Peter Sherr

One takeaway from last night’s BOE meeting was that Peter Sherr was the only member who asked clear, articulate, intelligent questions, and pressed McKersie when that individual tried, at least to this observer, to duck them.

When two of the Democrat members – and I apologize for not catching their names – wondered out loud what possible use the BOE could have for verification numbers and information, Sherr replied that BOE members owed it to their fellow citizens to provide facts, not vague assurances, and that, as shepherds of the taxpayers’ money, they were responsible to be absolutely certain that we are paying only for the costs of educating town children, not those from elsewhere.

No wonder his fellow members and the RTC are so determined to get rid of him: he’s disruptive, and won’t play the “go along to get along” game so popular on school playgrounds and local Greenwich politics.

Bullet vote this November: cast one, and only one, vote for the entire BOE slate of candidates, and make that vote Sherr’s. That might just be enough to defeat the RTC powers who don’t want him.


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  1. greenwich dude

    there’s no question this is an accurate characterization.

    moreover, the guy actually admitted he hadn’t thought through the process of extending the residency verification program… perhaps the only instance in which a BOE member had the self-awareness to concede that something in this process had gone awry.

    what, thoughtful and honest and willing to be wrong in public? he obviously stumbled into the wrong auditorium.

    vote for this guy. period.

    here’s the other issue that came out of last evening – – the BOE are terrible critical thinkers. in lieu of a “plan”, leslie moriarty’s slides are a mess of conflicting and internally inconsistent bullet points that she described as a “decision tree”, but every attendee in the room could see that actually, the decision algorithm here isn’t a jumble of hypotheticals, it’s a set of logical steps:
    1) verify student body & assess the facility and resource issues with actual numbers
    2) decide over a year or so if we even care about racial balance as a goal, since it’s now pretty clear CT doesn’t have the teeth to make us, and then decide if any plan should include consideration thereof
    3) listen to the citizenry, and get used to developing solutions in the face of constraints (no re-districting, choice, keep neighborhood schools, etc.)
    4) go slowly and stop circulating inflammatory slide decks that kill people’s real estate deals and home values for god’s sakes
    5) consider adding a classroom to new lebanon somehow. how hard can that be?

    unreal still that in a couple of years they’ll likely be holding court in their performance palace. what a waste.

    • Agree with your comments, greenwich dude! New Lebanon has needed a few more classrooms for many years. And if we abandon the racial balance nonsense, we might wish to reconsider devoting our resources to strengthening the core academics in our elementary schools instead of jumping on the magnet school bandwagon. The magnet school fad really lessens resources and personnel available to deliver a strong rigorous program in all of our schools. And finally, this may be heresy, but is it so terribly wasteful and bad to keep a couple of ”underutilized” schools open to ride out a few undersubscribed years? Having some extra classrooms does not warrant shuttering a school and squeezing students into another facility. We had kids in the town elementary schools during both the bust and the boom years. When their school was ”underutilized”, a few classrooms became available for many creative uses, e.g. science labs and musical instrument instructional space, small group instruction, and many other creative uses that the teachers initiated. Our oldest child and contemporaries had a far better educational experience than our middle and youngest children, who were enrolled when the schools were bursting at the seams. Band and orchestra instruction was held in closets and combined gym classes were the norm, which gave little meaningful time for children to engage in any degree of physical activity (e.g. spending most of their time standing around in a crowded gym for their one turn on a piece of gymnastics equipment). Class size was at the maximum, particularly in Kindergartens and first grades, and the results of those class sizes showed up in the standardized testing throughout their grade school years. Teachers clearly were harried and pushed to their limits and honestly told parents that they could not deliver the same quality of academics in a classroom that had 10 more children in it than our oldest child had experienced. Those crowded years felt like the factory conveyer belt model of education. Greenwich can do better than that. Our affluent Fairfield and Westchester County neighboring school districts are certainly able to deliver a better education to their K-12 students. We need to put the dubious education fads and racial balancing obsession behind us and strive to deliver a first class education to our students instead of a marginally acceptable one.

  2. Thanks for going guys.
    Power shift needs to be aimed at parents not just mind brokers.
    Schools are probably the best, honest most efficient part of our government.
    Good place to start reform…lots more to do….leaches a plenty…without penalty….

