The militarization of our police forces, XXXIIII ….


Hunting nudists on Miacomet beach

Hunting nudists on Miacomet beach

$600,000 armored vehicles are being passed out like candy to any police force that wants one.

This phenomenon is spreading as quickly as SWAT teams. Up in New Hampshire, Concord’s police chief wants one to combat libertarians and (hey, Dollar Bill, listen up!) Occupy New Hampshire “terrorists”. 

Jacksonville, North Carolina (wherever that is) has requested one.

In fact, the wind up of the Iraq and Afghanistan was has freed up thousands on now-surplus vehicles and if a police force wants a couple, they’re there for the taking. This has some people worried.

These days, everyone who opposes the government is a terrorist. Just yesterday, for instance, Harry Reid called Republicans who oppose ObamaKare “terrorists”. So it should give civil libertarians of all stripes pause to consider what’s going down. The left was silent when the IRS targeted Tea Party groups because the Tea Party is the Left’s favorite enemy, but as the song goes, “it can happen to you” – in Concord, New Hampshire, it already has.


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  1. Just the Facts!

    C’mon Chris….Jacksonville is the location of one of our nation’s most important Marine bases….Camp LeJeune. With the new equipment, now the SWAT team can fight force against force with Marine RECON. What a blast!

  2. pulled up in OG

    We don’t need no stinkin’ $600,000 armored vehicle.

  3. Dollar Bill

    Republicans who oppose Obamacare are not terrorists. Republicans who are willing to blackmail and hold the country’s economy hostage in order to implement its reactionary agenda ARE terrorists,plain and simple! Elections have consequences, Baggers, and you lost! Get over it or get out of the way. Obamacare is the law of the land, so get used to it (or crawl back into your John Birch cocoons.)

    • There’s this, from Best of the Web:
      Was Teddy Kennedy a Terrorist?
      In 1973, when Richard Nixon was president, Democrats in the Senate, including Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. Walter Mondale (D-Minn.), sought to attach a campaign finance reform bill to the debt ceiling after the Watergate-era revelations about Nixon’s fundraising during the 1972 election. Their efforts were defeated by a filibuster, but it took days of debate and the lawmakers were criticized by commentators (and fellow lawmakers) for using “shotgun” tactics to try to hitch their pet cause to emergency must-pass legislation.

      And here’s what real terrorism looks like, you hystrionic idiot:

      “Soldiers told of the horrific torture meted out by terrorists in the Nairobi mall massacre yesterday with claims hostages were dismembered, had their eyes gouged out and were left hanging from hooks in the ceiling.
      Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged.
      Children were found dead in the food court fridges with knives still embedded in their bodies, it was claimed.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook”

      • housecat

        Terrorists are the new Nazis (a la Goodwin)…

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Dollar Bill’s post epitomizes all that is wrong with this country today. We are in an Us vs. Them environment. And to a very large degree, our own President has put us there. It is not only Republicans vs. Democrats. It is black vs. white. Rich vs. poor. Gay’s vs. straights. Men vs. women. Old vs. young. Abortion vs. Right to Life. We have no unity as a country. All divided special interests. No common values. And that should trouble us all.

        Our leadership – The President, the Senate and the House of Representatives call each other horrible names every day. They call each other terrorists. And they are the leaders!! If they hold each other in such contempt, what do you think they really think of us? NOTHING!!

        If the Government shuts down, and I could care less if it does, we stop paying the military, but we still pay Congress? HOW DO WE ALLOW THAT? We have allowed the creation of an elitist class of politicians, on both sides, and it must stop. Those we elect must be held accountable. They need to lead by example, and be held to a higher standard than they hold the populace they are elected to serve. ARE YOU LISTENING FRANCIS AND LEE? YOU CULT SUPPORTING COWARDS!! DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!

        Anyhows, Bill’s credo is “might makes right”. The argument of a bully, and backed by no intelligent school of thought. He is meant to be pitied, not argued with. He is too uneducated to see the flaws in his logic. And uneducated makes him easier to control, and spew his vile rhetoric.

        If this Nation doesn’t start to function on a bi-partisan basis, realizing we are all in this together, putting their special interests aside, and ruling out the corruption, we will leave Detroit as a Nation for our children.

        (I figured throwing the snot nosed kids in there would get me some sympathy support. Right Dude?)

        Brunch tomorrow?
        Your Pal,

  4. your terrorist is my Founding Father:

  5. Anonymous

    My credo, Walt, is not “might makes right.” My credo is that elections have consequences, and that when the ‘people speak,’ as they did in 2012, voting down extremist Republican ideology by 5 million votes, that’s not bullying, that’s how democracy works. That’s the purpose of elections. And so the people have spoken. Your side campaigned on abolishing Obamacare, and guess what,you lost! You lost on the Presidential level; you lost Senate seats, and you lost the popular vote in the House (only preserving your House majority through crazy-ass gerrymandering). You even lost when a very conservative Supreme Court upheld Obamacare.. What’s left to argue?

