No surprise here: BOE appointee Ramadamadingdong demands racial rebalancing of our schools

Greenwich Democrat Town Committee officers cheer on their candidate at last night's BOE "debate"

Greenwich Democrat Town Committee officers cheer on their candidate at last night’s BOE “debate”

Why else would our local Democrats appoint her?

Tamm was the only member to indicated strong support for the racial-balance mandate.

“The fact is, separate is not equal… It is not an equal situation,” she said.

Greenwich Academy, where the lady sent her own daughter “Jayanti”, is apparently both separate and equal: “I always encouraged Jayanti to invite the GA custodians’ children to come to our commune to play after school,” Ramadamadingdong explained to FWIW. “The fact that they never took her up on that invitation was their problem, not mine – screw ’em.”


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56 responses to “No surprise here: BOE appointee Ramadamadingdong demands racial rebalancing of our schools

  1. Riverslide

    Was the debate really unrevealling or did the Greenwich Time reporter overlook the differences between Sherr and the other five, so as not to give positive attention to Sherr?

  2. CatoRenasci

    Why wouldn’t Tamm Tamm want racial rebalancing – she spent her life following an Indian (or Pakistani, since he was from what’s now Bangladesh) guru and sent her kid to private school. The peasants who aren’t so enlightened to follow Guru Ghose and can’t afford to send their kids to private school deserve to pay higher taxes for the privilege of having their kids bused into Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon – that’ll serve those damned Riverside and OG Republicans right!

    Tamm Tamm is really an abomination in so many ways, it reflects ill on the Democrats for nominating her. But, they’re the party of “f*ck everybody who ain’t one of our lefty team (and some of them, too)!!”

    Has no one the courage to publicly confront her about being a f*cking CULT C*NT for 30 years?

    Excerpts from her daughter’s book ought to be distributed to every voter in Town!

  3. burningmadolf

    Way better quote:

    Overcrowding at New Lebanon School posed a major obstacle to students excelling there, argued Tamm, a Byram resident.

    “A child can’t concentrate when there’s noise going on in another part of school,” she said. “There’s no storage, so everything is out. If the child has a bit of a learning disability, the distraction is huge, and how can that child concentrate and learn? The teachers are fabulous and the determination of principal is unparalleled, but we need to have equity in our schools.”

  4. housecat

    Is it possible that Tamm was urged by the DTC to fall on her sword on this issue? It can’t have escaped their notice that this issue has become the proverbial third rail in local politics. If she loses in Nov., it would actually be a good thing for the Dems. However, far be it from me to understand what goes on in their heads…

    • Cos Cobber

      It simple, live as I say, not as I do.

      While she chose GA and its 90% white population for schooling, the rest of in the public realm, with schools already 20 to 35% minority (which is fine, I’m very happy with that) haven’t done enough.

      My god, what shameful and naked hypocrisy.

      • red herring

        Sorry, Cos Cobber. I have kids in both a public elementary (Eastern Greenwich) and GA and the latter is far more diverse. Far more Asians, Jewish and Sub-Continent represented. You are plain wrong – and not alone – in your assumption.

        • You don’t get it: the “minorities” you cite are all excluded from the liberal definition of that class. For purposes of the liberals’ counting method, those are all white people, free to be discriminated against.

        • Cos Cobber

          I look at the graduating class every year. GA never misses a splashy graduating class photo in the paper and from that I don’t see how I am wrong at all.

        • red herring

          CC – guess you haven’t seen any photos of Riverside or OG schools graduating 5th grade classes then. Nice method of deduction, by the way. Extremely scientific.

        • Cos Cobber

          If you fail to see the hypocrisy here, you are out of your mind – delusional.

          My method was surely as scientific as yours – observational….unless you conducted questionnaires – which I doubt.

          FWIW, all the schools in town are running about 25-35% “minority” except for Riverside and OG which are well below the avg and NL & Hamilton which are well above the avg.

        • Fluid Grid

          Those photos are hysterical .