  3. Anonymous

    I would recommend bullet voting for Sherr and Erickson. She knows the schools far better than Ms. Tamm, who chose to send her child to GA. Laura was on the RTM as well. A bullet vote for both parties for candidates who petitioned to be on the ballot will send a message to the party bosses: If you don’t anoint the best candidates, we will!!!

  4. AJ

    wondered aloud, sleepy bird.

  5. Contrarian

    Laura Erickson has stated on her own website she is satisfied with the BOE’s current process. She is a go-along, get-along type.

    “My position is aligned with the course the administration and the current Board seem to be on.”

    Nothing new to see there, move along…

    • Democrat voter

      The more and more that comes out about Erickson the more and more I get worried. Her opinions are nothing new and she thinks exactly the same way as Moriarty. Bullet for Sherr.

  6. GWChase

    I was on the RTM Finance Committee with Laura Erickson. She was very involved with education and will make a great member of the BOE. Electing Laura and Peter Sherr would be a good first step in cleaning up this mess.

    • I know the cast of characters

      Honest Q… Do you think Erickson will be able to put her friendships with Rogers, Moriarity, Ospina, Kail and others aside and be a critical, independent thinker? There has been no objective thinking by the current board and far too much block voting out of, it appears, friendship.

    • Riverside resident

      Erickson is also one of the people who want Sherr out. She’s working with Rogers and the RTC to oust Sherr. Qualified…. How does years on the PTA make her qualified?

  7. Stanwich

    This process has been so bungled. It should be shelved until the new board is in place. Good for Peter Sherr, I am glad he has the audacity to stand up to this idiocy.

  8. I know the cast of characters

    Bullet vote Sherr. Most important to keep him on, as the town needs his critical thinking skills. Like his demeanor or not, he always weighs the issues and asks good (and sometimes tough) questions.

    • RTC member

      I’m voting for Sherr! I was voting for PaldunAss but he’s a backstabbing snake.

      • Sump Pump

        What did Peldunas do to get everyone so upset? Are you just upset that the RTC establishment is endorsing him? Because what he has done already is affect a significant positive change to the mathematics curriculum, which will benefit our kids for years to come.

  9. greenITCH

    and what about the legal opinion the BOE went out and obtained , with regard to whether two of our in question schools qualified for ” unique status ” ?

    • Avid reader

      The superintendent refuses to release the results of the legal opinion that we the tax payers payed for. Chris asked him last night he simply won’t answer. Where’s the BET on this? Why won’t they demand an answer? Goldrick who seems to have an opinion on everything else where are you? Stop hiding! Finger what about you?

      • greenITCH

        Chris ill let u weigh in since u have the legal background .. do we as citizens have the right to request the town paid for legal opinion to be disclosed ? kind of a ” freedom of information act ” scenario …. I mean id like to think they are holding back the legal opinion to better play their hand with the state however these ass clowns haven’t really done much right to prove they would manage this process any better then before ?

      • Former BET member

        Bill Finger the Democratic BET member will do nothing to upset Mike Mason the Republican BET chair. It’s like he’s in love. So don’t hold your breath. Finger is not going to ask for a legal opinion. The DEMS cant get Finger to caucus with them so don’t expect change next term. Mason is the worst chair in BET history!

  10. 3Generations

    With the seemingly huge success of the residency verification of the elementary schools.

    Was there any talk of verifying middle and high school students? That should be next and happen this year

    If I remember correctly it cost roughly 25k for this verification. This cost is recouped after finding only 2 illegal students.

  11. Former RTM

    I agree, bullet vote Sherr. The RTC’s ridiculous take down of him over party loyalty is only exceeded by the DTC running a Moonie. So many talented capable people in this town in the fields of finance, business and the arts and look what we get for town government. Mind boggling..

  12. Father is 2 kids in GPS

    It’s troubling beyond belief that the superintendent is rallying people to vote against Sherr. We as a town should be very concerned about this. Someone needs to call him out on this. Did anyone notice he didn’t talk down to the audience last night. I guess he reads this blog. He needs to go!

  13. Anonymous

    The problem with people who have experience in finance is that they tend to know little about education. The problem with people on education is that they tend to now little about finance. I know this is an overly simplified way of stating it, but mostly true.
    And I am a democrat, former PTA member who as of now, will vote for Sherr and only Sherr.

