Another price cut on Doubling

49 Doubling Rd

49 Doubling Rd

49 Doubling is down again, dropping to $5.450 million from its 2008 asking price of $7.495. Interestingly, the town tax card shows this as being only 5,000 square feet which makes sense for a one-acre property, but its picture makes it look much larger – the listing sheet is silent on the matter says “8,000 +, which seems more likely. Well, who you gonna believe, the tax card or your own lying eyes?


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11 responses to “Another price cut on Doubling

  1. Publius


    The listing sheet claims 8,000+ at the very bottom in the propaganda section

  2. Shoeless

    Can’t believe you missed the chance to write “Doubling Down”.

  3. Fluid Grid

    Must be the chip skowron effect

    Below the belt?

  4. Cos Cobber

    what a really nice house.