There won’t always be an England; in fact, it’s already gone

churchillBank officials fretted that putting Churchill’s face on the  £5 note might offend the Germans. They also worried about the private parts of Jane Austin, but that’s a matter between the bankers and their psychiatrists.


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    • I thought we Americans spoke an adapted form of The Kings English? If not for England,we would be speaking French or Spanish? Has any country developed similar to ours with other languages? I’m just fine with a bit of Royalty bumping our language along from the past!

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Just another example of why “political correctness” is an abomination. If not for Churchill, the Brits would all be speaking Nazi, instead of American. He was a true leader, a man of impeccable logic and common sense. He spoke his mind, stood for what he thought was right, and was a man of great moral character and principle. Plus he was funny as shit. The only leader in the same category is our first President, Benjamin Franklin.

    Anyhows, here is a must read article, entitled “The Threat We Face”. Basically summarizing what we all know, which is progressive Democrats are really just Commies. It was written by David Horowitz, who was raised by Commie Jew parents. Why are most Jews Democrats Dude? It really makes no sense. Any chance the reader is a Jew and can shed some light on this? I don’t get why the blacks are Democrats either. George Wallace was a Democrat. Although to his credit, on his deathbed, he renounced his support for segregation.

    So read this article. It is long, but touches on some very compelling, and very disturbing, issues that we face today:

    Your Pal,

    • TheWizard

      Indeed all of Europe would be speaking nazi and one has to wonder what would have happened if the Germans and Soviets would have been left alone to slug it out. Were it not for the Japanese, of course.

  2. Peg

    If it weren’t for Churchill, I never would have been born. If it weren’t for Churchill, bad as the world can be at times, it would be almost beyond imagining worse.

    Walt, I posted the Horowitz column on my blog. Horowitz understands the Big Picture better than many, having grown up and been indoctrinated in the “belly of the beast”, so to speak, as you highlight.

    Why are Jews Democrats? Because of a combination of them believing that FDR saved their rear ends – even though he turned away a boatload of Jews from our shores so they all met their deaths – and due to “social giving.” I, too, believe in doing for others. Unfortunately, however, Jews have been sold a bill of goods thinking that it’s better to give dribs of cash to those in need, rather than to really help them climb out of ignorance and poverty. And – I might add – I do think that Republicans were more anti-semitic decades ago; too many people can’t appreciate that what was 60 or 70 years ago may not be the case today.

    Ditto for blacks; somehow – the Party of Lincoln both didn’t do enough to be supportive of needs of blacks – and when they were, managed to be lousy about selling what they were doing and why.

    The Republicans need some deep, deep lessons in communicating why their ideas are superior to the left. They suck big time in this regard.

    And dumping the hard core homophobia, religious right stuff would help, too. Don’t mean to disrespect the deeply religious among us. But – in our country (at least, in the olden days) you’re supposed to have the freedom to believe as you wish. That should mean all of us.

  3. AJ

    During WWI, Churchill was the First Lord of the Admiralty. The Brits were losing to Germany and would shortly have to negotiate a peace, meaning that J.P. Morgan would lose the one and a half billion — that’s billion with a “b”, a lot of money in 1915 — dollars he had lent to England and France to finance the war.

    In 1914, Churchill had ordered all British ships that they were no longer to stop and allow German U-boats to search them but to fire on them if they were armed and if not to ram and sink them and that white flags should not be honored, leaving Germany no choice but to stay submerged and torpedo ships.

    Churchill had ordered the Lusitania to shut down one of its four boilers to reduce speed to three quarters as it entered waters where two ships had been torpedoed the day before; its destroyer escort, the Juno, with which it was to rendezvous had been ordered back to port.

    Of course what every schoolchild knows is that the German embassy had placed ads with fifty east coast newspapers warning passengers not to take the Lusitania, but what they don’t know is that Woodrow Wilson had ordered newspapers not to accept those ads, and it appeared in only one paper, The Des Moines Register, where no one was likely to see it.

    The man behind the president, who effectively was the president, was J.P. Morgan associate Colonel Edward Mandell House. Lord Mersey, who headed the inquiry into the sinking, refused pay for his services and asked to henceforth be excused from administering His Majesty’s justice. He later called it a dirty business.

    — from “The Creature from Jekyll Island, pages 235- 262

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    A veteran paraplegic on a Segway removing a Barrycade:

    This made me all pissy eyed, but glad to see people are standing up to the Bully in Chief.

    I really think people are starting to understand the Commie in Chiefs motivation, and are getting fed up. They see the Emperor has no clothes. If he starts arresting a bunch of Veterans for visiting OUR MEMORIALS, I think all hell will break loose.

    Barry doesn’t own this Country. The people do. His petty behavior, trying to punish the people he is meant to represent, is going to come back and bite him in his skinny little bony black ass.
    Your Pal,

  5. Walt

    Is Francis having you moderate my comments? You spineless weasel.

  6. LMNOP

    Bumper sticker just seen in I-95 in Darien:

    The Quicker Fucker Upper

    I nearly went off the road trying to get close enough to take a photo but couldn’t keep up with the dude driving the big black truck with WV plates.

    Best bumper sticker I’ve ever seen!

  7. CatoRenasci

    On a lighter note, from a time when people thought there would always be an England: