Walt just cancelled his trip to Jolly Ol’ England


Never mind, we'll just retire to The House of Weltz, in Greenwich

Never mind, we’ll just retire to The House of Weltz, in Greenwich

Flogging workshop cancelled after Village Trustees discover scheduled “Relationship Support Group” had more than handholding in mind.

  • Trumpington Village Hall, near Cambridge, was set to host all-day BDSM workshop on 12 October
  • £10 day included sessions on spanking, flogging, ‘erotic hypnosis’ and a 30-minute class on nipples
  • Still offered tea, biscuits, sandwiches and crisps throughout
  • But now the event has been cancelled by the venue as the application was made under ‘false pretences’


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2 responses to “Walt just cancelled his trip to Jolly Ol’ England

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    If the gay community wanted to use this hall, would they stop them? NO. It would be discrimination!! So why do we tolerate discrimination against the BDSM community, who are VERY inclusive of ALL people. And anyone who doesn’t believe that needs a good little spanking. Treating the little spankers as second class citizens will not stand!!

    And the cost is only 10 pounds. How much is that in real American money? Not a lot, so this seems like a real bargain, with food too!! I would have suggested some slight agenda changes though. Thirty minutes on nipples is much too short. And who doesn’t know the importance of safe words? COLLYWOBBLES!!!! So we can cut that topic out.

    Anyhows, don’t they have YMCA’s over there? Isn’t that where this type of training usually takes place? Maybe we can let them use ours? I hear it needs some revenue help, and this could help the YMCA whip its problems.

    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    I guess they were afraid that there would be more than just a stiff upper lip there.