Malloy to shape Supreme Court

The last one had big tits; I don't think we have to go there this time.

The last one had big tits; I don’t think we have to go there this time.

Governor Dannel Malloy is set to make a third appointment to the Connecticut Supreme Court and he already knows what he’s looking for: “A colored person, ” Malloy told FWIW. “I did the gay guy first, then a Hispanic chic, now I need a genuine Affffricaan – American, or that’s what my staff tells me. They’re still checking on whether that gay male was counted as a male or something else, but if it was ‘something else’, then I can probably use a male for this slot. Or a transgender carpet-muncher, I suppose – I’m waiting to hear.”

Asked about the qualifications of the jurist he’d select, Malloy smirked: “I just listed the qualifications.”


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28 responses to “Malloy to shape Supreme Court

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Brace for incoming howls of proggy outrage

  2. FF

    As opposed to the previous 3 administrations “I am looking for a bag man, someone who knows their way around certain, ahem, legal problems. Is OK with burying gold in the backyard. Must be man with legal background but bereft of an IQ over 85”

    • Geeze, are you having Dollar Bill write your comments, or has he stolen your identity? Usually, the non- response, “they did it too”, is reserved for and used exclusively by the Dullard.

      • FF

        But your comments are silly. We had a court that was 100% republican, and was willing to be very political because it was a sinecure for party hacks. Now Malloy gets to pick his own hacks, so why should you care their race or sexual orientation, unless your real concern is some kind of attack on straight white men, a serious minority in this state

    • Walt

      Francis –
      I am sure you know two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead of looking backwards, using mistakes to justify more mistakes, why not look forward and try and improve things? Maybe because that takes character and balls? Both of which you apparently lack.

      As a politician, that is what people want you to do. But you are clearly wedded to the old school political machine. Those in power get to decide, and right or wrong doesn’t matter. A totally partisan, progressive approach, with no regard to doing what is best. Or what the people want.

      You exemplify all that is wrong with politics on both sides. I hope you feel good about it. Your support of a “cultist” to be on the BOE is a perfect example of this. I wish it was the only one.


      • Inagua

        Yes, Walt, Francis does “exemplify all that is wrong with politics.” Francis’ assertion that Greenwich could not verify students residency was typical of the kind of shallow and pretentious double-talk that degrades political discourse today.

        • FF

          Did you invent something? I actually said we should verify everybody, but that too many parents would complain and it would never be implemented. But clearly that doesn’t make your fanciful fiction work, so you’ll just make it up.

        • Inagua

          FF: “I actually said we should verify everybody.”

          No, FF, that is not what you said. You said, “…there is only one way to take care of it, and that is annual verification of ALL students. However, every time that is proposed, all the groaning and whining becomes so loud because, well I am not illegal, so what do I have to be inconvenienced for?
          There is no other way, plus isn’t it far more cost efficient and practical than hiring bounty hunters, paying tenured employees and such? Then you could make it truly non-racial because it is universal. This also has less than zero chance of being enacted.”

          Do you see the difference? You didn’t say, “We should verify everyone” or even “I want to take care it.” You said, “The only way to take care of it …has less than zero chance of being enacted.”

          And when Mickster and others suggested the Beach Card method of verification you declined to respond.

          FF, instead of torturing language, and posing staw man arguments, why don’t you just acknowledge what I suspect is the truth, that your are a conventional Liberal who sincerely believes that letting a few Port Chester students get a leg up by attending a better school is a not a bad thing?

      • FF

        Again childish, and frankly disappointing from someone who is occasionally somewhat maybe right. Chris’ complaint wasn’t that the Governor might appoint someone unqualified, but that he might make race or sexual orientation a test of sorts. Like your ilk’s crying and whining about Obamacare, you can’t understand that the team that wins elections might want to exercise their right to implement their mandate. My team likes the idea that a wide variety of people from different perspectives and emblematic of different peoples might together make a representative government accountable to the full politic. You guys can’t handle that for reasons that I don’t understand. We get to exercise our agenda when we win, as you do yours. So stop your sniveling and baby talk, grow a pair and win something. Then ill make the new Governor appoint you as Chairman of the Lottery.

  3. Anonymous

    Francis nicely makes the point that the inherent nature of government is bad, and that the less government – of any kind – the better.

  4. Inagua

    OT linguistic observation — Carpet muncher (or rug muncher) is a dated term about to become obsolete because it will be meaningless given the change in female grooming habits during the last 25 years.

    • A Buzzard

      And then there’s the problem with hairs that lodge in the throat. See “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode on point.

      • Inagua

        Thanks. I had never heard of the show (like Chris I don’t have TV,) but I was able to find the episode immediately on YouTube.

    • Indeed, I’ve read that crab lice are now an endangered species because of that phenomenon. I figure that someone old enough to be a judge might not be so trendy, but if Malloy expands his talent search to appeal to the youth group….

      UPDATE: More on the trend; it’s actually “the new normal” – who knew? – here.

  5. Anonymous

    Based on the GT story, Malloy is going for an all black bench with a homo and an Hispanic lesbian for diversity.

  6. AJ

    Seeing as how the acorn doesn’t fall very far from the tree, why not appoint his son? Continuity and congruity: it’s a good thing. No?

  7. Anonymous

    Hispanic chic or chick? Could make a big difference!

  8. Publius

    Ecker said that there’s expectation that minority groups, who make up a significant number of litigants in the court system, are afforded the chance to make their case before their peers.

    “No one wants a court or any official body to be appointed based on demographic identities, but, on the other hand, it’s very important and valuable for the court to be representative of the citizenry in those ways,” Ecker said.

    Apparently Justice is not blind and certainly not color blind. Interesting that one’s case before one’s peers is apparently based on race, as in “those white folk just don’t understand us and unless my peeps are listening to my case I won’t get a fair trial.