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Cobb Island (2000 photo - current pictures not yet posted)

Cobb Island (2000 photo – current pictures not yet posted)

27 Cobb Island, over by Exit 4, $4.199 million. If you can put up with the highway noise, houses here have great water views and are (literally) convenient to transportation: the highway’s there and it’s a short stroll to the Cos Cob railroad station. I like the place and I’m okay with the traffic noise; others won’t find this acceptable.

I haven’t seen what, if anything the present owners have done since they bought this in 2000 for $3 million, but I’ll check it out tomorrow. Could be a decent deal, could be a bust. And again, regardless of the house itself, buyers’ reactions will be heavily dependent on their feelings about its proximity to I-95.


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9 responses to “New Listing

  1. Wayne De Vries

    Long walk from Exit 2 to Cos Cob station?

  2. RE Junkie

    During Hurricane Sandy, how much tidal flooding occurred from Cos Cob Harbor up thru the lower Mianus River? Were any homes along the shore badly damaged and have any of them been impacted by new FEMA guidelines? Seems like these houses are a good way to have a water view with less flood risk

  3. Chimney

    And,If you don’t like it, you can have the house next door, (the Greenway’s), for only $140,000,000! I have a feeling David might come down a couple of bucks.

  4. t

    Just proves how out of touch I am.
    I laughed when Cobb Island and the Condos across from them were being developed. I thought, who in their right mind would pay that kind of money to live in that location? Guess I was proved wrong. At this rate, a developer could drop a 4mil mcmansion in the middle of the town dump and find a buyer for it.