Nightly real estate wrap up

No sales of note, but there are four more accepted offers reported, so people are still out there buying.

The former Jehovah’s Witnesses Church (they moved to new digs) at 477 Stanwich Road found a buyer after reducing its 2011 price of $2.3 million to $1.350. Merritt exposure, but four very nice acres and a church, if you want one. I know that one of our newer congregations looked at it back a year or so ago but felt that it was too far north from their current, albeit temporary quarters.

424 Stanwich Rd

424 Stanwich Rd

And even closer, if possible, to the Merritt, 424 Stanwich, 2 acres and a 1970 house, has a buyer. Asking price, $1.395. Between these two properties, you should have a pretty good idea of the Merritt factor in lowering property values.

10 Knoll Street

10 Knoll Street

10 Knoll Street, Riverside, was purchased for $2.150 in 2006, had some money put into it for renovations but couldn’t find a buyer at $2.395. The owners cut that price to $2.2, and now have an accepted offer. Nice street, good house for what it is, but there’s a limit to these things, even in Riverside.

4 Pilot RockRiverside waterfront, however, will always be in demand (until it isn’t). 4 Pilot Rock Lane, direct waterfront, came on 29 days ago at $5.495 million and has a contract.

Under new listings, 19 Lower Cross Road is up, asking $18.5 million. That number is  identical to where it was listed in 2006 price – it eventually sold in 2010 for $11.450. Let’s hope these sellers are more fortunate.


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14 responses to “Nightly real estate wrap up

  1. re: 19 Lower Cross Road / Master Bath
    is it true that there was a wind quintet booked on an ongoing basis to play during evening ablutions?

  2. RE Junkie

    I was in 19 Lower Cross Road during in an open house in 2009 and it was much, much more attractive and tasteful inside than it is in today’s picture

    • Well maybe if they hadn’t priced it at such a bargain basement price the broker would have moved up from an agent with an iPhone to a professional photographer.
      Or not: some of those people can cost as much as $150, even $200!

      • RE Junkie

        This property seems to have a long history of cheap listing agents– the other thing I remember about the property in 2009 was the agent had crossed out the original listing price and wrote $13,500,000 by hand on each of the MLS listing sheets–I guess it would have been too expensive to have a new one printed and photocopied

  3. Anonymous

    I absolutely love 19 Lower Cross Road as it looks like on these pictures here – hard to believe how it could have been better before. Do you happen to have the old listing Chris?

  4. RE Junkie

    As I recalled–full of custom millwork, tile work and murals that was much more authentic to the English country manor architecture of the house–without being too formal or dark. it felt like a real family house but the formal rooms were very elegant

  5. Backcountry Boy

    19 Lower Cross is a very nice looking house, but 217 Taconic is much nicer and a “steal” at $4mm less.

    Didn’t 44 Conyers Farm just sell and asking $14mm with a Guest House, Cottage and inside the Gates of Conyers?

  6. Stanwich

    I actually like the new look, not sure I would’ve dumped a ton of money in it just in order to sell it. The “before” is kind of dated, especially the kitchen, but it was classic. The “after” is definitely more edgy although not distasteful by any means.

  7. Anonymous

    I love the new look and agree with Stanwich that the old pics look very dated and stuffy. Would move there in a heartbeat – but for the money…

  8. LMNOP

    Re Lower Cross: In my opinion, to renovate in such a distinct manner may cost them some buyers. I’m not saying it didn’t need updating, but to be so taste specific means buyers are going to have to like it as is. Those kitchen floors: are they distressed? Hard to tell from the photo. Looks like water marks or dog scratches. Not appealing to me. And the bathroom sink counter that looks like 1000 people left glass water stains? What’s up with that? I’d be more apt to renovate a house that seriously needed it rather than spend money on a new renovation I hated. I’d just choose another house.

    • Martha

      I think that piece of stone in the powder room is my favorite thing about that whole house. I do think the exterior is gorgeous, but most of the interior is just off in my opinion.