Coming our way

The triumph of the proletariat: East Germany, 1975  (Photo, Uncylopedia)

The triumph of the proletariat: East Germany, 1975
(Photo, Uncylopedia)

A reader writes,

“Hey, didnt Obama say, “don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your current plan.” Ha! Just got a letter from Anthem dumping me, after 10 years…because I can find someone else to insure my family through the Affordable Care Act. Funny, think it has anything to do with my daughter’s ~250k surgery for scoliosis at the Hospital for Special Surgery with famous pediatric spine doc this past summer? Who told me, next year, he’s not taking insurance. FYI, she’s great, able to go back to athletics, etc. Amazingly successful surgery. So far, Obamacare sucks for me.”

The Dollar Bills of the world welcome developments like these – the reader’s child wasn’t entitled to care that another child can’t have, so the takeover of medical care by the central government will either (a) ensure that every child gets the same care. or, (b) that no child does. Either alternative is acceptable, to them.

Of course what DB misses is alternative (c): only the children of the politically connected will receive the best care and sadly for Bill, his family won’t be in the class of apparatchiks.

Another thing they don’t grasp is this: the standard of medical care will gradually decline, as new operations aren’t discovered, new medical devises aren’t invented and wonder drugs disappear. Just like businesses that never started because of the 10,000 new regulations promulgated each year, energy sources not discovered and the innovations not created, how does one notice the absence of what never existed? It will take decades before Bill’s children, looking around at the grey, shabby world they live in, will wonder how their parents had it so good.


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11 responses to “Coming our way

  1. Xyzzy

    The reader may not be accurate. My plan was dropped by Anthem too and it’s because the plan I have is no longer legal under Obamacare. My plan didn’t cover pregnancies so was a lot cheaper. That’s not available anymore. There are a slew of coverages that are mandated now so any plan that doesn’t cover those can’t be offered.

    Does it stink? Yes. Do I wish I could get my old plan back. Yes. But if the reader is in the same type of plan I am in it wasn’t because of the surgery or because he can get a plan from the exchanges.

  2. In the “Progressive” lexicon, there’s a two word phrase that describes loyalists such as Dullard Bill perfectly: Useful Idiots.

  3. Incognito

    A little off topic, but did anyone else see this story this week? NY Medicaid paying $61 mil in reimbursements for braces in 2012 because underprivileged kids think they are entitled to straight teeth!

    Since when did braces become a right??? My parents couldn’t afford braces so I didn’t get them. Didn’t keep me from getting an education or a job, as the kids interviewed in this article claim it will!

    • All part of the Progressive ideology which believes one can bestow self-esteem on a person. Rational people understand that self-esteem is a by-product of personal accomplishment through genuine achievement at whatever one does. Progressives are reality challenged.

    • There’s a scene in Atlas Shrugged where a former worker at an auto plant that went bust after the heirs of its founder instituted a “from each to each” communism. A neighbor’s daughter got braces while his own daughter was denied an operation because the “committee” decided she was already a cripple. Guy said he got drunk one night and went next door and smashed the girl’s teeth in.
      Coming our way.

  4. Glad your daughter is well !!!
    We all benefit from the inspiring innovation of our medical profession.
    Who built the greatest boost to human’s quality of life and longevity ?

  5. Peg

    “Progressives” would prefer that everyone have mediocre to shit health care services rather than some percentage have ultra first class, some excellent, some average and some crappy.

    It’s the progressive way – coming to you soon by the jackboot of Herr Obama!

  6. Inagua

    “It will take decades before Bill’s children, looking around at the grey, shabby world they live in, will wonder how their parents had it so good.”

    Chris – This will undoubtedly be the case if all other things remain unchanged. But public policy is only one factor influencing living standards. Technology is another. And so far technological advances have more than compensated for poor public policy. But if technology stalls, as it may well be doing, then the future will indeed be bleak for ordinary people.

  7. not so annoymouse

    My daughter got dumped too… Her equivalent option through ACA is hundreds of dollars more a month…she is in a bad fix because of it.

    • Xyzzy

      One option is to sign up for a new Anthem plan on December first. That will still be under the old rules. It will carry you for a year before you have to convert to an Obamacare plan

  8. Anonymous

    My insurance warned me about Anthem’s plan and switched us to Aetna. But, we know Aetna next year will jack up their rates….and then where do we go? Lets face it, we are living the best times in health care in the U.S…I agree the future looks like CF describes it.