On the other hand…

NYC real estate prices (and sales) are going nuts. Some people have money, and lots of it, and they can’t all be Russians, can they? Still, some are: here’s one Ruskie who’s agreed to pay $75 million for a co-op at 828 Fifth Avenue – previous record price for a co-op was a mere $45.


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3 responses to “On the other hand…

  1. Flash Forward

    Just heard a presentation by FOURSQUARE, a people location app. Cities are growing by leaps and bounds. We are having a technological revolution resulting in huge city population growth. The few moving to Fairfield County are replaced by many more moving into NYC. I guess if you go now you’re getting in on the new ground floor.

  2. Midcountry

    With technology, you never know when the trend will reverse.

    One thing about Fairfield County – there are relatively few high paying jobs.

  3. Flash Back

    The ideal financial philosophy…..
    Sell High—–who is waiting for higher?
    I’d say, in hindsight, the late 2007 Greenwich Sellers, some are StILL waiting.