Tomorrow’s your chance to demand some answers


Dr. McKersie won't be available to answer now

Dr. McKersie won’t be available to answer now

Board of Ed meeting, Greenwich High School auditorium, 7:00 PM (sounds like the fun should kick off around 7:30).

Questions to ask:

1. In addition to the 100-150 students enrolled illegally in our grammar schools, how many are in our middle and high schools?

2. How much are we paying the staffer responsible for enforcing residency requirements and how soon can he be fired?

3. This past June, Dr. McKersie, you stated that no more than one or two students were in  our schools who shouldn’t be there, and you resisted the demand that you verify students’ residency, saying such a process would be annoying to parents and would produce no useful information. On what basis did you make that estimate? What data were you relying on?

4. What happens to students who haven’t met the residency verification by the new, extended dateline of October 1st? Will they be barred from entering the schools on that date and if not, why not?

5. How many cases of false residency claims do you expect to turn over to the police for prosecution?

6. What is the status of the legal opinion on the constitutionality of Connecticut’s racial balance law, an opinion that was ordered June 26th. Where is that opinion and why haven’t you released its findings to the public?

7. Will you shave your armpits and don an orange robe when Miss Ramadamadingdong Tamm joins you on the podium November 2nd?


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128 responses to “Tomorrow’s your chance to demand some answers

  1. Anonymous

    good luck wont accomplish a thing…those children are far more important than any of you spouting off on this silly blog…try to remember that when you are making fun of port chester and stamford b/c ..gasp…they dont have your wealth…

    • Ah, another supporter of regional schools. Voters take note: this is the voice of the Connecticut Democrat and this is what they have planned for Greenwich. Property owners, you might want to take notice as well. Your retirement is at grave risk.

    • Just A Mom

      I am going to drop my daughter at GA tomorrow. I didn’t apply or pay tuition. I guess they should matriculate her because I can’t afford it.

      It is the right thing to do, right ?

    • The New Normal

      I will feed the troll

      envy is a powerful force and makes people do and say crazy things

      your post is a perfect example

    • AJ

      So why don’t you let them all move into your house: residency established, problem solved.

  2. AND

    #2 could become real entertaining
    One person involved with residency verification is being paid a full teacher salary and benefits after being removed from the classroom two years ago for ______ This individual will stay on the payroll for years to come.
    Let the BOE answer that one.

  3. Diana

    Anonymous did you actually read what you wrote? Gasp…it has nothing to do with making fun of Stamford and Port Chester, but everything to do with legality, costs to those of us that pay taxes to the Town of Greenwich, over crowding of our schools etc… Its not about those children being any less important, it is about those children attending Greenwich schools illegally. So before you spout such angry nonsense, review the guidelines for students registering in this town.

    • He’s pushing regional schools – if a town has no right to ban students from other towns, even other states and in fact has a positive duty to educate them, then goodbye local control, hello, Hartford (and Albany, and Washington, D.C.)
      Which is precisely what Anonymous and the Connecticut Democrats want. Don’t say they didn’t warn you.

  4. Anonymous

    who will ask the ask the questions…which greenwich resident will stand up in full view and bitch and moan that a public servant is making 90k .and shockingly not performed to satisfaction…90k..whoa ..boy. where has everyone been while these non residents have been seeping into your village…you only care now that the economy sux ? so its a financial issue and you want to take out your frustration on a 5 year old latino girl …thats so nice…

    • That’s called a conversation stopper: ignore the issue: students illegally present in our schools, forcing us to bus our children around and build new schools to alleviate overcrowding and yell “racist racist racist!”
      In the world of liberal “thought”, that passes for an answer. Not here.

    • Anonymous

      We are happy to educate all children who reside within our town, as long as they their parents rent or own a house or apartment here. We are on the verge of adding to New Lebanon school, at a cost of millions of dollars. According to information provided at today’s meeting, there are enough children across the district that cannot verify their residency to fill up half of that school. All plans to move students or expand schools should be put on hold until this verification process is complete.

      • Anonymous

        you are happy to educate those that live in “out town” ….your the best dude….but accept that the future isnt pretty for any of us in the north east and i hate to burst your bubble …but your not ship those riverside kids over to new leb and hamilton and get it over with …

        • housecat

          I realize this is a lot to ask of someone who doesn’t have a decent grasp of 4th grade grammar, but: could you just TRY to make a cogent argument for your position – whatever the hell is is?
          PS: the definition of “cogent” can be found in that big book called The Dictionary.
          PPS: “you’re” = “you are”. And, no, “their” can’t be used in place of “there” or “they’re”. If you have any further questions, by all means enroll yourself in one of our Elementary schools. We apparently don’t ask for much in the way of ID.