    • Another voter

      I agree!

      • Anony

        I could not agree more and am also a democrat and former PTA member. As an avid reader of this blog, I’m so grateful that Chris brings these issues to light. Sherr may annoy his fellow BOE members by asking questions to which he already knows the answers (like requesting info last night that he’d already requested), but that’s the ONLY way to hold the McK and the BOE responsible – and to show that he is doing so.
        I do note one thing: I think there is a misconception among voters that you MUST vote for the necessary number of candidates for your vote to count (“Vote 3”). If this isn’t correct, Chris, I suggest a post to explain how one can “bullet vote” for Sherr, and then what happens if there aren’t enough votes for the rest of the seats.

  14. greenITCH

    Question , my understanding is the BOE consist of 8 members and come Nov .. we have 4 seats up that will be filled by 2 Rep and 2 Dems ….so bullet voting for Sherr .. and I presume only Sherr then leaves rest of town muppets to vote in another candidate ? wouldn’t we be better served voting Sherr and then whomever is ” the lesser of two evils ” ?

  15. Bernard Schneider

    Could someone provide me with contact information for the Peter Sherr campaign committee.

  16. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    The answer I’m dying to know is how many people have been verified without providing evidence of property ownership (deed, tax bill, mortgage statement) or a lease. The BOE staff acknowledged last night they might allow that even though it doesn’t follow their guidelines. I know some landlords can be difficult, but if people have been accepted into the system after spinning a sob story about how they can’t get their landlord to give them a lease, I will have to break out my pitchfork and torch at the next BOE meeting.

    • Riverslide

      BTW, why can’t someone from Port Chester with three kids drive around Byram and ask random lower-income homeowners if they’d like their gas and electric bills paid for them for free for a couple years? All the PC guy would ask for in return is the homeowner to sign an essentially fake, but legally valid, lease, that neither party intends to abide by (and cancellabe instantaneously by either party, if misunderstandings creep in.) Voila! A big win for the homeowner, the PC guy and his kids. And unstoppable no matter what the verification procedure is.

      • AJ

        Wow, that could get you in some deep shit. Sounds like the perfect scheme for an FBI sting operation. Considering the police reaction to the unarmed 500 dollar Greenwich Train Station Bank robbery — I know, someone said they heard gunfire, but how is that possible when there was no gun — the equivalent of stealing 20 dollars in 1950, it would seem to me that the theft of a twenty thousand per year education (a lot more than 500 dollars) would demand at least as strong a response. Go get ’em police dogs; put the bite on their thieving ways.

      • One of my kids knew a GHS student about 10 years ago whose parents rented a tiny illegal apartment–one room actually, with a shared bathroom and no kitchen, in a run down crowded central Greenwich house that was full of these type of rooms so that they could put a name on the mail slot and have a Greenwich address. The student– an 18 year old from South America– slept there at most one night a week, and was generally picked up later in the evening to sleep back at his aunt’s home in Port Chester where his actual residence was, and then dropped off at GHS in the morning. (his parents remained in South America). He was also not legally in this country. My child never told me about this until after they both graduated. My kid naively believed that his classmate’s room was the family’s real address until he saw the size of the unit, at the end of their senior year. This was a nice boy whose family clearly wanted a better education for him. but its not fair for any town to bear the brunt of both a failed immigration system and the unwillingness of said town to have a decent residency verification program. I won’t even begin to address the legal status of a number of students in our schools for fear of being branded racist, and its abundantly clear that our schools firmly believe that legal status should be no bar to enrollment.

    • AJ

      With some households having extended families living within, it certainly is possible for some family members to not be able to prove their residency with a lease, rental agreement, or any utility bills. The situation is real. In such cases, there should be an investigation. I know if I was on the hook for twenty thousand, or even sixty thousand in the case of three siblings, I would get to the bottom of it. It’s not hard to determine if someone really lives where they say they live: all it takes is some simple observation, something that could be carried out by someone with only the most basic of gumshoe skills.

  17. Yardbird

    From what I’ve read, you did an excellent job at the BOE meetings.
    We local homeowners thank you very much!
    Keep up the good work!!

  18. Honest Question

    If Peter Sherr couldn’t accomplish what he set out to in the past 4 years, why should we give him 4 more?

