If it takes the life of just one child …

Buy this healthcare!

Buy this healthcare!

Obama closes Amber Alert website “due to government shut down”. WWII Veterans, sightseers, children; next up? Look for a gun held to a puppy’s head.


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6 responses to “If it takes the life of just one child …

  1. “Guns to heads” is an eewill Weepublican stwategy shwieketh Haiwy Weid.

  2. LMNOP

    But Moochelle’s Lets Move website is still active.

  3. Still one of the funniest magazine covers ever. National Lampoon used to be the best.

  4. Anonymous

    Barry’s Intolerable Acts continue:

    Elderly couple evicted from their paid for Nevada home because it sits on federal land – land which belongs to the American people not the Obama Administration.

    NPS shuts down private inns on the Blue Ridge Parkway – inns which are maintained and operated with private monies.

    Visitors to the Jefferson forcibly shoved out of the Jefferson Memorial.

    The federal government is too big, and the dictatorial Obama Administration long ago decided it doesn’t serve the people, it serves itself. Now the Obamabots are escalating the use of force against the citizenry.

  5. Peg

    Bizarrely, however, many still blame the REPUBLICANS for these idiotic shutdowns. Too bad our schools no longer teach how government works; too busy dealing with sex education for 6 year olds, “diversity studies” and the like.

  6. hmmm

    this is great news!