      • housecat

        Anon@10:37, I was replying to the nonsensical comment below yours. (I think it appeared otherwise when you read my response.) I actually agree with you, and think your points were well made. I was responding to the “Anon” who repeatedly called us all a bunch of bigots and assholes by pointing out that he didn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed – to me, at least.

    • greenITCH

      actually .. my son is entering the Greenwich schools system so as parents we are now fully invested in the towns education offering … additionally the notion of busing would dramatically effect housing prices as well as be a major inconvenience , and why is this person necessarily a 5 year old latino … if I lived in port chester or Stamford ( examples of neighboring towns ) any Caucasian is just as likely to break the law and game the system to send their child to a better school …?

  5. Anonymous

    i was harkening back to the comments from the previous post which maligned your bordering towns…try to keep up

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    What we do know is that the BOE meeting is called for 014:30. But are these really the questions you want the BOE to answer? Residency requirements and accountability? Please tell me that you have something more, Dude. Please tell me you haven’t pinned your hopes to a phony rental lease and a UTILITY BILL!! Please tell me you have better questions than this. A FEW GOOD MEN DUDE!! JACK!!

    Anyhows, do you plan to attend? Where is it? Will Squeaky Tamm be there in observance of her future Nirvana? Should I bring an elephant and see if she can pick it up?

    Your questions really aren’t totally horrible. I know, it surprised me too. Can you add these?

    All of the great musicians I admire, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Mozart, Louis Armstrong and countless others, didn’t require a $40 million auditorium. So why do we? And I forgot Tiny Tim. The singer, not the cripple from A Christmas Carol.

    If the student athletes at GHS start to grow two heads because of the PCB’s under the field, do they count as two players or one?

    Do we have any problems with female teachers sleeping with the students? Can you publish their names, addresses and a picture? Emails would also be nice.

    How can Greenwich spend so much money on education, but get such poor results? Don’t you think we must be doing something wrong?

    Why EXACTLY do you serve on the BOE. YES OR NO!!

    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    Convicted animal abuser eaten by own dogs

  8. Al Dente

    This is today’s public education system:

    2+2= Barack Obama
    Who wrote the Constitution? Barack Obama
    Who feeds us and keeps us safe? Barack Obama
    Who are the evil-doers? Conservatives

    We are doomed! Doomed I tell you!

  9. Riverside resident

    This Superintendent will get up like he always does and shout at the audience. He will demand acknowledgment then proceed to answer questions without really answering anything. He will say nothing about the opinion from law regarding racial imbalance. Sherr will try to once again holding him accountable only to be rebuffed by Moriarty and Anderson. He’s been here for a year and what has he accomplished. Talks a great deal. He’s hoping Sherr gets thrown off so he can run circles around the 4 PTA moms coming on.

  10. Diana

    Try to keep up anon that these are responses to this post….I do believe you must have attended school in Stamford or Port Chester and not the wealthy Greenwich schools for your rational lacks any intelligence what so ever.

  11. RTC member

    The Superintendent wants Sherr off and he is telling people to vote against him. Why doesn’t someone ask that at tomorrow’s PTA I mean BOE meeting. Sue Sue, PaldunASS might you?

    • CatoRenasci

      IF it is true that the Superintendent is campaigning against Sherr, that would be incompatible with his position. Of course, others on the board feel the same way, so nothing will be done. But, if true, it is a firing for cause (no severance, no unemployment, no nothing) event, IMHO.

  12. In the audience

    You got to get a tape of last nights BET meeting. Mason the outgoing chair lost it mid meeting screaming about irresponsible debt while the cowardly DEMS lead by Masons BFF just looked on like a 16 year old school girl.

  13. Former RTC member

    Masons got to go!

  14. Anonymous2

    Pity the Town can’t tap into E-Verify to establish the immigration status and residency of each student and their parents.

  15. Mickster

    What you people failed to realize is that:

    1. Most school administrators do not pay Greenwich taxes;
    2. Nobody gets fired from the school system ( unless u diddle one of the kids or have several DUIs).

