The only “settled law” in ObamaKare is that unions get their way

Fee imposed by ObamaKare is waived for labor unions. It’s minor, it’s trivial and it’s also illuminating: no negotiating with Republicans on any part of what the regressives have been howling is “settled law”, but when the unions come knocking Harry Reid flings open the door – “waivers? Yeah, we got that.”

UPDATE: Democrats now insist on end of sequester as condition for reopening the government. Keep it shut.

A two-week-long partial government shutdown originally blamed on a conservative Republicans’ demands for Obamacare to be defunded is now stalling because liberal Democrats want to see an end to planned spending cuts, it emerged today.



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6 responses to “The only “settled law” in ObamaKare is that unions get their way

  1. Just_looking

    It does not matter. Everyone will get their money, back pay, gross ups whatever, and all will go on. Tomorrow or the next day. Silly antics until then mean nothing. It will all go through. There is no real incentive for the decision makers to not allow it.

  2. John Q. Public

    I am really curious to see how Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian feel about all this.

  3. Anonymous

    What is odd is that the Walmart EBT card riot/looting didn’t make the news at all today on CNN’s website. Guess it didn’t fit the agenda.

  4. Cos Cobber


  5. Anonymous

    This news is so depressing in so many ways. I am truly afraid for this country and what it has become and where it is going. We need help in a bad way.

  6. Cos Cobber

    I am much more in favor of making zero changes to Obamacare than permitting absolutely any more of these executive orders exempting or delaying parts of the bill. Everyone should get the same medicine. And let the medical device tax happen too.