Almost as surprising as it would be to discover an intelligent liberal

Earth Day celebrants, 2013

Earth Day celebrants, 2013

Yale law professor astonished to find that Tea Party supporters aren’t stupid.

Yale law professor Dan Kahan posted on his blog this week that he analyzed the responses of more than 2,000 American adults recruited for another study and found that, on average, people who leaned liberal were more science literate than those who leaned conservative.

However, those who identified as part of the tea party movement were actually better versed in science than those who didn’t, Kahan found. The findings met the conventional threshold of statistical significance, the professor said.

Kahan wrote that not only did the findings surprise him, they embarrassed him.

“I’ve got to confess, though, I found this result surprising. As I pushed the button to run the analysis on my computer, I fully expected I’d be shown a modest negative correlation between identifying with the Tea Party and science comprehension,” Kahan wrote.

“But then again, I don’t know a single person who identifies with the tea party,” he continued. “All my impressions come from watching cable tv — & I don’t watch Fox News very often — and reading the ‘paper’ (New York Times daily, plus a variety of politics-focused Internet sites like Huffington Post and POLITICO). I’m a little embarrassed, but mainly, I’m just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view.”

While Kahan cautioned against thinking the results can be used to explain deep ideological fights over climate change and other politically relevant science, and he said the results wouldn’t change his negative views of the tea party, he did say he will no longer make assumptions about the level of knowledge on his opponents’ side.

Hey, you never know: someone may suddenly remember that  Ted Cruz, the Hispanic who fled the liberal plantation and is now vilified as an idiot and a dunce, graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School ( magna cum laude and, unlike another famous Harvard Law Review editor, actually wrote articles. And released his transcripts.

My prediction: Cruz will repeat his performance of standing on principle and defeat the senate’s alien amnesty bill. The media won’t be able to sway the masses on this one, I hope, because most citizens oppose what Obama wants to shove down their throats with this bill. Tough to run scare stories every night on a topic that doesn’t scare people: “Jose won’t be able to take my job? Well darn!”


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29 responses to “Almost as surprising as it would be to discover an intelligent liberal

  1. Daniel

    Two words: Confirmation bias.

  2. TheWizard

    Liberals more science literate? Preposterous.

    The “science” of the coming ice age in the 70’s, not to mention the water shortage.

    The “science” of peak oil and global warming of the 90’s.

    I would say more liberals probably subscribe the science magazines, as I picked one up in the local hospital once last year and found they refer to global warming as established fact. So the self proclaimed smartest people on the planet are unaware that the whole thing was a sham based on purposely flawed data, That speaks to their competence.

    Ted Cruz rocks, by the way.

  3. housecat

    I would have thought DorothyB would have been on this post like lip gloss on a drag queen.

  4. Anonymous

    It is a shame Ted Cruz didn’t put his Princeton and Harvard education to better use.

    • indeed. a stellar career at Goldman Sachs would have gained him access to the real source of power. instead, he suffers the slings and arrows of slack-jawed slubberdegullions. some people feel the need, however misguided, to devote their lives to public service.

  5. Al Dente

    I would love to confront Pelosi and Reed with a challenge: Pass out a standard IQ test to every member of Congress. A surprise, no prep or cheating. Then post the average test score by party. I predict Rep: 110 Dem: 80. There are a lot of really dumb ass Dems.

    Wouldn’t that shut the msnbc pieholes.

  6. Anonymous

    Amazing how the libs express outrage at the gov’t shutdown without ever acknowledging how it got to this point or EVER expressing, to my knowledge, any sincere concern about the underlying debt problem.

    • Inagua

      Liberals who know about the debt want to reduce it by increasing revenue. Taxes at all levels are only about one-third of GDP, and Liberals want it at one-half, like Europe. The Democratic Party is working very hard towards this goal, and it will probably be achieved in another generation.

  7. Temperatures have warmed about 0.75 degrees in the last 100 years, I believe. Simultaneously, CO2 in the atmosphere has increased. The causal link between these two is “inferred”, “presumed likely”, predicted by climate “models” but not proven. Temperatures vary and since weather can’t be predicted next week, it can’t be accurately predicted next century. Yet the silly libs presume to make major economic damage to the economy and American families by tossing out the lowest cost 40% of our electricity which comes from coal (after they toss out the 18% from nukes).