    So who among this feckless crew gives a flying f**k about any of this?

    My God, we badly need some leadership in this Town. Maybe it’s too late.

  16. artist

    Here is how your Silicon Valley rich town does it:

    A part-time position and a hot line number is the answer. Crowdsourcing, baby.

    I can create a Google Form that will take anonymous tips and email to the BoE. What do you guys think?

  17. Anonymous

    to housecat…i find it ironic that you have such stringent standards for grammar and sentence for the greenwich blogoshere but such a lack of standards for the educational system…We are not on a blog to “show off” our liberal arts education as you are. Additionally, I actually did make it past through 4th grade in a school system far superior than that of speaks volumes that such a sophisticated and wealthy town is run by the incompetent while the finer people do nothing but rant and rave on a blog about how everything is being run into the ground ….its obvious none of you really care or you would actually do something about it …

    • housecat

      It’s hard to tell whether you are the same “anon” that I was replying to or not. Actually, I don’t think I really care. Just what, exactly, are you arguing for or against? Are you complaining that the town’s standards are too lax, or not lax enough? Are you arguing that Greenwich should let anyone, from any town, attend our schools without question, or not? It doesn’t matter where you went to school, because you can’t seem to make a coherent or logical argument. Please spell it out for the “assholes” (your words, not mine) on this blog.

  18. Accolay

    Does Darien or New Canaan have problems from Stamford or Norwalk?

  19. FF

    Why is every “illegal” kid Hispanic in these posts. My understanding of the average “illegal” is that they are current students who, for whatever reason, their parents moved out of town, but they feel entitled to “finish” their education at whatever phase of school they are attending. Being as the public schools are about 85% Caucasian, there is an excellent chance a somewhat pro-rata share of these “illegals” are the same. Yet somehow this thread congers up a vision of streams of illegals coming over the Byram River every morning to steal our education. this topic would be a lot more valid if it recognized the wide breadth of the issue without just bald assumption disguised as fact

    • Anonymous

      No FF, the makeup at New Lebanon and Hamilton Ave schools, where people report seeing a large number of cars with NY plates, is not 85% Caucasian.

      • FF

        Will people just stop with this “New York plates” nonsense, as if it means ANYTHING? On my block alone, one guy has a company car from New Jersey, another from Tennessee, a third has a company leased car from New York. This is all perfectly legal and acceptable, but will you be anticipating id’ing all them every morning in Central Middle School circle?

    • Anonymous

      “Get your facts first, and only then you can distort them as much as you please” Mark Twain

    • Mickster

      Nobody cares what nationality these kids are – nice one for trying to make this a racial issue.
      We need to somehow use the Dept of Parks and Rec verification system because the school admin obviously doesn’t have a clue.

      • Anonymous

        that sounds good…but somehow i dont believe that comment…

        • Mickster

          I’m an off-the-boat immigrant. If you look at a history of my comments here you’ll see a pattern of supporting immigrants

      • FF

        Really, me making it a racial issue? Did you actually read what I wrote or did you just make pleasing assumptions, added it on to some dumb stereotype, and with a pinch of idiocy served yourself up that zinger……”nice one for trying to make it a racial issue”. That’ll make those commenters cheer, and you will be a blog hero! Make your day, I’m sure

        • Mickster

          “Why is every “illegal” kid Hispanic in these posts. My understanding of the average “illegal” is that they are current students who, for whatever reason, their parents moved out of town, but they feel entitled to “finish” their education at whatever phase of school they are attending. Being as the public schools are about 85% Caucasian, there is an excellent chance a somewhat pro-rata share of these “illegals” are the same. Yet somehow this thread congers up a vision of streams of illegals coming over the Byram River every morning to steal our education. this topic would be a lot more valid if it recognized the wide breadth of the issue without just bald assumption disguised as fact”
          We are not discussing race here!! We are debating the ineptitude of our school administration and BOE who have us discussing bussing, redistricting and a $20M extension to New Leb so that we can cater to the extra 100++ students from out of Town because they were too fing lazy to verify the existing student body. Now I suggest we verfiy all the Middle School and High School students immediately!!

      • Libertarian Advocate

        “Nobody cares what nationality these kids are – nice one for trying to make this a racial issue.”

