Abandoned Ridgeview Ave. house finds buyer and (unrelated), the Synagogue expands its Cos Cob footprint


9 Ridgeview Avenue

9 Ridgeview Avenue

9 Ridgeview Avenue, placed on the market by its bank-owner at $2.999, reports a contract. The failed developer paid $2.355 for the land in 2008 and took out a $4.7 million mortgage to build this shell. I assume all of that sum hadn’t been advanced before the project went south, but it’s a fair bet that there was a serious write-off here.

I personally would be wary of a house that has sat empty for so long, but I assume an inspector has signed off on the structural integrity.

88 Orchard Street

88 Orchard Street

In Cos Cob, an Irish realtor, Francis X. Fudrucker, has sold a Scotsman’s house on 88 Orchard Street to a Jewish synagogue; are we a multi-cultural town, or what? 88 looked for $2.355 million in 2011 and dropped as low as $1.795 before its listing expired on Halloween, 2011. The treat finally arrived last Friday, when they sold for $1.6 million.


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18 responses to “Abandoned Ridgeview Ave. house finds buyer and (unrelated), the Synagogue expands its Cos Cob footprint

  1. Cos Cobber

    I really loved that house 88 Orchard. I always thought it would be the biggest victim in this quest to insert a large non residential use to this residential neighborhood. I know 1.9MM+ is a tallish order for this side of the Cob, but in today’s market had the synagogue situation never occurred, I think they would have gotten it. Chalk one up for the synagogue, lets hope they build something decent.

    By the way, Fonda my Poaloma sold this past week too, did you see that?

    • No, I missed that. You know, for years I wondered how a restaurant serving such awful food could survive for decades, until a local Cos Cobber said, “don’t you know those guys were selling drugs out of the kitchen? They were one of the biggest distribution centers around”. I wouldn’t dream of according such a vile rumor credence, but it would explain the restaurant’s longevity.

      Are the new owners Colombian?

  2. ill-logical

    The Synagogue is now advertising its educational programs for the young and for adults, including Sundays and mid week. Their original statements suggested that there would really only be traffic during the hours they were holding religious services.

    • All Democrats are liars.
      Most Jews are Democrats.

      • JD

        “All Democrats are liars.
        Most Jews are Democrats.”

        Really? Thought the Gentleman’s Agreement went out of style a while ago. I guess you still prefer your bigotry the way it was served up in your idyllic Greenwich youth?

        • Oh for heaven’s sake, lighten up. It is a known fact that all Democrats are liars: ask Frank Farricker, Chairman of the Greenwich Dems and he will deny it, thus proving the hypothesis, and it is also a known fact that most Jews are Democrats – a point I was teasing a good friend about just this morning over breakfast. So if all A’s are C’s, and most B’s are A’s, then most B’ are C’s.
          Simple logic.

    • Anonymous

      Sort of like churches, some also in residential neighborhoods, hold religious ed classes during the week?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Francis is Irish? I always thought he was a Russian Jew. Or a Pollack. How can he be Irish? He has no personality or sense of humor. And while I always figured he suffered from the Irish Curse, I thought that was due to his politics, not his nationality. And why isn’t he a cop? Or a fireman? Steamfitter maybe? This makes no sense.

    Anyhows, do you get to dress him up as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day? And toss him down the hallways at open houses? Is he a ginger? Can we connect the freckles on his face with a sharpie? That would be fun!!

    Do the WASP’S in town, the Greenwich “Old Guard” continually make fun of him? Because he is Irish, not because he is a commie. Is his idol Boss Tweed? Is his favorite movie “The Gangs of New York”? Is he frugal? I don’t mean Jew cheap, but the Irish are tight with the scratch.

    Why does he live in Cos Cob, the haven of the Greenwich Wop’s? Is he Bugs Moran and his arch nemesis, Lee Mazzilli, Al Capone? I think that may be right, which means Francis can keep the gambling rackets, but he loses out on the private sanitation.
    We fight it out for the whores.

    Your Pal,

  4. Mid country mama

    Nice house. If the synagogue plans to tear it down…I’d love to move it to my lot.

  5. Anonymous

    Rabbi just spent a fortune renovating his own house.

  6. Anonymous

    Always a fan but, that was a pretty nasty Jew comment. At least your honest about it…

    • It was a joke about Democrats (even you will admit that the preposition that all Democrats are liars is (well, almost) preposterous), a dig at Jews for being so smart yet so enthralled with the liberal Democratic wing, and a ridiculous bit of pretend logic that took a preposterous hypothesis, added a relatively-accuraate second one, and reached a crazy conclusion based on the error in the first hypothesis. You may not find that amusing – my sense of humor often goes unappreciated – but nasty? I plead not guilty.

  7. Anon

    Is this the same Rabbi that just built on Maher?