Price cut in Milbrook

93 Orchard Drive

93 Orchard Drive

93 Orchard Drive, from $3.499 million (July) to $3.295 today. Owners bought it in 2008 for $3.225 from its builder, who started it off in late 2006 for $4.495 million.


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11 responses to “Price cut in Milbrook

  1. Publius


    Would you be able to educate an ignorant non-towny like myself as to what in Greenwich-speak is a “Gated community” or “Private Association”? I walk around some of these parts of town (Milbrook in particular) and I notice that there appears to the usual utlities etc and in particular mailboxes which I presume the USPS delivers (unless they are there for show). I will stand corrected but the USPS does not deliver 1-3rd class mail to “private roads/streets unless it requires special handling. Mailboxes/deliveries in “private” Belle Haven as well. Is this merely to keep the great unwashed like myself from the nice benches by the small waterfall in Milbrook or mansion gazing in Belle Haven???

    • “Gated Communities” and just plain “private roads” are just that: privately owned, and thus the owners can bar the general public. I’ve never heard of the USPS refusing to deliver mail to houses on private roads; in fact, we had mail service at 24 Gilliam Lane six days a week for my entire stay there.
      Mention of Gilliam Lane does bring up a distinction between “private” and “really, really private”. Gilliam was too narrow to meet town standards, the neighbors paid to plow and (poorly, not surprisingly) maintain the street, and could and did, once, put speed bumps in, but everyone in the neighborhood used it as a short cut to the Riverside Yacht Club, one street over, and so far as I know, no one ever tried to stop them. William Street, where I now live, is a little patch of asphalt serving five homes. people walk or bike down it all the time to enjoy the view and some rest on (my family’s I think) bench at the end. Again, no problem at all.
      The gated communities are at the other end of restrictiveness, and the guards at Milbrook, Conyers and Belle Haven, for instance, will probably stop you and not let you onto what is, after all, private property, without knowing who you are visiting.
      UPDATE: if you’re just walking around Milbrook and are dressed as though you belong there (Lily Pulitzer for her, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines for him, Topsiders for both, golden retriever on leash), you’ll probably pass.

      • Publius

        Although I am the great unwashed, I do dress “Greenwich appropriate”. I do make it a point to chat up the private gendarmes and pretend I belong to the club. Thx for the info. I do live on a private lane and so named on town maps (really a driveway 1/4 mile long) and do not get mail to the house, presumably because the lane is too narrow, although it does not seem to stop the endless stream of various service providers from rumbling up and down the lane.

      • housecat

        (Gasp) Lily with topsiders, CF? Oh, the humanity! I think my headband just unraveled itself.

      • Cobra

        Chris…you may remember that (at least during the late ’40’s through the early ’70’s when we lived there) the “Gilliam Lane Association” erected a structure that housed all its residents’ mailboxes at the corner of Gilliam and Riverside Ave. Speed bumps existed as long as I remember… I used to use them to try to catch air while riding my Schwin.

  2. Flash

    Really comfortable looking house. Especially the pizza oven outside. Doesn’t make $3mil for me, even in private association. Is there a real guard person in Milbrook?
    PS: I wonder how the neighbors on the other side of the lake like the outdoor sound system?

  3. Anonymous

    Nifty looking house, I wonder what the eventual sale price would be, I would be happy to live in a low maintenance place like that.