 3 times and worked.
    Complimentary CO2 provided and choice of drinks, including 28 oz. and larger of all types, optional…..