2013 FEMA Zones, Old Greenwich

Courtesy of Mickster – check this link for the entire map, plus the 2010 map, so you can appreciate how your government has expanded its grasp. There’s not too much change from before, but you can look up your street and see what’s what.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.58.02 PM


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8 responses to “2013 FEMA Zones, Old Greenwich

  1. Mickster

    Aside from the obvious houses on the shoreline, I was surprised to see Center Dr and Brookside Park, Deepwoods, and other areas around the I95 similarly effected

  2. So is Chez La Fountain in the “ flood zone” ?

  3. jb

    What does being in the dark green zone mean? That is, I think the one labeled “0.2 PCT Annual Chance of Flood Hazard”.

    Also, curious how home insurance folks will handle.

    And what does “No BFE” mean in the “properties effected” document?

  4. A fine client of mine just had to pay 1,200 to have his FEMA line corrected….we showed after the excruciating scrutiny at an office somewhere in Devil City that we were right..the FEMA line was 20 feet off VERTICALLY !
    Yes it was inland on the Byram River BUT know and understand FEMA is an insurance company that government has given SOLE authority to dispense our tax funds …motivation is for budget baloonary first, second and third….oh by the way it is a government entity…that is committed to two principals…charge as much as possible, spend as much as possible to budget boost oh and only they know what is best for us…
    Agree ?
    BTW the case above was that the flood line across the there 44 foot wide, 3 foot deep river was not in the FEMA line but his was 20 feet below….where else but government can charge extra to have a river flow at a near 90degree angle…and charge extra for it ?
    D.C./ Town Hall equation blowhard and collect funds…..facts aside….

  5. New Buyer

    Ok, looking at a different FEMA map. For one particular block it reads: “Zone V16” and underneath “(El 15)” First off, how the read this and what do the two numbers (V16 and El 15) mean? Second, the road on this block is hilly and every house is at a different elevation, some level with the beach while others up a small hill. Safe to assume that each homeowner must pay for a survey to determine their exact house height in relation to BFE?

    • Sort of….
      “Survey” protocols in CT are set at 2FT. which means they can be 4 FT wrong and still be “accurate”
      FFE is First Floor Elevation…pay a Licensed Surveyor to authenticate FFE at front door …5 mins….500 bucks +- with Licensed Surveyor Seal !
      ALL FEMA BS is dependent on FFE…by LAW !

  6. Anonymous

    It would be difficult for one person to take this on but why doesn’t the Old Greenwich Association challenge this.

    • Maybe because the president of the OG Association is Democrat Dave Raferty, who probably thinks the entire neighborhood should be razed and replaced with low income housing towers?