New Listings

Five, some interesting, some with interesting prices (all opinions subject to seeing these on tomorrow’s open house tour)

14 Licata Terrace

14 Licata Terrace

14 Licata Terrace at $1.139 looks like a pretty good house and price.

16 Interlaken

16 Interlaken

6 Interlaken sounds promising. The street can have some Merritt noise, but those, like this one, that back up to the Burning Tree course usually have views that make up for it. One caveat: the listing says, “not a drive by”, which is never a good sign.

Deerpark (2001 photo)

Deerpark (2001 photo)

15 Deerpark Meadow Road has had nothing done to it since it sold for $3.535 million in 2001 – in fact, it seems to have deteriorated to the point that its new listing now warns, “sold as is”- yet it’s been priced at $5.995. The 2001 price was reached only after its seller had spent a year inching down from an original price of $5.650 million; perhaps that phenomenon will be repeated here.

35 Old Kings - "color by Joanne"

35 Old Kings – “color by Joanne”

35 Old Kings Highway, $789,000 – how far wrong can you go at that price?

72 Hillcrest

72 Hillcrest

And 72 Hillcrest Road Park, $2.495 million, could be a decent find. It’s a 1902 house, remodeled in 2011 and sounds great, but it couldn’t sell for this amount in 2011. I think the market’s improved since then, so this could be its time.


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4 responses to “New Listings

  1. housecat

    Please excuse the stupid question, but what does “not a drive by” mean? (I’m wondering why it’s not a good sign.) Does it mean: “please don’t cruise past my house”, or “don’t let the outside of the house put you off”?

    • The latter. It indicates that it looks so awful on the exterior that the potential buyer will refuse to get out of the car and instead tells her agent, “next”.
      Bad sign.

  2. Flash

    Why no mention of the elephant on the site of Hillcrest Park? I’ve got a feeling that the owners are valuing the elephant as an extraordinary valuable asset.

  3. RE Junkie

    Did you see 35 Old King’s Highway today? What did you think?