    • hmmm

      because unlike the way your hero runs the senate in dc he is 1 of 8 can you do the math? not only is he 1 of 8 he is only 1 of 2 republicans on the board…

  19. Anonymous

    Its hard to be a lone voice in groupthink, especially if you are the right one. Lets not forget that Peter Sherr was originally Ponns Cohen’s second banana while she tried to inspire both the public and the Board to go in a more rational direction. You see where that ended, and for what? Now, the discussion is heading in a more appropriate direction and people are acting accordingly. Peter is far from ideal as a school board member, and I may only agree with him half the time at best. But what he represents is actually change and progress, and an opportunity to confront the hard questions. Without him, there may be nobody there to take that role, and that alone should be the reason to give him four more years

  20. Just the Facts

    SAT Scores 2013
    Greenwich math 559, writing 585, total 571
    Ridgefield math 580, writing 590, total 589
    Westport math 563, writing 578, total 576
    Darien math 595, writing 614, total 605
    New Canaan 578 math, 601 writing, 595 total
    Weston 589 math, 606 writing, 597 total

    Greenwich is dead last.

    • That’s not really the question, in my opinion. How did your children do? We can’t control someone else’s child’s learning pace, skill, or intelligence; we can at least assist our own in the first two items. If they still founder, it’s more likely the fault of the genes we gave them, rather than the school’s.

      • Just the Facts

        Sorry to disagree, but I do think that teachers, curriculum, hard work, and yes natural intelligence are reflected in test scores. And, isn’t it true that all of the schools have the same issues you have described above and still outperformed Greenwich. We have the highest cost per pupil and rank at the bottom. We need to do better than this rank, in my opinion.

        • Cos Cobber

          Just the facts, I think its clear you know little about the demographics of these communities. Its unlikely for Greenwich to ever outperform these other communities in whole because the others dont have the lower income groups we have. Plus, we have 30% of our students attending private school, surely most of these kids would be above average performers if in our system.

          This is more indicative….and yes, on a per capita its not astounding, but again we have a different student body than others.

        • Toonces

          Just the facts: the schools you list as scoring higher than Greenwich do not have the diversity that Greenwich has. Plain and simple: If English is not your first language you will have a tougher time doing well on SAT.

        • housecat

          I agree with you that we need to do better – in a number of areas. However, there are both size and demographic differences between Greenwich and the other towns you listed. The State BOE literally places Greenwich system in a different category than the others, based on those two factors. I don’t know what the median income is for Ridgefield, but the median for all the other towns mentioned is significantly higher than ours. Additionally, they each have a fraction of our population. I would look at how we doing compared to other systems in our category to get a clearer picture of how we measure up. I think (not 100% sure) that we are DR-A.

      • Just the Facts

        Greenwich is constantly saying we are better than the other GOLD COAST Towns…..and yet, we take one measure, schools, and all the excuses are rolled out from income to diversity. The point is that when a family is looking to move and compares factual data–Greenwich is outnumbered by all the other GOLD COASTTowns. So, folks, a family isn’t comparing Avon or Brookfield to Greenwich…its Darien or New Canaan to Greenwich. Is it fair? No, but who said life was fair?

        • I’s a long drive from Avon to Wall Street

        • Cos Cobber

          And yet a house in Greenwich still costs more than those other towns. While that factoid doesnt really impress me, it is indicative that Greenwich still has enough other qualities to be desirable and in fact, more desirable.

          Obviously we have work to do with our schools, but your also kidding yourself if you think Gwich is ever going to beat these other schools on standardized tests for school wide averages. Our population is different and the hidden beauty of the current real estate market suggests strongly that the market doesnt care that we are different. The market will care about schools, but not that our population is different.

        • Anonymous

          Cos Cobber, I believe the answer can be seen in the increased enrollment in private schools in our Town….and the trend is growing. And, no Town has as many options in Independent Schools as Greenwich. Thus, a Greenwich family saving on taxes from say, Darien or New Canaan, may have to consider the cost of private school education that isn’t the impetus as it is in other Gold Coast towns.

          And, no matter the excuses, families want their kids with other families that have the same “values and priority” in education. If you are saying that we have a “diverse” school population that doesn’t put a priority in education, or have numerous other inhibiters for the kids to be focused on achieving—well, that only underscores the reason to leave the public schools to pursue independent (or home) school options.

