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Will lightning strike twice?

Fairy tales do come true, it could happen to you...

Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you…

My bet is no, but we’ll see. The owners of 14 Perryridge Road “won” a fierce bidding war for it just this past July and paid $1.715 for a house asking $1.695.  They’re apparently convinced that they still got a bargain notwithstanding their exuberant bidding, and have put it back up for sale today at $1.895 million. I’m tempted to say “you’ve got to be f’in kidding me”, but the market can do that just as well, without repercussions to me.

So have it, market.


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Land value in mid country

23 Laurel

23 Laurel

23 Laurel Lane (between Husted and Rockwood Lane) has cut its price to $2.295 million. I have not seen this property, even though it’s been on the market since April, and this area can be plagued with swamps and ledge, but assuming this land is free from those problems, $2.3 for 1.8 acres in the one-acre zone sounds like a good deal. I certainly would not buy this place sight unseen over the Internet, but it merits a look, at the very least.


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The fierce urgency of now

Greenwich’s own congressman, Jimbo Himes, is ecstatic about the overwhelming response to ObamaKare in his state (population 3.59 million):

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 3.33.28 PM


So who were those desperate 167?  The WSJ’s James Taranto introduces us to one of them: 

Meet Brendan Mahoney, the young man who is saving ObamaCare. He’s 30 years old, a third-year law student at the University of Connecticut. He’s actually been insured for the past three years–in 2011 and 2012 through a $2,400-a-year school-sponsored health plan, and this year through “a high-deductible, low-premium plan that cost about $39 a month through a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary.” But he wanted to see what ObamaCare had to offer.


Now, he says, “if I get sick, I’ll definitely go to the doctor.” Even better, if he stays healthy, he won’t need to go to a doctor, and his premiums will support chronically ill policyholders on the wrong side of 40.

So, how much of a premium is strapping young Brendan Mahoney paying to help make ObamaCare work? Oops. The Courant reports that Mahoney “said that by filling out the application online, he discovered he was eligible for Medicaid. So, beginning next year, he won’t pay any premium at all.”

So the great success story of ObamaCare’s first day is the transformation of a future lawyer who was already paying for insurance into a welfare case.

What Taranto fails to add is that this gentleman who voluntarily removed himself from the workforce and is now eligible for Medicaid is likely to remain a beggar on the dole for years, if not the rest of his life: the market for new lawyers, especially those from second-tier schools like UConn (sorry, fellow alums) is practically non-existent. Score another victory for the little guy.


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Moron alert

Stupid and proud of it! Kimberly Fricker

Stupid and proud of it!
Kimberly Fricker

One Miss Kimberly Fricker, principal of Canyon High School, forced a student to remove an NRA T shirt because the NRA promotes violence.  Miss Fricker almost certainly holds an advanced degree in education, which explains this.

But just the peace-loving ones

But just the peace-loving ones


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Sale and a haircut

15 Sylvan Lane, Old Greenwich, 18 Spezzano Drive, Riverside

15Sylvan Lane

15Sylvan Lane

15 Sylvan sold for $2.650 million. Land sale, probably. Listing says, twice, “not in flood zone” and since the selling agent is George Crossman, a local boy and a builder who knows his stuff, I assume that’s right. How you get from your house on Sylvan to Old Greenwich proper during the next flood is another story, but in the past, our fire department has sent front end loaders to pick up residents in the bucket and judging from the photos I’ve seen in the local paper over the decades, everyone looks grateful and happy for the ride.

Interesting price history for this property – it sold for $1.950 in 2007, $2.1 in 2008, $2.240 in 2010,  now $2.650. Maybe this time the buyer will keep it, or at least build on it.

Helmsley Palace, Riverside, CT

Helmsley Palace, Riverside, CT

18 Spezzano Drive, $525,000, reports an accepted offer. Even acknowledging that this 1/10th acre lot is not the Riverside equivalent of Conyers Farm, I’m a little surprised that the seller had to cut his price from $649,000 all the way down to here before finding a buyer.


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