New ownership at WGCH – will anyone notice, or care?

"I am not (much of) a crook!" Bob Metter in his better days

“I am not (much of) a crook!”
Bob Metter in his better days

The station’s down at the end of the AM dial and claims to be Greenwich oriented despite its content of canned business news from St. Louis and points west. The ratings are too low to be measured by Arbitron but nonetheless someone has bought it out of bankruptcy. Greenwich Time terms it a sale of “Greenwich’s Flagship Radio Station”, which seems a trifle overblown: there is no other other radio station, unless you count Billy Joe Haversin’s short wave set up in his mom and dad’s attic.

Regardless, the sale comes a little late for its former owner and former Greenwich resident Bob Metter, who somehow escaped the SEC fraud charges brought against him and his penny stock company, Spongetech Delivery Systems. If you want a laugh, check out the bulletin boards for Spongetech back in, say, 2011, when the SEC was preparing to shut them down. I used to do this stuff: it was a classic pump and dump penny stock scam but the poor chumps on the boards just can’t believe they’ve been had. Oooh, are they angry at posters who tell them just what suckers they are! Oh well.


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11 responses to “New ownership at WGCH – will anyone notice, or care?

  1. This morning’s show was one of the best radio moments ever.
    The announcer should be nominated for a prize.
    He reported live (it seemed) the sale and allowed for the Dem.Senators to bloviate and announced MALLOY BY GOVERNER EDICT, HAS SAID EVERY REGULATION NEEDS INVESTIGATION FOR RELEVANCE INCLUDING USELESS ENVIRONMENTAL IDIOCY…he needs to be praised.
    Let’s put a show together is FUN…..

  2. Cos Cobber

    When does the CF radio show begin? Guests could include Peter A – via postcard, segments on how to be square w/Gids, leadership lessons from Peter Tesei, phone-in commentary from Walt, and fashion commentary from Marzilli. And of course, there is so much more…. It would be a ratings bonanza and advertisers nightmare.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You used to pump and dump penny stocks? Why did you stop? It is a more honest way to make a living than peddling dirt? Want to get back into it?

    I can create better companies than Spongetech to pump and dump.
    How about “BabyBeauty”? It sells everything to make the alien looking baby into a human being. Baby wigs for the bald little creatures, maybe some “organic” baby makeup, really made out of cheap greasepaint out of China, and other “organic” supplies we can get on the cheap from just about any gook country. We can sell related items, like “Baby Cry No More”, a cheap plastic bag with a pull string that you can pop over the crying little bastards head to make them stop whining. What do you think?

    Or how about “Cult Safari”? It will be a membership club, where we can match the undecided progressive little cultist with the cult that best suits them? We can expose them to kool aid cyanide drinking cuts (Payment due in advance!!), devil worship cults, UFO cults, elephant lifting cults, or sex cults. I will do the research on the sex clubs. Can you handle the kool aid cults? It’s only fair. It was my idea. You worm.

    Anyhows, let me know if you are in. Otherwise, let’s try and do a call in talk show on WGH. Working title is “Walt and The Weasel”. What do you think?

    Your Pal,

    • In fact, I used to hunt them, but it was far more remunerative to go after the real firms, because they stuck around long enough to collect from. Of course, my favorite targets: Bear Stearns, Merrill, Lehman, Kidder Peabody are all long gone now, and even the penny stock companies are fading: I read an article just last week on their demise, and it turns out that the Internet has killed them because it was always a confidence game best played over the telephone and few people still have land lines for the crooks to track them down and cold call them on, and no one has time to listen to a fifteen-minue spiel. I got out just in time.

      But a radio show has promise, if only anyone still listened to WGCH – that hasn’t happened in 20 years.

      • Fluid Grid

        When the announcement was made that Twitter was going public, and their handle was to be TWTR, some morons, along with some very soon to be rich geniuses bought shares of TWTRQ, a stereo speaker producer, and the shares were up 1700% in less than a few hours.
        Penny stocks maybe not dead yet?

        • Well idiots certainly aren’t going anywhere, and crooks still abound, so the combination of greed,idiocy and plain ol’ wickedness should ensure that something to replace old fashioned penny stock fraud will soon appear.

      • Riverslide

        It is good on election night (even with Ed Dadakis bloviating) and for high school football games.

  4. I live almost as far north as the Merritt, so the station doesn’t come in too well at home.