Ted Cruz, Dutchman

Netherlands at a standstill over budget fight. I blame Bush.

A row over budget cuts last year brought down the government in the Netherlands, the euro zone’s fifth-largest economy and one of the bloc’s core members. And although this cabinet is expected to survive the impasse, it faces a tough challenge to secure support for another round of austerity when the economy is in recession and consumption is weak.


A coalition of the center-right Liberal Party and leftist Labor Party, the government lacks a majority in the senate and needs the backing from the opposition to pass its budget for 2014, which includes €6 billion ($8.17 billion) in extra tax increases and spending cuts, as well as proposed reforms in the pension system and labor market.

Talks suffered a big blow Thursday, after an unpromising start last week, when a key opposition party, the centrist Christian Democrats, pulled out, saying it disagreed with the government’s planned tax increases. “It doesn’t create jobs, it will only make the crisis worse. So we won’t participate,” said the party’s leader, Sybrand van Haersma Buma.

The move angered some cabinet members. Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans said the Christian Democrats were behaving irresponsibly and he accused them of raising “the middle finger” to the cabinet, a comment for which he later apologized.

Just this past Friday Harry Reid apologized for his own nasty remarks about his Senate colleagues. I imagine his remorse is as genuine as Foreign Minister Timmerman’s.


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7 responses to “Ted Cruz, Dutchman

  1. Raising the middle finger????? Sorry. Probably a genuine apology.

    Hostage takers, gun to our heads, arsonists, anarchists, terrorists, followed by a kinda sorta sorry motivated only by really bad internal polling and a tsunami of critical emails and phone calls, not so much an apology as an exercise in senatorial CYA.

  2. Not sure if it was an apology or a reminder of decorum, whatever that is. BTW, did Cruz ever apologize to McCain for comparing some GOP senators to Neville Chamberlain on the Senate floor? I missed that.

    • Neville Chamberlin is a perfectly apt analogy for many of our politicians and is disparaging only if truthfully pointing out the result of blind faith in the goodness of evil people is to disparage them. Hurtful, perhaps, but then the truth can hurt.
      I just finished Churchill’s “The Gathering Storm”, in which Chamberlin’s good hearted, sincere naïveté plays a prominent role. As I read I was reminded, again and again, of certain senators and the current president.

    • Bob A:There is a substantial material difference between calling one’s colleagues terrorists, hostage-takers, arsonist and like vile terms and comparing one colleague to a historical figure in passing. Your assertion to the contrary diminishes your own credibility substantially.

      • Inagua

        LA – You beat me to it, but you forgot anarchists, suicide-bombers, hostage-takers, fanatics, blackmailers, and wacko bird.

      • Yos

        Bob A(ka Dullard?) knows it was a specious comparison; the objective was to change the topic whilst diminishing Cruz.


        Cruz Missile is taking “incoming” because he’s over the target.

        Hey LA, could you imaging Cruz and Paul on the same ticket? I can.