Activity reported

One sale, four accepted offers.

35 West Brother

35 West Brother

35 West Brother Drive, Milbrook, sold for $2.950 million, after starting off at $3.795. It last sold in August, 2001, for $2.715. Milbrook can be a tough sell.

72 Stanwich Rd

72 Stanwich Rd

72 Stanwich Road, on the other hand, has an accepted offer after just a short time on the market. Asked $1.590.

40 Lincoln

40 Lincoln

40 Lincoln Avenue, the Greenwich Lincoln, not the Old Greenwich one, asked $2.385 and has an accepted offer after 21 days. It sold for $2.350 in 2007.

211 Otter Rock

211 Otter Rock

211 Otter Rock Drive, Belle Haven, found a buyer quickly, even at $5.4 million and being offered “as is”. 2008 price, same house, same condition, was $5 million even.

28 Bonwit Road

28 Bonwit Road

And 28 Bonwit Road is going, which is not surprising since it asked $899,000, a sweet spot in the market. Buyers paid $555,000 in 2010 but did, according to the listing, “a complete renovation”. I didn’t see it but from its pictures, it looks as though they did.


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8 responses to “Activity reported

  1. Anonymous

    I live in mid country. I have always liked Milbrook, close to town, pleasant to walk around. Why is it a tough sell? Funky layout older homes ?

    • I think it’s the topography: so many homes are carved out of hillsides. Then, for those houses in the extreme southern end, there’s the I-95 noise to contend with. There’s no question that Milbrook homes sell, and some very very impressive prices, but the older ones, and those with cliffs for back yards, tend to linger.
      Once in, residents seem to love the place, staying for years, so obviously it offers a particular niche for some people; others, not so much.

  2. Anonymous

    Just curious what makes Milbrook a tough sell. Is it the Julian Curtis / Central school combo? I like the area very much but don’t know enough about it i guess. Are residents required to join the club / or pay association fees?

    • Cos Cobber

      You dont have to join the golf club, but you do have association maint/security.

      I dont think Milbrook prices suffer much unless they are within site of US 95, then the house lingers.

  3. A few of the Milbrook homes even have significant noise from U.S. 1.

  4. By the way .. All you riverside and OG lovers that talk smack about the west side and back country. When the New Haven line is down you can easily hedge your commute with a train from white plains. Chalk up +1 point for the slower price appreciating area.

    Also, when do you think metro north gets back to normal? 3 weeks? They are as competent as the school board .. Ugggggg

  5. Nopo chick

    I’m dying to know what bonwit went for ! Chris what is it worth?

    • It’s worth whatever someone’s willing to pay for it, of course, but I’m sure it’s going for at least 90% of ask and it wouldn’t surprise me if the final number is 95% or even higher. Low inventory.