Riverside contracts

22 Oval Avenue and 40 Winthrop

22 Oval

22 Oval

22 Oval, $2.225 million.

40 Winthrop

40 Winthrop

40 Winthrop, $3.195 million, is on a 0.9 acre lot (in the R-12 zone, so build away, if you must)  on one of the prettiest, quietest street in Riverside. So far as I know, there isn’t as large a yard – certainly not a flat, level one, left in this area of Riverside. The house is quite plain, but could be dazzling for, say, $500,000?$750,000? And you’d have  house worth easily $4.5 million, so this should have been a no brainer. Missed one here.


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5 responses to “Riverside contracts

  1. InfoDiva

    Once the tax man comes to his senses (revaluations start next year?) and doubles the taxes on most of these Riverside houses, do you think it will have any impact on the market there?

  2. South of Village

    curious – how can a new house that is 4300 sf go for $4.5. None of the comps are that high, and Winthrop is not as desirable as being south of riverside ave? 0.9 acre yard doesn’t move the needle unless you tear down and build up to the FAR

    • Sump Pump

      Wow, South of the Village, you have a very superficial understanding of Riverside. Yes, waterfront is the most valuable real estate in town. And yes, all else being equal, closer to the water is better than further away. However, all else is not equal… In case you haven’t noticed, some people really love Riverside School. I mean really love it — maybe school front is the new waterfront! Not quite, but don’t discount it either.