        You’re right. The problem lies with the FF’s and his progger buddies using bogus allegations of racism to demonize the opposition to their agenda. It has worked in the past, but ever more people are getting fed up with it. The blowback against this and other disingenuous demoncrat tactics will someday come as shock to them. When, I don’t know, but it’s coming.

    • greenwich dude


      hear ya, but honestly, who cares about the framing? the fact is that this residency issue has nothing to do with race or achievement. it has to do with resources. and we have all been enjoying the idiocy of BOE over the last 6 months watching this process of theirs play out which is pretty much entirely predicated on *resources*, plus a questionable mandate from hartford. what comes last in their goals? achievement.

      so let’s just be clear:
      1) residents should be in schools. that’s it. you move, you lose.
      2) when only residents are in schools, then let’s have a serious discussion about resource utilization
      3) once we are clear on our actual resource needs, then let’s spend 90% of our time focused on achievement. and by “achievement”, i do not refer herein to the achievement of optimal attack/decay in the acoustics of the Gwich Disney Hall / MISA, i mean making sure are kids are well prepared and kicking the snot out of statewide averages on english, math, science, history, organic chemistry, particle physics, whatever

      the idea that we are changing resource allocation on the basis of flawed residency data and projections tells me that there is an achievement gap at the BOE

      • FF

        You can’t deal with a problem if you can’t identify it properly. If there is a notion that posting a guard at the Mill River Bridge every morning, combing through the multifamily properties of Byram and Chickahominy is some kind of magic bullet, that’s just naïve. The fact is, if you are so rent over residency of the students, then there is only one way to take care of it, and that is annual verification of ALL students. However, every time that is proposed, all the groaning and whining becomes so loud because, well I am not illegal, so what do I have to be inconvenienced for?
        There is no other way, plus isn’t it far more cost efficient and practical than hiring bounty hunters, paying tenured employees and such? Then you could make it truly non-racial because it is universal. This also has less than zero chance of being enacted

        • Mickster

          We do it for our Beach Cards – whats wrong with extending it to the schools? Very, very simple solution.

        • greenwich dude

          you can’t believe the groaning that will ensue if redistricting changes mid-country housing values substantially – which is suddenly a part of the choice.

          bring on annual verification. let’s DO IT, NOW. this is 2013. why shouldn’t town of greenwich know who is a resident and who is not? serves many purposes, other than just the beach i enjoy from time to time.

          this whole situation has been so mis-handled it’s starting to look like a plot with the boards of B’wich, GA, GCDS, and Stanwich at the controls. if we do not address these problems, i can pretty much guarantee we are going to continue to see the most capable households move their kids to private school, and public schools will continue to slide. which is really too bad, for those of us that believe in public education.

        • Cos Cobber

          FF, what are you talking about? Seriously? If anything, after this little clean up of the obvious and low hanging fruit found in k-5, the majority of folks in town will want to extend this to the middle and high schools and not the reserve. You are hyperventilating and failing to make any sense. Yes, some people will whine, so what.

        • Anonymous

          FF, Please take a look at the documents listed in the Facility Utilization and racial balance section of the BOE website and review the proposal put forth by two current members of the BOE, Peter Sherr and Peter von Braun. In their proposal, “Draft community schools plan”, they propose verifying residency for every student, every year. They also advocate for parent choice. I hope that anyone that has an interest in this issue will review their proposal, express their support at BOE meetings, and vote for Peter Sherr.

    • Disingenuous bull shut, FF. It was you people who wrote a law demanding that towns with colored people distribute them across the entire school system on a ratio determined exclusively by race ( for good measure, they included Hispanics as a separate race). Then, using that law, the state told Greenwich that we had too many colored in some of our schools and must move them around and shuffle white children around to make room for the colored.
      Our BOE was only too eager to comply, and has spent years, and huge amounts of money, devising plans to accomplish what the state was demanding. Only when taxpayers and parents insisted on a head count to see who was really in our schools did it come to light that we have (at least- I don’t trust the BOE) 100-150 grammar school students are here illegally, skewing those race numbers.
      Now you throw up your hands in mock horror and exclaim, “this has nothing to do with race, and you people are racists for focusing on the race and ethnicity of the students!”
      It is ALL about race, and people of your political persuasion made it so.
      So, and with all possible affection, STFU.