          Thanks for the chuckle

    • Understand, she can’t lose – the Democrats put four, and only four “candidates” on their slate and they are entitled by the charter they cooked up with their fellow politicians, the Republicans, to exactly four seats. Thats why I refer to Tamm as the Democrat “appointee” – to put her on the ballot is to put her on the board.
      Welcome to Greenwich politics.

  5. If bullet-voting is the most effective way to make change, won’t bullet-voting for Laura Ericson keep crazy Ramadama off the BOE? Should this be our plan? Isn’t avoiding the mad spending of Tammtamm more important than vindicating Sherr in his dispute with Republicans?

    • I’m pretty sure there are just four Democrats on the BOE slate, in which case all four get on, no? I’ll admit that I’m not really familiar with the crazy laws imposed on us by our Republican/Democrat powers, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Riverslide

        There are four Dems on the board, but only two Dem seats are up for election this year and three Dems are vying for them. Exact same situation on the GOP side. So I wouldn’t bullet vote on the Dem side; you’re best off voting for the two non-Tamms. Bulleting for Sherr makes sense on the GOP side.

  6. Anonymous

    when can we bullet vote/

  7. Greenwich Gal

    How is this BOE election in any way “democratic?” This is ridiculous! How is a town run this way? Who decided that this was in any way a proper way to run an election? What if Congress was divided into even spots per representative or Senator? Imagine!

  8. Patrick

    That separate is not equal comment is ridiculous. Old Greenwich has 50% less minorities than Riverside. Should we start by making it “equal” and ship more minorities to OG? Would that now make it equal?

    The achievement gap is a problem and we need to invest more into Pre-k and after school programs at Ham and NL to make up for home/parent support issues. Moving students to North Street is not going to improve performance. It’s just going to hide the issue and bring down scores creating a vicious cycle of flight to private.

    • housecat

      Please don’t give her any ideas.

    • hmmm


      A flight to private is good it reduces the town budget and taxes.

    • Fox

      Sorry, Patrick, you’re just suggesting MORE discrimination. School funds should be spent equally on each child. Adding more “Pre-k and after school programs at Ham and NL to make up for home/parent support issues” takes money away from students from functioning families. Why should they be penalized? .

  9. For those of you that weren’t at the BOE debate last night, let me give you some thoughts.

    The two petitioned candidates, Sherr and Erickson, were at a different level relative to the other four candidates. Bernstein also did well and I would say he came in third, though not sure if that was because he was between the two that struggled most, Pedlunas and Tamm. Applebaum probably came in fourth, because while clearly bright she either read to us from her notes or was caught in moments of awkward silence – clearly not comfortable talking on her feet. Pedlunas was confusing – either he started many sentences with the words “math” or “achievement” but not much else was understood. Tamm seems like a nice person, but struggled.

    As of now, I am voting for the two Republican spots, Sherr and Bernstein, and for the two Democratic spots, Erickson and Applebaum.

    • Anonymous

      I will be voting the exact same way and encourage others to do the same. Anyone the bullet votes for Sherr (only) is giving Ms. Tamm as seat on the board. People from both parties need to vote for the Ericson and Applebaum as well.

    • housecat

      Something else – Applebaum actually came out against the “mixed-ability classroom”, which would earn her my vote no matter what. The fact that voting for both her and Erickson helps put some distance between Tamm and the BOE is practically icing on the cake. (Albeit a single vote’s worth…)

  10. greenITCH

    while I understand the premise to bullet vote sherr , ensuring he gets on as an elected Republican while not strengthening any other republican candidate with a vote … doesn’t it make more sense to then as well vote Erickson AND Applebaum with the idea to then ensure that Tamm DOEST NOT GET IN ?

  11. Riverside Dog Walker

    Dear FF,

    Is it starting to dawn on you that essentially appointing this unqualified person with all her baggage, her crazy do as I say not as I do pronunciations, her proclivity to spend other people’s money because she thinks some other people need it and more are entitled to it, to the only ”elected” governmental body in town that people really care about because it effects them both on a day by day and long term basis was a strategic mistake of immense proportions?

    As an independent, I was always inclined to vote for Democratic town candidates if for no other reason than to encourage a two party system and keep the Republicans honest. This is my reward? Count me out going forward.

