We’re not in Riverside anymore, Toto

17 Windabout Lane

17 Windabout Lane

We’re in the mid country, where the prices keep falling. 17 Windabout Lane just cut its price, again, and now asks $2.695 million. To be fair, that’s still a price that, for this house, might face resistance even in Riverside, but the owners can be excused for pricing it at $3.250 million 222 days ago because, after all, that’s what they paid for it in 2002.



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16 responses to “We’re not in Riverside anymore, Toto

  1. Anonymous

    This is a teardown on a terrible lot. Prices in this area are definitely firming. This is just a bad house.

    • At the right price, I don’t think it’s “a terrible house”, but I do think its current price presents difficulties in appreciating its charms. Who ever let them pay $3.250 for this in 2002?

  2. AJ

    A library in a bathroom? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before. Damp copies of all your favorite books?

  3. Anonymous

    2.8 (over sized) acres on a good street, maybe getting close to land value?

  4. Midcountry

    Glenville and Western Middle School – maybe people are not willing to pay top dollar for the school district.