Some real estate news

I understand G Mail was down part of today and perhaps that accounts for the small number of real estate transactions. Regardless, here are four, from accepted offers to price cuts.

326 Cognewaugh

326 Cognewaugh

326 Cognewaugh, $1.275 million, the prefab that reported an accepted offer and then lost it, has another. Same buyer or the next in line, I don’t know.

34 Park Ave

34 Park Ave

In Old Greenwich, 34 Park Avenue, $1.775 million, has gone in just seven days. This is a lovely house, in great shape, but the upstairs is quite cramped (I’d fix that by converting the sun porch/office off the master bedroom into a new bath and making it a suite). The beautiful yard is actually a building lot, so unless the buyer is picking up that, too ($1.2 million), this will feel a lot more cramped in the near future. As an aside, did they ever fix the endemic flooding on Park? I’m not being clever, I really don’t know; the topic used to occupy our local paper quite a bit, back in the 90s.

70 Baldwin Farms So

70 Baldwin Farms So

70 Baldwin Farms So. has cut its price to $2.450 million. It sold for $2.2 million in 2002, and was (unsuccessfully) priced at $3.495 when it returned to the market in 2006. Looks like the mid-country, far from recovering as Old Greenwich has, in fact seems remarkably like the mid-country of 2002.

9 Oakley Lane

9 Oakley Lane

9 Oakley Land came on just ten days ago at $2.950 but has already dropped to $2.750 and been added as a land listing in addition to its residential status. That makes sense: it’s 3 acres in the R-2 zone, so the land is good, but the house itself is a 1961 “colonial” – not much value there. Oakley suffers somewhat from Merritt noise, depending on the exact location on the street. I’ll check out this one’s noise level tomorrow, if there’s an open house.


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18 responses to “Some real estate news

  1. EOSredux

    So there will be a house in front of 34 Park???? And who would have subdivided it in the first place? That’s a crime.

    • To the (north) side. I believe the seller of the house did the deed himself, many years ago, but it could have come in as two separate lots – OG was really chopped into teeny pieces back when it was summer colony.

  2. anon

    I wonder if I could buy the blue and yellow toilets from Oakley Lane? So glad the realtor included those photos.

  3. re: Oakley Lane – White is Right

  4. Flash

    Baldwin classic address, what has happened?
    A classic colonial?
    Bait and Switch is illegal…..isn’t it?
    I like the exterior AND I kinda like the interior, but not together

    • That’s known in the law as ” mere puffery” and is entirely legal- common law has long recognized that sellers stretch the truth, and buyers are expected to discern that.
      On the other hand, outright misrepresentation can be fraud.
      ” A babbling trout stream runs through it” referring to a polluted creek that goes dry each summer is mere puffery, unless the buyer has told the seller that he intends to establish a fish farm on it.

  5. EOSredux

    Do you know anything about 465 and 475 Round Hill road? Both are for sale, right next to each other, 465 seller even letting it go furnished. Both must have extraordinary long views, maybe down to the water, as that is a pretty high point on RHR (and one of the prettiest parts of the road, IMHO). 475 is Only $10m for 15k square feet. 475 is smaller and a million cheaper. What’s the skinny?

    • Separate parcels, different owners, but originally part of the same estate, I’m sure (I’ll ask SaxTom, FWIW’s source for all things historical). 465 is owned by a famous (I’ve never heard of her, but that’s not my circle) interior decorator, so selling it furnished may be plus, assuming you like her taste. Here’s an article from the NYT circa 1996, when she was selling off her NYC townhouse, post-divoce. Went for $10 million plus back then, not a bad price.

      • Publius

        “MRS. RUDERMAN is a petite woman with carefully coiffed long blond hair and designer clothes: light beige citified twill riding pants, jacket and wispy wool scarf. When she arrived at the vacant house she was followed by her personal assistant, Christina Castro, a young woman who spoke very softly and very seldom. As soon as she walked in, Mrs. Ruderman took off her scarf and wordlessly handed it to Ms. Castro.”

        CF, are you sure this isn’t really Michelle-Marie?

    • Cos Cobber

      Awesome find EOS…a view of the sound from back country, even if small, is a cool novelty and something that I would seek if I was a shopper in the 10MM house category.

      Btw, whenever cruising up Riversville Rd in the morning, I always look to see if the sound is visible from those houses up near John Street. The sun will reflect off the water like a mirror, becoming easier to see.