        • hmmm

          The days of low Greenwich taxes are gone…

        • housecat

          It is true that families looking to make the first move out of the city will look primarily at the raw numbers. They most likely won’t be familiar with the demographic differences between town in F’field cty – we certainly weren’t when we first moved. We made the mistake (IMO) of moving to one of the other towns you mentioned, based solely on school scores and housing costs. I hated every minute of it. It was 98% white, UMC, and filled with cliquish SAHMs. It was a huge relief for me – a lifelong city girl – to move to a diverse community. I don’t consider it an excuse to point this fact out when discussing school results, as it is just (no pun intended) a fact.
          Anon makes an excellent point about private schools – it’s what we decided to do ourselves. That said, like everyone else, I believe we need to improve our public schools’ overall performance. I’ve said it before, but I think the biggest killer of student performance overall is the “mixed-ability” or “hetergeneous” classroom. Combine that with large class sizes and a large percentage of students who have more obstacles to oversome than their UMC peers, and you get – at best – mediocre results. The schools may have ancillary instruction (ALP, ESL, etc) to help with that, but talk to any ALP parent for example, and you’ll see that it amounts to just a few hours per week. The most effective way for a larger, demgraphically diverse system like ours to improve achievement is to go back to some form of leveling in the classroom. Good luck suggesting that though. I have two teachers in my immediate family, and it’s like talking to cult members when it comes to de-leveling. Ugh.

          • Toonces

            Brilliant Housecat. Separating kids into skill levels would raise scores significantly. What objections are raised by the teachers in your family?
            Just the regular PC “all kids are gifted” nonsense?

        • Anonymous

          Toonces: They (particularly my step-mom) believe it’s the best way to get the lower-achieving students up to par. The idea is that the more advanced students can and should be expected to help the other students “catch up” in the classroom. I personally think that’s nuts.

          • I think it’s nuts too. I was reading at an adult level by 6th grade, and I remain at a 6th-grade level in math here in (advanced) adulthood. Just as I would have dragged down good math students, poor readers would have limited not only the books my reading peers could have read for class, but history texts too. Dumbing down sounds dumb, to me.

        • housecat

          Sorry – that was me, replying to Toonces. I had to switch to the PC – i forgot to input my name.

          • Toonces

            It’s OK – I knew it was you. I agree – that’s nuts to think the kids with fewer skills will be helped by the high achieving ones. I do think that when you separate the skill levels you see competition among the students to be the best in the class. This definitely happens in some of the honors/AP classes in the high school. Maybe your step mom is thinking of that and believing it happens in a mixed skill classroom. The only thing that happens in a mixed classroom is that the high achieving kids don’t get the instruction they need and the ones at the bottom are lost if teachers teach to the middle. I would argue that that is a recipe for all scores going down.

  21. Anonymous

    Test prep classes are expensive. Just an aside- they don’t make you smarter, just a better test-taker.

  22. CoCo

    I’ve been attending on and off BOE meeting for the last 3 or so years so I’m only moderately brain-damaged. Here’s my two cents:

    Chris, your questions were clear and on point last night. I’m holding my breath waiting for the answers. Will someone (other than Walt) please revive me when I pass out.

    Anderson’s plan would never get another vote from any other member. I actually think that it is the most financially logical, common sense solution (shhh, I’m a former NSS parent so I’m not supposed to say that!) but the reality is that it is too politically charged for the milque toast, sackless BOE. I give him credit for sticking to his guns and clearly articulating his plan (especially about raising achievement for all kids as his primary objective), knowing that it was going nowhere. 6-1 groupthink vote to kill redistricting.

    I don’t agree with you, Chris (and all you Riverside bloggers) that Sherr’s sh%t doesn’t stink. If you are new to BOE meetings (Chris, I think you’ve personally been to 2), you might think that Sherr’s questions (actually statements with a question mark inflection at the end) are deep and probing. Sit through enough meetings like I have and you realize that he is the worst form of obstructing politician. His “questions” are on things he should already know as a 4 year board member or are just playing to the crowd with his “explain to me how…” line. A couple of meetings ago, he asked what a “partial magnet” was. Are you kidding me? Marianna clone. Not good for the town.

