Corcoran Group goes the extra mile

"The sale is just the beginning of our relationship" David Kim, Corcoran

“The sale is just the beginning of our relationship”
David Kim, Corcoran

Their ( now former) agent sells a $7.6 million townhouse, then returns to loot it. “We were wondering what to do with all our unwanted art work and antiques,” owner Tina Kim told FWIW, ” but our agent solved that for us – what a nice guy!”


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21 responses to “Corcoran Group goes the extra mile

  1. housecat

    Suspect the real draw was the handbag collection. Did he take the shoes, too?

  2. FF

    That’s nuts! He just showed me an apartment in Manhattan and didn’t share the jewelry at all. Unfair

    • Inagua

      Nice to see you back. Do you have time to respond to this post in which I attempted to ask you about your disingenuousness?

      >>FF: “I actually said we should verify everybody.”

      No, FF, that is not what you said. You said, “…there is only one way to take care of it, and that is annual verification of ALL students. However, every time that is proposed, all the groaning and whining becomes so loud because, well I am not illegal, so what do I have to be inconvenienced for?
      There is no other way, plus isn’t it far more cost efficient and practical than hiring bounty hunters, paying tenured employees and such? Then you could make it truly non-racial because it is universal. This also has less than zero chance of being enacted.”

      Do you see the difference? You didn’t say, “We should verify everyone” or even “I want to take care it.” You said, “The only way to take care of it …has less than zero chance of being enacted.”

      And when Mickster and others suggested the Beach Card method of verification you declined to respond.

      FF, instead of torturing language, and posing staw man arguments, why don’t you just acknowledge what I suspect is the truth, that your are a conventional Liberal who sincerely believes that letting a few Port Chester students get a leg up by attending a better school is a not on balance a bad thing?<<

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Inagua: He Dullard Bill’d you.

        • Inagua

          LA – Perhaps, but I think FF is a cut above DB’s childish name-calling. FF is knowledgeable, but his posts lacks logical coherence, which he refuses to defend or rebut.

          I suspect that FF is a well-intended, sincere, emotionally-driven Liberal, who tries to make logical arguments, but can’t because like most Liberals he refuses to aknowledge that he is basically comfortable with letting the less fortunate game the system. For example, Liberals never say. “We favor open borders.” They say, “You can’t build a fence because it will never keep everyone out.” FF is basically taking the same position with respect to cross-border students in Greenwich Schools.

        • Anonymous

          Inagua, FF is straight down the line a Democrat liberal. On occasion he will throw out a comment that refers to personal responsibility or government size or waste, but since he is a member of the “party” machinery (er, leads it in fact) —he can only go so far, otherwise, his fellow Dullard’s of the world will abandon him. And, above all else, the machinery folks (Dem and Republican) like FF want to be loved and part of the majority. Independent thinking, is well, for Independents unaffiliated to the party litmus test of high profile issues.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          What is this? Compliment Francis day? Can I play?

          He really isn’t as dumb as he looks. What he lacks in personality, he makes up for in effort. He is so lucky that he doesn’t have to worry about people liking him for his looks. Isn’t it cute that he actually believes some of his progressive propaganda? Isn’t it wonderful that his naiveté allows him to sleep at night? I bet Francis is very proud of what he has accomplished with a lack of any discernible skill set. That one goes for you as well, Dude.

          Do you have any you want to add?
          Your Pal,

      • FF

        Please spare me your self-referential nonsense. You embarrass yourself with this odd parsing of words designed to get yourself to that oh-so-satisfying last paragraph. LIBERAL! BEWARE, BEWARE! Let’s invent crap to attribute to the LIBERAL. SO SO AFRAID!!!!! I’m surprised you can leave the house safely each day, not saying that you do because there might be a LIBERAL SCARED SCARED!!! out that door. Saaaaave MEeeeeeee!!