    Funny how for the libs, the past century’s slight temperature increase is proof of the mega-trend of global warming, but the opposite evidence, the lack of warming in the last 15 years is a random natural variation which must be disregarded.

    California eliminates coal power, has the highest power costs west of the Mississippi, and its manufacturing economy collapses, wrecking many middle class jobs, a story the media won’t cover. And the movie and software gazillionaires say “who cares?”

  8. Joey

    Yes, I am sure that Ted Cruz is smart. But has he made good decisions? I guess it depends on the perspective. He definitely will be Senator for life in Texas. Or if he chooses the private sector he can write a best seller or be on Fox everyday. I see nothing but riches for the guy. But in terms of the Republican Party. If he messes up one more time like he did last month that will be it of the Republican Party’s chances for the Presidency in 2016. If you haven’t noticed yet (just watch C-Span) middle america (both democrats and republicans) are very tired of the Tea Party clowns.

    As I have posted before I am still surprised that Greenwich has intelligent people (your words not mine) who follow these guys. Unless you will be dead in the next ten years or so you certainly are not voting with your best self interests in mind.

    I remember my Republican friends who you used to say to foreigners who grumble about the US (not to their faces of course because they are much too cowardly), If you don’t like the country well then leave. Perhaps you should follow the same advice. If you don’t like paying taxes (in Greenwich or US) you should find a place that fits your propensity for low taxes and bad services. There are plenty of states in the south that would be glad to have you all. You could even get a chance to vote for the candidate who wins for a change. I have lived in many of these places. Believe me, life without government is pretty grim.

    I think a Chinese proverb best describes the Right’s policy direction.

    “Frog in a well sees no sky”

    Your Friend

  9. Joey: Jefferson, Madison and others started a radical experiment with limited government. By limiting government’s functions and tasks, our society made a mad success, in liberty, prosperity, generosity, and well-being. Then ditzy liberals decided that the government’s powers of compulsion should be mainly used to redistribute money: from rich to poor, and often from young to old. We realists have observed that this re-tasking of government has been a failure, EVERYWHERE.

    Why are you puzzled?

    • Joey

      Where you and many (even many democrats) get it wrong is the that the choice is not so stark. it is not between communism and free unfettered capitalism. Some government does not mean you live in socialism and neither does a little more. The majority is not going to let you Tea Bees take us back to the dark ages so I am not sure why you guys even bother. Quoting the founding fathers and talking such ideological bs is not going to get you into the White House.

      • jB

        Every leftist bill passed is declared ‘an important first step’. A little more government? A little more later? Little by little a little later we will have welcomed big brother in with the promises of common sense bread and circuses.

  10. JRH

    Not that anyone here will care much, since you’ve all long since chosen to believe your own “facts,” but for what it’s worth: the claim that Cruz, unlike Obama, “actually wrote articles,” is simply fantastic. First, every student-written item in the Law Review is unsigned. Some like to scream and shout that Obama’s name never appeared on an article during his time as an editor and later as president: well, of course not. No student’s name ever does, neither Obama’s nor Cruz’s. Second, Obama did publish while he was an editor. You can read it here if you’d like. Cruz likely published the same type of thing: a brief comment on a recent legal development. That’s how student writing on the Law Review works. Obama also graduated magna cum laude. So let’s just cut that crap, why don’t we?

    • pulled up in OG

      Absent crap, Politico et al have no story. The p’s and r’s in Kahan’s post make that obvious.

  11. Dollar BILL

    Well done, JRH. Also, according to latest NBC/WSJ poll, Cruz has a 14% approval rating nationwide, with 28% disapproval. As his time in the Ivies showed, the guy is a world class arrogant ass who, as Grover Norquist eloquently put it, “pushed House Republicans into traffic, and walked away.” If he’s your Teabagger poster boy for 2016, I say be my guest! This cretin just got his ass handed to him, with a well deserved thumping, but he’s so self deluded, only he and CF think their side prevailed. Ha! Ha! Ha!