    Moriarty and Sherr (helped by a couple of other sackless members) are the main reasons that this process has taken 2+ years. As soon as it gets close to a decision or something is not going down the path they want, they both start the “we need more information” path. Mark my words, regardless of the final answer, Sherr will vote no and then talk about how he, just a simple humble volunteer, is “deeply troubled”. Expect the suddenly awake Von Braun to vote in step with Sherr. And I love how they now want to put it off till after the election because their plan isn’t gaining any support.

    Time to go pick up the kiddies, so here’s my recap:
    Moriarty: learn how to control a meeting
    Von Braun: you add more value asleep
    Anderson: nice thought, big guy, but don’t f*ck with the NSS gang
    Sherr: STFU. Your 8 minute monologues are SOOOOO self-serving.
    Mckersey: Come November, I hope you get 4 new Board members that aren’t politicians and know how to make a decision. We can’t afford more superintendents to leave because of inappropriate board member behavior or just stupidity and lack of a sack of board members at decision-making time.
    Chris: Show up at the next meeting, ask the exact same questions and then hold your breath for the rest of your 3 minutes waiting for an answer. Can Walt be on stand-by for mouth to mouth?


  23. Balzac

    Before concluding that Peter Sherr is a savior, consider the column by Ed Dadakis in yesterday’s Greenwich Post:

    “…People (painfully) remember 2011 when controversial BOE incumbent Marianna Ponns Cohen was overwhelmingly defeated after Republicans gave voters a choice by nominating four candidates. Voters rejected Ms. Ponns Cohen’s aggressive tactics on the board, including harassing emails, numerous freedom of information demands and rearguing already settled issues. This created board dysfunction and impeded educational progress, frustrating parents enormously.

    Mr. Sherr and Ms. Ponns Cohen are close allies. Last election, Mr. Sherr penned an op-ed days before the vote attacking Mr. Tesei and his now BOE colleagues Peter von Braun and Barbara O’Neill, emphatically declaring “I’m supporting Marianna.” … Remember the outrage when Mr. Sherr and Ms. Ponns Cohen’s tactics pushed Superintendent Sid Freund to the point he resigned? Mr. Freund cited both for his departure in a public letter, saying “…when the discourse generated by these two board members became accusatory, disrespectful and uncivil; when the questions and requests for information became voluminous, repetitive, manipulative and at times incoherent with no clear purpose or outcome; and when work is purposefully misrepresented, maligned and undermined after board approval, it impedes progress.”

    We all want the BOE to function, which may be difficult with this behavior.

    • Ghost of the FAR Czar

      That op ed piece made my blood boil. People need to stop with the “Poor Sid Freund was crucified by the mean Marianna” routine. I’ve said it here before – the guy was busy violating state and town law with his attempts to cover up the cost over-runs on the North Mianus parking lot construction while he was playing the martyr. Maybe those disrespectful and uncivil BOE members were on the right track to be questioning his data and financial presentations.

      • red herring

        Totally agree, Ghost. Playing nice in the sandbox shouldn’t be a job requirement when you’re in charge of spending 2/3 of every tax dollar the town collects. And also when the other kids in the sandbox are jackasses.

      • CatoRenasci

        What he said!!!!
        Freund was no friend of the taxpayer or the Town of Greenwich, its children or the law.

    • Anonymous

      Balzac, I think this column is Exhibit A for changes in the political election system. To think that Mr. Dadakis is a Republican Leader writing such a incendiary, unprofessional column. For all the talk about “bullying” by our First Selectman—perhaps, he should look to his own party leadership as a starting point for getting rid of the bully’s in his own party.

      • FF

        I couldn’t agree more that we need to change the way we elect School Board candidates. I proposed that we elect 12 by district, so your neighbors could vote for your neighbors instead of everything being all at-large and often off target. I specifically stated that there should be no party set-asides. I think I’m in a fairly decent position to be able to propose something like this. So why aren’t we talking about what we can possible do as voters, instead of talking how we just can’t.
        The system is broken in Greenwich. School Board insecurity, 60+ vacancies on the RTM, constant complaints about unaccountable Boards. Shouldn’t we do something there? If you just vote for the status quo, I promise we’ll be having this exact conversation two years hence

        • The trouble is, while the status quo is horrible, the alternative is even more horrible (horriblemaximus?) Blankley’s out today promising that a vote for Krumeich and Drew will produce stricter gun control and increased spending funded by more borrowing. I realize that your type doesn’t understand how anyone could object to either of those but trust me on this, some people do.
          Go figure.
          (By the way, do you guys have a second selectman candidate, or are you waiting to roust a bum off the streets come election day?

