Activity report for the day

Here’s a bunch.

226 Valley Rd

226 Valley Rd

226 Valley Road, Cos Cob, sold for $975,000. Cute house, but the owners paid $965 for it in 2008 and, if I read the listing correctly, added on and renovated it, in which case they didn’t make as much on the project as they may have hoped.

8 Bailiwick

8 Bailiwick

8 Baliliwick Woods Circle has a contract after just 14 days on market at $1.395. It last sold in 2002, for $1.115.

70 Gregory, another contract, $985,000, 26 days.

7 Edgewood (over behind the Mercedes dealer), $1.050 million.

12 Circle Drive Extension, land, $695,000, 21 days.

14 Stag Lane

14 Stag Lane

14 Stag Lane reported an accepted offer last July but now has an executed contract. It was asking $1.195, which sounds okay, considering that the owners paid $1.225 in 2003, but Stag’s always a tough sale so they probably are taking less than that ask. Not a bad house at all, by the way.

18 Roosevelt

18 Roosevelt

18 Roosevelt, Old Greenwich, has an offer after 14 days, $1.765. New, it sold for $975,000 in 1999, so some things do appreciate, in the right section of town.


475 Round Hill

475 Round Hill

475 Round Hill Road announces a price cut from $9.750 million to $9.500. The house has been on the market since May and this is its first price adjustment, so if you really wanted to buy it but were holding off because of its price, here’s your chance.


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6 responses to “Activity report for the day

  1. Anonymous

    Roosevelt has been on the market quite awhile- I was thinking the same thing about Round Hill- very silly price reduction!

  2. observer

    OK, it’s time to bring in the architects and see what they were smoking. Is the portico on Roosavelt from Restoration Parthenon? And why did they crap up the courtyard on Round Hill with those bulges? If you’re going colonial, keep it simple.

  3. boredatwork

    OT, but I never figured out why people give interviews for fluff pieces like this –

    • LMNOP

      to answer your question, my hunch is the interview was suggested to dealbreaker by haffenreffer as a way to drum up biz for H-L in greenwich. in other words, the piece is free advertising.

      • boredatwork

        Yep, I get why H-L wants to do it (free advertising); what I don’t get is why the homeowner agrees to do it.

  4. Jonathan

    I suspect the sale of Stag and Bailiwick – also awfully close to the Merritt – could be signed of buyers fed up waiting for decent inventory under $1.5M.