      • FF

        No, this is so disingenuous to be laughable. I said merely that the issue was being framed as one where Hispanic students were driving the debate because of the perception that they were driving the illegal status numbers when I believe that they are mostly white and spread all throughout the town. Then, you comment by saying that “my people” wrote a law demanding distribution of Hispanic students around the district to “make room for the colored”. Then, you comment that there may be 100-150 illegal students. If this isn’t racial, then why did you have to make that correlation, unless you believe that they either are of all one ethnic group, or that in some reason that this 0.09%, of which 100-150 of the enrolled population somehow skews the overall numbers? So, you’ve either mixed up the racial balance issue with the amount of illegal students – most of which I posit are NOT Hispanic, or you have decided that the illegal students must be Hispanic and therefore skew the racial balance. You cant have it all the ways you want to have it, and then you can’t then decide to throw hackneyed stereotypes at my position to be able to scream louder without addressing a single damn thing, and demagogue the issue.

        • greenwich dude

          I have to say i totally agree with you, FF, on this critique of the rhetoric on this issue. unfortunately, fencing over trivial rhetorical slip-ups that may reveal political leanings or underlying bias or whatever is not a great use of our energies. the rhetoric is not the POINT.

          the POINT is the 100+ students. the shape, size, color, dress, religion, etc. of those students is irrelevant, until it is known and addressed.

          then we can take a fresh look at school resource and see if we have a problem.

        • Cos Cobber

          Spot on – Gwich Dude.

        • Anonymous2

          The people who have introduced race into the issue of illegal attendance are the bureaucrats in Hartford since given geography enough of the illegal attendees may qualify as minorities to render Greenwich schools out of compliance of State standards.

          However, minus that, the issue of illegal attendance does not go away. Regardless of race 120 or more illegal students cost taxpayers money that they shouldn’t have to pay.

          Beyond that lies the Federal issue of illegal aliens resident in the Town. Why should Americans finance them, particularly when the Federal government won’t enforce the law?

    • t

      Frank Farricker
      Are you saying there are no streams students coming over the Byram River every morning to steal our education???

  20. Anonymous

    i agree…this blog, hence its patrons are bent on creating an undertone of bigotry and racism…its not enough to live in a 2MM house in riverside…we need other people to have nothing …then i feel better about myself…that seems to be the mantra in greenwich ct.

    • Walt

      This blog post has NOTHING to do about race. The only mention of race was made by YOU, and Anon at 10:21 – which is also you, and an obvious libtard, and Francis. Go back and read the posts.

      NO ONE ELSE posted a comment about race. YOU AND FRANCIS DID. THAT’S IT!! The two morons. As you do with all your arguments when ALL THE FACTS AND ETHICS are against you. People are on to it, and it isn’t working anymore. So stop making issues that have nothing to do about race, about race. It just won’t work anymore, BECAUSE IT IS A LIE!!

      And Francis, I expected better of you, I really did. Who rips off minorities more than the lottery, and you pretend to care about them when it serves your communist credo? Disgusting and hypocritical.

    • Hispanic

      Anonymous at 8:07 am
      I, too, am a Hispanic and find your comments total bullshit. If you don’t believe in the law, property rights, and the capitalistic society we have in the U.S. GTFO of the U.S. and move to Cuba or wherever you are more comfortable. You don’t speak for me, or my people.

      The more that there are idiots like yourself saying that a certain class of people can knowingly break the law—the more your hurt those that have arrived on this land legally and have worked for every penny we have earned.

      • FF

        You are the idiot, because you have clearly shown you do not have the ability to have solid cognitive function. Please cite where I commented that it is acceptable that people to access the schools illegally, I’ll give you a whole hour, go ahead. Your partners in crime have stated that I am the racist for bringing up Hispanics, they clutch their pearls in agony because I mentioned this group though taken so far out of context to call into question whether they even understand what they are talking about. Since you mentioned it, does this make you a racist too? Just want to know?

        • Hispanic

          FF, read carefully,
          I replied to Anonymous at 8:07 am. Not everything is about you, babe.

        • Inagua

          “Please cite where I commented that it is acceptable that people to access the schools illegally…”

          Your comment that it was virtually impossible to stop every non-resident child from attending a Greenwich school was tantamount to saying, in effect, “We have to accept this reality.”

          Here are your exact words:

          “…there is only one way to take care of it, and that is annual verification of ALL students. However, every time that is proposed, all the groaning and whining becomes so loud because, well I am not illegal, so what do I have to be inconvenienced for?
          There is no other way, plus isn’t it far more cost efficient and practical than hiring bounty hunters, paying tenured employees and such? Then you could make it truly non-racial because it is universal. This also has less than zero chance of being enacted.”