    Democracy doesn’t mean winner take all, but what it does mean that the minority doesn’t get to dictate its own extremist agenda, by holding a gun to the head of the country, and saying “Nice little country you have here, would be a shame if anything happened to it.” But that’s what one side is attempting to do. The problem is not “both sides do this.” The problem is an extremist Republican Party which wants to bring the country’s economy crashing down around us — and that will happen if they fail to raise the debt ceiling, on top of a govt shutdown — if they don’t get their way on abolishing Obamacare, which won’t happen! They have failed to learn the lesson.about how democracy works. Instead, they are engaging in extortion, basically telling the American people that if they don’t get their way on every policy priority they favor, it’s curtains for the rest of us. That’s not name calling; that’s terrorism, by any standard definition.
    Cordially yours,
    Dollar Bill

    • AJ

      The people have spoken? That’s a good one. You mean like all the districts in Iowa where Ron Paul was strongly favored to win, but the results from those districts somehow got lost. Or in Maine, where all the districts that strongly favored Paul were shut down for impending weather that wasn’t forecast and never materialized, and couldn’t be rescheduled because they had missed the deadline date (the night of the election). And what about all the districts in the general election where Romney received the statistically impossible zero votes while Obama received 100% of the vote? The people have spoken? More like the people were effectively shut up, shut out, and the election was stolen.

      What you call obstruction, extremism, and terrorism is actually working within the rules of order. It’s the way the American government was designed to work — to make legislation difficult to pass. Something I’m sure you are quite grateful for when Republican backed legislation you are strongly opposed to might pass. Yet somehow Congress still manages to get some forty thousand new laws that they never read through each year, only to find out what’s in them after they pass.

      • And who can forget, except Democrats that is, the armed Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia? Obama’s first act upon taking office was to shut that investigation down.

  6. Dollar Bill

    AJ: The American government was NOT designed to work so that minority factions could endlessly frustrate the will of the majority, in order to pass its own rejected policy preferences, at the point of a gun. That’s not how any functioning democracy works. And it’s most certainly not normal “rules of order,” AJ. Go back and read the Founders. What the Republicans are doing is not even remotely “conservative,” by any standard definition of the word. What it is is thwarting the will of the majority, and amounts to nullifying the election results. As Andrew Sullivan has said, it is a total war on our system of democratic government. As Josh Barro of Business Insider has rightly said, “America’s constitutional system only works if the divided branches of government are willing to work together to make consensual agreements about running the government. Republicans are showing themselves to be too irresponsible to make the American constitutional system work.” Barro and Sullivan, both conservatives, are right!

    • Hmm: Obama, 51%, Romney 47%. DB, was that you writing on DailyKos back in 2004 when, after Bush won with 51% of the vote the wingnuts were howling that “there is no mandate for the Bush agenda!”

      I thought so.

    • AJ

      At the point of a gun? What gun would that be, Bill? They don’t allow guns on the floor of the House or the Senate. And since when are the Republicans required to be “conservative” as you say: they can vote however they please. They are beholden to their constituents, not the President, not the opposition, not even their own party leadership. This is not Canada; they cannot be forced to vote the party line. Why was it that when the Republicans had the slight majority in the Senate that they were so strongly opposed to filibusters and you Dems were so strongly supportive of it? And now that you Dems hold the slight majority in the Senate, you’ve done a complete about face, and wish to put an end to the practice? You do like to go for the dramatic effect, don’t you? And yes, Congress operates within procedural rules.

      Go back and read the founders? There is no Book or document called the founders; what the hell are you talking about? What is it you’d like me to read? I know, I’ll bet this is what you want me to read, the part about John Adams’ and Alexander Hamilton’s Sedition Act, where anyone who criticized or disagreed with the government was, arrested, put out of business, and thrown in jail.

      “…. Hamilton and the Federalists used this threat of war with France to begin their own reign of terror. They declared that the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans were disloyal to the United States because they were sympathetic to France. The Federalists had seized all organs of federal government; now they would brand all their enemies as traitors and begin working the American people into a frenzy of super-patriotism. (“If you’re not with us, you’re anti-American.”)
      Jefferson and his supporters seem to have taken the verbal fracas somewhat philosophically, but Adams–and his wife, Abigail–felt that their dignity had been besmirched. Adams encouraged the partisan Congress to pass a series of four laws that came to be known collectively as the Alien and Sedition Acts.

      The Alien and Sedition Acts proscribed spoken or written criticism of the government, the Congress, or the President, virtually nullifying the First Amendment freedoms of speech and the press. These acts were interestingly similar to the unconstitutional Patriot Act. 1 Employing these tyrannous acts, Adams began to have his political opponents arrested.
      “Several years before, John Adams had written a letter to Tench Coxe, then Hamilton’s assistant in the Treasury, in which he asserted that the Pinckneys of South Carolina were seeking the aid of the British court to procure important posts in the Federal government. Tench Coxe had subsequently turned against Hamilton and Adams and joined the Republicans; and in 1799 he turned over this letter to Duane as political propaganda.”
      Duane then published an article about a Federalist conspiracy that was to prove the beginning of the end for Adams and the Federalists. With the Senate meeting in secret, a bill had been introduced for the establishment of a clandestine tribunal composed of seven members of the Senate and six of the House of Representatives, meeting behind closed doors, to decide which of two or more candidates with equal votes in the electoral college would be declared the President. (Shades of the Supreme Court deciding who was to be appointed President in 2000!)
      Thomas Jefferson and James Madison attacked the Alien and Sedition Acts by writing the Kentucky Resolution (1798) and Virginia Resolution (1799), which essentially said that the Acts were null and void in those two states. …”

      Where would we be without Jefferson and Madison — those two terrorists? You, I am sure, would have liked to have seen both of them thrown in jail. There is nothing more patriotic than dissent.

  7. You never replied (surprise) to my example yesterday of Teddy Kennedy and friends filibustering a raising of the spending cap to force through their own, unrelated bill on campaign spending.
    So don’t say it’s never been done and certainly don’t equate terrorists with opposition politics.