Key fobs that look like scary guns, no; heroin, okie dokie

Walter Olson, Great moments in Teacher Tenure

Whether or not the Drug War counts as an irresistible force, it seems to have run into an immovable object in the form of New York City teacher tenure [New York Law Journal]:

Termination was too harsh a penalty for a tenured teacher who created a spurt of news stories after he was found with bags of heroin when trying to enter Manhattan Supreme Court, where he was serving on jury duty….

“There is no evidence that the conduct with which petitioner was charged affects his performance as a teacher or that any publicity would impair his capacity to discharge his responsibilities as a teacher,” [Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel] Mendez wrote in Matter of Esteban v. Department of Education of the City School District of the City of New York, 651904/13.


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9 responses to “Key fobs that look like scary guns, no; heroin, okie dokie

  1. housecat

    That was “bags of heroin” in the plural, right? Wouldn’t that (usually) be considered evidence of intent to sell? My focus was on tax and t&e, not crim, so that’s mostly a wild guess on my part, but damn. How can someone – a judge no less – consider this no big deal for a teacher? Has it crossed the judge’s mind that this “educator” has a built-in clientele at school?

  2. Cos Cobber

    remember, from the liberal pov, the teacher is the victim and needs support and that support includes having access to your kids.

  3. jB

    Libertarian judge?

  4. t

    So one has to endure a criminal search for every enter in to a court house (to serve on jury duty)?

    Its a sad day indeed when the executive, legislative, and judicial FEAR the common man.

  5. AJ

    ‘7th-graders suspended for playing with airsoft gun in own yard’

    “Two seventh-grade students in Virginia Beach, Va., were handed long-term suspensions Tuesday that will last until the end of the school year for playing with an airsoft gun in one of their front yards while waiting for the school bus.

    WAVY-TV reports that 13-year-old Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark will face an additional hearing in January to determine if they will be expelled for “possession, handling and use of a firearm” because the guns were fired at two others playing in Caraballo’s yard. …”

  6. AJ

    Caught in the Act:

    ‘Photos: New York Cop Steals Resident’s Pro-Second Amendment Signs’

    After a Somers, New York, resident discovered someone was coming on to his private property and repeatedly stealing his pro-Second Amendment signs, he thought up a brilliant plan to catch the perpetrator.

    The gun rights advocate purchased a trail cam and placed it near the entrance to his driveway, where he placed his signs, and filmed away.

    Sure enough, the sign was stolen again, but this time the homeowner had the evidence he needed to find out who the sign thief was.

    At first, the resident had suspicions the thief may be one of his neighbors; an elder couple had complained about his “Repeal the New York SAFE Act” sign in the past.

    As it turns out, however, the culpable party was a Somers police officer. …”