          If you are not saying, in effect, “We must accept that there will be non-resident children in our schools,” then what does this passage mean?

          I also note that when Mickster suggested te Beach Card Model, you declined to respond.

      • Anonymous

        listen hispanic…my family has fought and died on behalf of this country since the civil so you can drive up and down gwich ave in a ferrari…its not me that has to GTFO pal, its you. the demographics and the new american cultural are lining up against you (grwich folks) basically you all make $ working in finance….that industry is dying…the rest of the country lives like animals already…you want to live an elitist lifestyle go ahead …but you will pay through the nose…

    • The New Normal

      laughable….2mm barely buys you a house in Riverside

  21. Anonymous

    by the way …just an observation …but i know one couple whos child went to school with mine ..they rent in gwich oaks..have been in gwich for about 4 years yet have ny plates..i always thought this odd but never wanted to ask the reason why

    • Anonymous

      There could be a few valid reasons, maybe a parent owns the car, but it should not prevent them from justifying their residency as valid.

    • greenITCH

      Taxes … u don’t pay a car tax in NY ….and as well registration etc is cheaper ….

      • Anonymous

        thats what i thought…just seems odd that your able to do have ny license and the have the benefits of being in greenwich….not a big deal ..but it is a bit odd to me

  22. greenwich dude

    amazing to combine two items:

    1) the rumor that we are over-enrolled in K-5 by north of 100 kids and

    2) the update document on enrollment submitted by John Curtin that has a nice empty expanse of white paper following the bullet point “Recommended Action”

    Click to access 082913_Enrollment_Data_CS.pdf

    i sure hope for his sake that there is zero over-enrollment by out of town students. because that would be the only update following which “hey, just an update, nothing to do here” would seem reasonable.

  23. We need an auditor

    Just some side issues – how many town employees like Curtin and that retired cop with the mooring issue are double-dipping (getting town pensions and also working other jobs for the town). Are these 2nd positions open to everyone or just ‘inside jobs’?
    And what’s the story about being removed from the classroom – did we get any more details there yet?

  24. Walt

    Dude –
    On a more pressing issue, can you demand at the meeting tonight that we hire this hottie to teach gym at the High School. I guarantee it will help property values, amongst other things.
    Your Pal,

  25. boredatwork

    Wow, if you step away for a day or two you miss some great handbags-at-ten-paces stuff. I can’t be bothered to read it all, but it really is very simple – if you live in a town, you can send your kids to that town’s schools. If you don’t live there, you can’t. What’s so complicated about that?

    I have heard that Scarsdale has excellent public schools but I don’t want to pay their property taxes so I choose not to live there. I can’t then turn around and send my kids to school there just because they’re better than Greenwich’s schools (apparently), can I? Of course not.

    If people living in nearby towns are using our schools, we should stop them. I have to prove residency to get a library card and a beach pass, so is it really that hard to require people to prove residency to use our schools? I don’t think it should be that difficult.

    There’s nothing racist about this. It has absolutely zero to do with race. I find it funny how some people throw that into any argument when it suits them, perhaps trying to make others feel guilty and back down. It’s simply a question of being “fair”, which I thought was the mantra for everything these days. And please don’t start on how it’s not fair that one town has better schools than another and we’re all just being mean for not letting less fortunate people use our schools. That’s nothing to do with it. And as I said, Scarsdale might have “better” schools than Greenwich, so can I send my kids there instead? On someone else’s dime?

  26. Anonymous

    I think what troubles me is that there seems to be a lack of consistency and follow thru on the part of the schools administration. Residency verification….get postponed. Report on the law….completely off the radar. The only idea that gets the air play is the one the school administration wants which is to move around the kids to other schools and create super magnet schools at New Lebanon. The world is a hammer when all you’ve got are nails.

  27. Flash

    The USPS is looking to create new billable jobs, like checking on seniors.
    How about residency check? Registered letter to mom/dad/guardian must be brought to school 1st day. Identification matching residence adddresss required for postman to release letter. Idea full of holes, but the PROBLEMS will be shook out and identified.
    Just a thought…..