        Of course, since you live in Greenwich you know that I am 100% right. I assume that since you have lived here more than an afternoon, you know this has been proposed more than once and people like you scream sadly and pathetically that I, ME, THE GOOD HONEST ONE should never be inconvenienced or compared to the “other” (that I tremble about every moment I walk out into the fresh, liberal-dominated air) by being asked to annually gather an appropriate utility bill. Just the way it is, and to deny it just further discredits your otherwise inane ranting. And yes, there is no other way to put it, ID’ing everyone in Greenwich is “the only way to take care of it”

        So enjoy that thrill of exposing that awful awful liberal hiding his secret and evil agenda of letting Port Chester take over our schools, pools and daughters. Scary, huh? Something an evil liberal would do, though this line of inanity is just getting tired. Find a hobby.

        • FF

          Jeez, Chris, can you get anyone with the slightest bit of originality today? Anon 12:15 tries with his Dr. Phil routine. He sees through my soul, clearly. I’m so afraid of being abandoned, so I guess Mommy issues there. Or maybe its Nanny….nanny state, Obamacare. That’s it, I want to be a Kenyan Socialist!
          Get a mind of your own, Anon, and stop trying to impress the cool kids on the site with the posturing drivel. Though I suppose you’re hoping for a cheery shout-out from Walt, no? Now THAT’S the kind of approval I should seek

        • Walt

          Francis –
          I just gave you your cheery shout out before I saw this post. Enjoy “Compliment Francis” Day.
          YO BITCH!! This ones for you!!
          Your biggest non Libtard fan,

        • AJ

          Why don’t you just become town emperor and put an end to all this nonsense. Tesei seems not so popular; you might even win. You could even have Tammananda put all the Republicans to sleep, especially Balzac, with a little bit of chanting. Just visualize it and make it happen. See the ball, be the ball, om.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    My favorite line in the whole story: Kim’s private attorney, Lance Fletcher, said, “There’s been no evidence linking him to the apartment where the burglary occurred except for the alleged proceeds from the burglary.”

    My interpretation of that statement: They got him dead to rights. I’m just trying to figure out how to plead this out and still get paid something for my efforts.

  4. The guy has gambling and substance abuse problems. The lawyer’s an idiot if he didn’t get a retainer up front.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      “The guy has gambling and substance abuse problems.”

      I expect that to be the starting point for plea negotiations.

  5. Inagua

    LA – You were right. I was wrong. FF is as intellectually limited and immature as Dollar Bill. We could use an intelligent Liberal here, but FF sure doesn’t qualify.

    • Walt

      Dude –
      Oh well. It looks like Compliment Francis Day is over. Too bad, because I thought of some more. No sense wasting them, so here ya go!!

      Francis is exactly like Nathan Lane, except for the talent.

      Francis is always ahead of the curve. He is the only one smart enough to realize there is NO DIFFERENCE between a “cultist” and a Libtard.

      Francis is living proof that common sense is not required in order to succeed.

      Not only does Francis wear stylish glasses, but they make his gigantic mellon head look almost normal size.

      No one is better at making ignorance look like charm, than Francis.

      Can we declare tomorrow “Dead Baby Joke” day Dude?
      Your Pal,

    • Riverslide

      The issue that confuses people is they can’t understand how someone so immature and predictable could be the town’s most prominent Democrat. Go to a DTC meeting and you’ll quickly understand. Any one of us on this blog could easily outwit and impress that whole lot of them just by appearing semi-normal.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Well, another classic thread on FWIW. FF is called out and responds with a Pee-Pee dance and says nothing in the process.

  7. Anonymous

    Corcoran website is godawful. And just about every agent I’ve dealt with there over the years is a lazy slob, waiting for real estate buyer manna from heaven to fall from the sky on their listings (come to think of it, that’s not any different from Greenwich, either). One time, on the sale of a small apt. I owned, rather than deal with the usual riffraff I got smart and hired a young very good looking agent to list it. Not the sharpest tool, but she looked damned good in a dress. Walt would approve. And my place was a few story walkup, so you get the idea. It got sold really fast, to a younger guy. For once in my life, the real estate sale plan worked right on the money.