He’s back, at least for now

Well I finally learned how to post my finger paintings

Well I finally learned how to post my finger paintings, so of course I’m back!

Little brother Gideon stopped blogging a few months ago and to punish him I delinked him. He’s apparently hit a spell of boredom, because he’s back to posting the occasional report on real estate. To encourage that faint spark of initiative, I have restored him to the official FWIW blogroll. He slacks off again, I’ll disappear him again.


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6 responses to “He’s back, at least for now

  1. His face guy is a lot better than Pelosi’s.

  2. But EOS is still on your blogroll. Any chance she is coming back?

    • EOSredux

      Unlikely, with the exception of posting photos of the bash we have planned for my mother’s 95th birthday at the Greenbrier. Four generations of revelers! But that isn’t until November so I’d say it’s safe for Chris to give me the blogroll axe too.

  3. Fred Preim

    Nice photo proofs.

  4. Just the Facts!

    Figured he was stepping back into the ring….he was getting crushed last Saturday by the comedians during the all-important Greenwich Answers fundraiser.

  5. Walt

    Did he cut his own hair?