  28. Parks & Rec - NO BRAINER

    Put Curtin out to pasture and with the $90K+ savings beef up the Parks and Rec verification system and let us use that for all Town facilities and services. NO-BRAINER. In the meantime lets looks at the current Middle and HS kids. Many of those families will already have been indirectly verified because of younger siblings so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    • Ghost of the FAR Czar

      As ridiculous as it seems, the difficulty is that under student privacy laws, the BOE can’t give any part of the Town Govt (including Parks & Rec) identifying student data which includes name and home address.

      The BOE can take data from the Town (like the beach card database), but then they are in charge of the process and no one else can see what they are doing because of the privacy rules.

      Given their track record, I’m not sure anyone would have much confidence in their ability to create an effective residency verification system.

      • Parks & Rec - NO BRAINER

        Ok, point taken. Here’s the answer. BOE uses the “Beach Card” – let’s change the name to “Town Card”as the only requirement for verification. Period.

        • Ghost of the FAR Czar

          Agreed – I think if you could use your beach card as proof of residency for the BOE (as opposed to delivering another complete package), the community resistance to annual verification for every student in the system (if it really exists) would be greatly diminished.

          Then we have a true basis for discussions and decisions about facility utilization, resource allocation and student achievement.

        • Anonymous

          But I need one for my nanny, and my au pair and my trainer….

      • Let them hire someone from the Briarclff Manor school district who does this function there. You’ll be running like clockwork in a month or two.

  29. Anonymous

    We could also use the system used by the Town for parking passes. Or, the idea talked above from “artist” Whatever the system, it demonstrates that it isn’t about money as much as a “will” to truly know the numbers and issue.

  30. Anonymous

    I believe the issue that needs to be raised is how the town is going to reimbursed for the theft of services committed by out of town residents by sending their children to school here. Each of these parents is stealing over $200,000 of services per child put through the Greenwich school system. Even illegally sending a child for one year to our schools still qualifies as a felony under CT state law. This is no different than stealing cable, electricity or walking into school and stealing a computer from your child’s class. Better to send you kids to a school where you reside than writing them from jail. Good Luck.

    • Parks & Rec - NO BRAINER

      Apparently, we were enlightened by GPDFolk earlier that there was a law passed in Hartford after an incident in Norwalk a while back that reduced this act to a misdemeanor.

    • Anonymous

      I would settle for just getting the non resident kids out from Jan 1 onwards.

  31. Anonymous

    then a civil suit for the reimbursement of the money might be fun

  32. Confused

    In order to fix the imbalance some kids are going to have to go to Ham & Leb…..any thoughts on who takes the bus?

    • Anonymous

      Umm, No one should be bussed to New Lebanon. It’s not only been cited for racial imbalance but it has a capacity problem.

      • Confused

        I get the over crowed part but unless you change the mix of students just moving kids out of the school to other schools does’t change the imbalance. To change the imbalance kids would have to come into the school……Am I missing something here?

  33. Greenwich Gal

    Once again, the problem here in Greenwich is a corrupt town government full of cronyism, paybacks and special favors. A huge percentage of town employees have cushy Union jobs where the standards of performance are so low and you can just show up, do the minimal amount and eventually get a pension. The incompetence has grown so much that it can’t be hidden anymore and there is no one willing to fix it. Or perhaps CAN fix it.

    • Walt

      They don’t want to fix it. The employees and the politicians all FEED off of it.

    • anon

      Not corrupt. Nepotistic and lazy. Great system: throw the citizen participants and an overlarge and generally powerless RTM to feel important and part of the system, ignore them, and the paid guys go ahead and do what they want.

  34. Riverside Chick

    Chris, are you going tonight? I would love to (work cant) because I think this will be an interesting meeting with some squirming. You always give a good summary of events. Thanks


    Town Hall already has a residency verification system in place, why are the schools using another? OMG.OMG. Town Dump has another, right? WTF!!
    My head hurts.
    I have a strong suspicion that Town employees find our frustrated rantings hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      P& R dept has a verification system
      Town Dump has one, too
      Schools, own system
      Parking pass, own system
      Social Services and Housing, probably, too

      Yes, this Town is run so efficiently and effectively. Say, how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb at Town Hall—it seems as many as they can get away with it.

  36. AJ

    Can’t all you anonymous assholes at least pick a name for yourselves. You DON’T have to enter your email address to do so, and it will come up every time until you clear your cookies, and then you’ll have to type it in again. For instance, CF does not have my email address and has no idea who I am, so I too am anonymous, but call myself AJ to add some clarity to the conversation.

