So long, it’s been nice to know ya

Volkswagen-BusA friend of mine sends along sad news of the VW bus’s demise. He and I had many adventures in mine, from camping on the Vineyard to D.C. protest marches to … well I don’t remember all that much but he apparently retained more brain cells and tells me we had a great time.

I looked for a photo taken when I was on my way to Vermont, tipi poles sticking out the back, me in my buffalo-hide pants, hair down to my shoulders and flashing (ironically, I assure you) the peace sign, but couldn’t find it. My kids probably hid it out of embarrassment.


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16 responses to “So long, it’s been nice to know ya

  1. Anthony Fountain

    Or your brothers.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I found the picture. But I am pretty sure the pants are lycra, not buffalo hide.

    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    I also owned a VW bus in high school. A lot of good times. If that van’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin….

  4. Anonymous

    A “Punch Bus” sighting was worth three points in my version of the roadtrip game. Normal “Punch Bugs” were one point and convertible “Punch Bugs” were worth two points. Extra point if any of the above were also “padiddles.”

    • housecat

      My parents had four of these things over the years (first one in the mid 60s) I think my dad finally sold the last one in 1986. It was a happening pair of wheels when you were traveling to the Be-In or the weeklong music festival, let me tell ya.

  5. Sarah

    I actually did take it…not to hide though. I’m going to blow it up, frame it, and give it to Walt so he knows that you’d never wear that girly headband

  6. EOSredux

    There are two gorgeous restored VW buses roaming the backroads of Bedford suggesting to me that baby boomers want to bring back the peace and love generation.

    Speaking of boomers, I was in Greenwich all morning and was behind not one, but two bald men tooling around town checking out momma bones in their top-down convertible Aston Martin DB9. Two identical $200,000 cars, both with Miller Motorcar plates, in the span of 30 seconds, each with an oblivious old rich guy behind the wheel. One guy was so busy drooling over a woman crossing the street, I had to gently honk at him when the light turned green. He got flustered and put the car in gear and barely made it out of first gear without it stalling. Doesn’t Aston Martin vet these old guys to see if they can at least DRIVE the expensive car they are buying? It was pretty funny. Walt, was that you??

    Also seen in town: the new owners of 26 North, the beautiful yellow Victorian….it is stripped of its facade, the house and the garage so someone is doing big time work. And a house is already going up at 30 North, the land behind 26. Yikes. Open House sign farther out on North, one of the pink Bermuda houses for sale, but what bad timing for the open house. Police were directing traffic at that exact spot while utility company trucks were working.

    • housecat

      Aw, EOS, he was waiting for the cute chick to notice his wheels and you ruined it! Blue Maseratis are popular this year, too. I must pass at least two just on my way to school every am. Potential sugar baby bait, perhaps?

      • EOSredux

        But from the point of view of the cute chick, if the guy can own such a car and can’t drive it worth sh**, what else can’t he drive? Just saying…..

        • housecat


        • I suspect that the type of woman looking for an old fart in a Masserati to shack up with isn’t interested in his amorous abilities and in fact would prefer that he have none. That’s what those cute tennis pros at the club are for.

        • EOSredux

          Good point Chris. But I bet there are some young brides who are expected to sign a ‘must have sex with old geezer x/times a week’ clause when marrying a rich man, even if his stick shift is stuck in idle.

  7. monkey

    dude,this a history lesson. hilarious and enlightening too. rush out and buy it! best,thurston h.iii