This may come back to bite them

Dig that "shutdown" IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean? Know what I mean?

Dig that “shutdown” IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean? Know what I mean?

By taking the most aggressive stance of any agency to harass and punish US citizens for their Congress’s inability to reach a budget agreement, the National Parks Service looks increasingly like Obama’s attack- lap dog. I’d guess that of all our divisions of government, the Parks are, or were, the least controversial – who doesn’t like Smokey the Bear? Payback’s a bitch, though, and the next time these little jackboots send their own budget over to the Hill, I expect that whatever goodwill they’ve enjoyed up to now will have vanished.

Hope so. Elephants are supposed to have a long memory, no?


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8 responses to “This may come back to bite them

  1. New Buyer

    How about common sense budgeting? Their handling of this situation shows they have zero ability to balance a budget and make logical monetary decisions. They could have radically scaled back and let the “parks” run bare bones and no one would have batted an eye. Allowing tourists to photograph Mt Rushmore or walk past a monument does not cost that department anything. What happens in the future if their budget does get cut? Punish the citizens even more?

  2. FF

    Pretty simple. The Republicans can just pass a “Clean CR” for the six weeks that is in the bill. Then, there is no excuse for all parties not to negotiate about the budget in a fairly alloted time period. But since the Republicans seem to be saying no government before Obamacare is defunded/delayed/messed with, and the Democrats are saying no government without those items left alone, then what does the funding of the National Parks matter, unless you are thinking that this all gets solved by mob rule – that if enough people get mad because a park is closed that they will demand “negotiations”. If “negotiations” consists of one side negotiating away a core belief, then I don’t think it really matters.
    Plus, when did you give a crap about the government in the first place? I thought you’d be part of the “private sector can do it better” cadre, welcoming a shut government to prove to the people how useless government is in the first place. So, are you really saying the government has value? Enquiring minds……

    • As usual, you miss the point. The Parks Service is closing down areas that have never had guards and require zero – nada none- presence or expense on its part. In fact, as I posted here last week, it’s actually added guards to places it never had before solely to close those areas to the public. 83% of the government is operating; just like the sequester, Obama has ordered the selective shut down of everything he thinks will most inconvenience the people he’s supposed to represent, in the hope that they’ll get angry at his opponents, not him. That works for his base – it may be more transparent to the rational majority.
      UPDATE: Roger Simon dreams of shutting down the entire government. He can’t see the downside, nor can I.

  3. FF

    Alas, you miss the point as well. Point is fairly simple as I see It. I believe Obamacare is both vital and critical to holding in costs for 1/3 of our economy that is messed up in healthcare. I think Obamacare is vital to ensuring that millions of people have access to healthcare in America. I don’t want the Congress or the President to “negotiate” on that one iota. Not one, its worth the confrontation to me. You think it is the work of satan, will be responsible for the end of society, a guaranteed trip to bankruptcy and dependency. You likely think the Republicans shouldn’t give an inch, and that they are 100% correct in their approach. There is zero room for “negotiation” on this singular point, and if you accept any of this, then you have to admit that all the other nonsense, including this Erik Erickson fueled talking point about the National Parks is just distracting noise. “Spinning” it as you are (and thanks for that concern for the Democrats and the President’s base – it might “backfire” – though I took it for what it was) has really no impact. The Republicans came into this with Obamacare as the only target, so keep it there. Your team has made it so obvious that it wants it killed, how can some fake “delay” be a negotiated point when your team constantly refers to it as more time to find creative ways to kill the law. Let someone blink and get this on with unless you support further extraconstitutional means to repeal a duly passed and adjudged law, accept Obamacare and move on to the day when you elect enough Republicans to overturn it.

    • Anon2

      You “believe”. That’s a hot one, considering you are absolutely clueless about what Ocare will do since its authors haven’t a clue either.

      O already extraConstitutionally waived parts of the law. The House decides whats funded under the Constitution, not the Prez.

  4. FF

    I believe that you have absolutely no interest in addressing the facts Anon2, just take a goofy and second rate shot with a couple of lies on top of it. Feel good?

    • Anon2

      You really can’t be as stupid as you appear to be. You have no idea what you are talking about. The House decides appropriations, that’s the Constitution.

      As far a OCare goes, it was all based on lies and even low information people like you are starting to see that.