    All the best,

    • FF

      Take care, sorry you have gone. I don’t think you are telling the truth about your leanings, as if you were you might have not decided that all Democrats are identical in every way. You have the Republicans for that. I have seen enough concern trolls over the years to recognize. So while you may feel we should sadly rue the loss of your vote, unless you were personally acquainted with one, I doubt that apart from Obama in 2008 that you have ever really considered a D vote.

  12. Cos Cobber

    Its clear to me, anyone but TamTam.

    • Well we don’t want Ramadamadingdong or “Squeaky” either: vote against one, hit all three.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Let’s look at the bright side. Shall we?
        This woman is clearly an off the charts progressive “cultist” unable to manage her own life, no less the lives of others. And as others have pointed out, she is also a hypocrite. But as Francis will continually point out, her past doesn’t matter.
        Anyhows, she will be an unmitigated DISASTER on the BOE, for all to see. And then we can hold Francis accountable for his blasphemous support of a totally unqualified candidate. Plus maybe she can teach us how to pick up elephants.
        Your Pal,

  13. PTA member

    Lets review the facts….
    The only difference between Tamm and the others is simple. She was truthful. The othes lie. Erickson was quoted as saying she will support the current boards decision whatever it may be. Now that’s a leader. She too wants Sherr off and is very local about it. So a vote for her is a vote less for Sherr. And can someone please tell Laura to smile. She looks so angry all the time.

  14. Sam supporter

    It’s amazing to me that all these comments are being directed toward Tamm. As a supporter of hers I thank you for all the free press. You must be really scared. And I don’t blame you because she is going to win. And that’s good for Chris because it will give him something to blog about. You might not agree with her, you might not like her but guess what people she speaks her mind and that’s what we need. So go ahead keep mentioning her name. She loves it!

    • “she speaks her mind”?
      Last night was the first time she emerged from under her crystal pyramid to reveal what’s been on her mind since she was nominated last summer, and it turns out she wants to shuffle our school kids around by race. She should crawl back under until the election’s over. Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool, than to open it and confirm it.

  15. Sam Supporter

    You pussy, keep blogging about Tamm. I know she is an easy target. So I get why someone like you does it. Have you forgotten what Paldunas did? He is orchestrating a big defeat of Sherr. With Sue Sue, wimpy Campbell and Stevie. But keep writing about Tamm. Keep trying to hurt her. It won’t work because she is stronger than you. That’s why.

  16. Fluid Grid

    3 hot flashing obamacare red dot worshipers in a row!

    Chris, we need a bouncer.

  17. Anonymous

    Chris, I dig your season 5 Mad Men still. Amazeballs.

  18. hmmm

    Tha’ts a great picture of farricker

  19. hmmm

    no difference between ericsdaughter and shamalamadingdong…

    they both have the feeling guilty gene and will make awful decision based on that and nothing else…probably true for applebees also

  20. North Lebanon

    Nov. 5 town election for four seats on the school board

    Today I met several parents from my kids’ elementary school. They were very clear on what was important for their families in terms of education in Greenwich, but I was surprised that many of the parents were not familiar with the candidates, or their positions. One question I got was “…so who should I be voting for??” To help these parents, I thought I would summarize the positions of the candidates..

    Republican (2 seats)
    1. Peter Sherr* – it’s very important that we protect the interest of what the parents want.
    2. Brian Peldunas – I support solutions which honor the sanctity of neighborhood schools and which positively impact student achievement.
    3. Peter Bernstein – I’m glad to see redistricting taken off the table. Whatever we do, it needs to be done in fiscally responsible manner.

    Democrat (2 seats)
    1. Laura Erickson* – I will support whatever decision the current standing board makes.
    2. Debbie Appelbaum – we need to work with the state in a collegial consensus-building relationship that protects our rights and choice as a community.
    X. Samarpana Tamm – the only member to indicated strong support for the racial-balance mandate (Tamm’s position does NOT reflect what any of the parents wanted)

    * Write in

    • hmmm


      I think for the dem ticket you could have just put as a description for all of them as:

      I am here to serve my masters in Hartford and Washington, I want what they want and I am feeling guilty so I’ll vote 2x for the unwashed…