        • Cos Cobber

          I’m tired of unaccountable faceless boards which are indirectly appointed. I’m ready for a new charter with a mayor. One throat to choke!

      • contrarian

        Ed Dadakis has no wife and no kids. He has no clue about the schools. He’s a terrible bully, as evidenced by his column and out of context quotes.

  24. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Dadakis is barking up the wrong tree and was way off base with his so called column. It is as though he has a vendetta against anyone who shows independent thought. That DUD-dakis has cast Freund as a “good” guy who was drummed out of town by two BOE members is ludicrous. To characterize Freund’s dealings as “mistakes” is ridiculous. The RTC character bashing needs to stop and it should start with Mr. Dadakis resigning his column in the Greenwich Post.

    We need a third party to clean house in Greenwich!

    Here’s another bullet vote for Sherr!

  25. Balzac

    Jeez, people. If writing a column comprises bullying, what would you call what John Adams and Thomas Paine did in 1775-76?

    Drop the emotional, trendy buzzwords. They don’t provide information, merely emotion.

    Mr. Sherr has some contributions to make. Nonetheless, he spoils his own case by acting as a stooge for democrats. When they have control of our education system, they will bring to it all the virtues they’ve brought to New York’s. [NY is a disaster].

    Why does FF want to change the system for election of BOE members, [and BET members, and who knows what else]? Because Greenwich voters are knowledgeable, and careful not to elect democrats.

    • Disagree. Going along with the RTC is a bad sign, to me, because it signals an intention to let the status quo continue. In fact, while I hugely admire Brian Paldumas for the work he did in effecting change in the math curriculum, his joining in with the RTC on its attack on Sherr cost him my vote (I’m sure he’ll continue to sleep at night despite that tragic loss of support).
      FF’s call for meaningful elections doesn’t mean that a clever ploy by the Democrats to subvert RTC hegemony is afoot- my own guess is that he’s longing for a way for voters to erase his own mistake in appointing Ramadamadingdong to the BOE

    • Another thought: right now, Greenwich “voters” elect no one – the two major parties have set the system up so that they each get an equal number of members on the BOE and BET. Each party then nominates exactly the number of candidates they’re permitted; no more,no less, and the happy citizens show up to cast meaningless ballots. Meaningless, because regardless of the actual votes each candidate receives, he or she is guaranteed a place on the board.

      By running a successful write-in campaign to get onto the ballot as a Republican, Peter Sherr has defied this orderly procedure and thus incurred the anger of the power structure. The few candidates who have tried this in the past have lost. I’m hoping that Sherr will prove the exception.

      So again: the assertion that Greenwich voters are too smart to elect Democrats is untrue- would that it weren’t. Come January, we’ll see exactly the same number of Democrats as Republicans assume office, just as the party leaders have designed it.

    • Anonymous

      Balzac, its blasphemous that you would in the same breath compare in any way the courageous, founding father Patriots, John Adams or Thomas Paine with Ed Dadakis’ rant about a fellow Republican who didn’t follow the party line. In fact, Balzac, its a bit ironic that you chose Paine who was known for his book “Age of Reason” that promoted above all else FREE THINKING.

  26. Anonymous

    Chris, I thought for a moment there you were against reform of this corrupt system. Glad to see your later posts. There is no democracy in the BOE or BET elections. Call it what it is…they are “appointments” made by each of the respective parties. And, with those appointments, the parties expect complete allegiance to the leaders in the party above else. Who gets in the positions, therefore, are weak, kowtowing candidates that do serious butt kissing before and after elections. If you don’t, well, you get a henchman like Dadakis writing blustering OpEds about how you went against, (aghast!), the party line. Nope, the current system is far from attracting innovators or leaders…just walking the plank followers.

  27. Balzac

    Every few years the Republicans offer to modify the system to more closely follow vote count. This would provide Republicans with 7 of the 12 BET seats and 5 of the 8 BOE seats. The Dems always say, “Well gee, we like democracy, but not that much democracy. We prefer the current system, under which we get 40% of the votes and 50% of the seats.”