    It’s very difficult to tell if you are one person or many, so unless your purpose is to obfuscate, the least you could do is invent some name for yourselves. This is not beyond your skill level. Don’t be shy — go ahead and mark your tree.

    • Thanks for that

      I am trying to remember the last conversation you added clarity to. I only know you as that fart that always puts up stupid videos…lol

    • Anonymous

      Chris and the NSA have your IP address though.

      • AJ

        I’m not particularly worried about the NSA: seeing the complete insanity of a number of posters on the internet, there are millions of people they are going to want to take a close look at before they get around to me. And so what if they have anyone’s IP number you are still posting anonymously.

        If you’re that paranoid about your IP number, there is software that will give you a different IP address every time you post something but it also erases everywhere you’ve been as soon as you go there. Too much of a pain in the ass as far as I’m concerned, but it might be a worthwhile investment if you’re going to play video games and watch porno at work.

    • Anonymous

      i”ll try ..but according to house kitten it may be beyond my skill level…me not so smarte

      • Cobra

        So you’ve demonstrated quite convincingly.

      • AJ

        Are you really so introverted, and paranoid, and shy that you’re worried that someone might link what you said now to what you said five minutes ago. At the very least, naming yourself adds continuity to the conversation. Why not name yourself house kitten? Go ahead, just type it in the name box — you can do it.

  37. Jackalope

    IF we want our kids to attend a school where students represent the community why shouldn’t we be able to move there and sent our kids to a school like that? If people on this board like illegal immigrants who speak a different language, don’t pay state or federal income tax, and are uneducated, then by all means go buy a house in a community like that. Unfortunately all the people crying about racism and racial mix ALL live in Greenwich, which by all accounting is a wealthy, educated, primarily white town, Jewish/Christian town. You want racial diversity, then move out of Greenwich.

  38. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Interestingly, all of our Greenwich legislators (except for Rep. Floren who was absent) voted for HB 6677 which removed school fraud from the “theft of services” portion of the definition of felony larceny.

    Would be interested to hear their justification for that vote.

  39. anonymouse

    Interesting, my sister who verified her kids earlier in the summer received a similar letter as someone who posted earlier, that is, she needed to verify her kids. So she went and verified them again. I wonder if her 3 kids were in that 100-120 count and how many others like her are out there? I don’t trust the numbers…

  40. The New Normal

    rule of law doesn’t apply in the animal kingdom

    you would think civilized, sentient beings would realize that breaking the law “a little bit” is not ok

  41. LAK

    WTF is the first Anonymous talking about?! If you dont reside in the city or town, then get the fuck out of the school. You have no right to place your children in that district.
    Or you can pay the tuition of what it costs taxpayers to educate 1 child.
    Or, send them to private.
    Unreal some people!
    Okay now let me read the rest of the comments to catch up.

  42. Balzac

    Let’s re-orient the solution, and move minorities out of Ham Ave and New Leb, rather than move whites in. After all, moving minorities out was the solution chosen by Hartford in the original racial imbalance case.

    This solves the racial imbalance with vouchers and freedom of choice, in a simple and economic manner.

    The Town of Greenwich spends about $20,000 educating each student for a year. [Schools budget is $142 million which deserves to be multiplied by 1.24x to add the benefits for teachers, which are in the budget for Fixed Charges, not Schools. This makes $176 million divided by 8794 students, or $20,000 each.] Let’s calculate how many Hamilton Ave. and New Lebanon minority students must choose a valid alternative and leave those schools, in order to bring them down to 50% minority. Remember, the racial imbalance threshold is 25% more minority than the district average, which in Greenwich is 35%. Instead of being at the threshold of 60% minority (25% greater than the district average of 35%) let’s leave a margin for error and try to achieve 50% minority. That would require about 11 students to leave Ham. Ave. and 28 to leave New Leb., a total of 39. Let’s give each of them a voucher from the Town’s funds for $20,000 to spend at a school of their choice, of any type, anywhere, religious or secular. This is $780,000, a puny portion of our $176 million schools budget. Further, if costs can be reduced when the student count is reduced, the cost of this voucher solution approaches….zero.

    School budgets here:

  43. Greenwich Gal

    So who is doing battle duty and live blogging from the BOE meeting tonight? CF – you ought to create a post for people to write in.