Even an Old Greenwich address can’t save you from a peak-market purchase, it seems


349 Sound Beach Avenue

349 Sound Beach Avenue

349 Sound Beach Avenue is back on the market today asking $3.575 million (no pictures posted yet, so I’ve used one from its previous listing). This is a terrific house; in fact I intend to send the listing to one of my clients as soon as the pictures are up, but it sold, almost immediately, for $3.775 in 2004, then failed to fetch $3.980 in 2007 or $3.761 (huh?) in 2008. It’s been off the market since then until now, and this price may do it.

But as its price history illustrates, not every Old Greenwich property has fully recovered from the crash.


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17 responses to “Even an Old Greenwich address can’t save you from a peak-market purchase, it seems

  1. Patrick

    Might be true, but this property experienced a tremendous appreciation over the last 16 years. The original owners bought if for $500k in 1998 and sold it for $3.778 in 2004. While I’m sure there was a lot of money poured into this house they likely made a tidy profit in 2004.

  2. Toonces

    Not trying to be contrary here, but maybe they paid too much for the home.
    It may also be suffering from the fact that many people with kids don’t want to be on a busy street.

    • EOSredux

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      • Toonces

        I forgot. And so…. I just did. You can’t hold the phone and type with two index fingers so I tried one index (I think that’s what you say you do, and fast?!) and one thumb and the mistakes were plentiful. My daughter thinks with practice I’d be fine. Do you think, maybe, just maybe Apple will come out with a phone with a keyboard to please all of us soon to be blackerryless people?

        • Anonymous

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          • Toonces

            Haha – my daughter said auto correct/personalized just for my quirky mistakes would help too. My index finger is 3/4 inch across though. I- phone does not like. I would like to see you do this. Maybe Chris will throw a blog party one day and I will meet you and your index finger!

        • Walt

          There are app’s available so you can make some changes to the keyboard:
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          • Toonces

            COOL – an app called “big finger keyboard”. Exactly what I need – thanks Walt. (and I was afraid to click on the link too)

        • Walt

          Dude –
          There actually is a Dead Baby Joke app. Right here:

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          Your Pal,

        • Riverside

          The dictation feature is teriffic – a real game changer. Sounds high tech, but try it out! You’ll never want to type again.

          • Toonces

            Thanks RIverside – sounds like another solution if my index finger is not as talented as EOS’s. I have 3 solutions now including Walt’s big finger app (why does that sounds so Walt?)

  3. Anonymous

    Yes you are right Chris- a lovely house!

  4. greenITCH

    interesting RE article actually .. and number 9 is no surprise …. ” A 2010 study by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank found that “the price premium from school quality remains substantially large, particularly for neighborhoods associated with high-quality schools”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-hurts-home-value-2013-5?op=1#ixzz2gZRm7jcE