Perhaps there’s hope after all

Old Guard Democrats occupy Wall Street

Old Guard Democrats occupy Wall Street

Young people are learning to distrust the government.

Young people have grown up listening to parents and politicians who promise that the federal government will solve our problems. But, as they have suffered widespread unemployment, watched college costs soar and seen our legislators wrangling ineffectually, they have begun to doubt the wisdom of their elders. They have, it appears, lost faith in government.

According to an April survey by the Harvard Institute of Politics, only 39 percent of young voters count on President Obama to “do the right thing,” and only 22 percent trust the federal government. Those are shocking numbers for a group that turned out en masse to support Obama’s reelection.

This increasing wariness could become a life-long habit, just as faith in Washington was a hallmark of the millions who came of age during FDR’s reign or skepticism of Uncle Sam colored those who grew up listening to Ronald Reagan. With government programs spreading like an algae bloom and threatening our solvency, some pushback from the next generation could head off fiscal Armageddon. Today’s young people just need a little more convincing that the feds don’t have all the answers.

Glenn Reynolds responds: “Well that should be coming.”

Last with a Mohican

Last with a Mohican

While the stubbornly stupid, like Dollar Bill, will never realize that their progressive vision for America has failed, that failure will soon become obvious to the generation that’s following. And unlike the illegals Obama’s bringing in to outnumber them, these kids are the ones expected to pay for it all.

If something can’t continue, it won’t.


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17 responses to “Perhaps there’s hope after all

  1. Publius

    “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.”

    “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before”

    Frank Rizzo, former Mayor of Philadelphia

  2. Obamacare will do this nicely for the 20 something crowd. They will certainly realize, since even the liberal media has been reporting it, that they will pay health insurance premiums far above the real cost of coverage in order to subsidize premiums for everyone else. Or go without coverage, pray they don’t get into a car accident, and pay a penalty.

    There’s nothing like being told to grab your ankles by the government to wake people up.

  3. Publius

    Check out this guy’s solution. He IS delusional. Gary Silverman for the Financial Times. I am hoping the site was hacked and this is a prank.

    Could Mr. Silverman be Dollar Bill’s brother???????

  4. Fox

    A marvelous development that should go a long way towards neutralizing this country’s greatest weakness, a blind confidence in government. I view it as Obama’s signature achievement!

  5. the millenials may go beyond thinking that the government is incompetent, but, is actually evil:

    however, there will be those who will never remove their rose-colored glasses:

  6. Once

    They waited in Eastern Europe for about eighty years for Govt to solve all their problems, but they got tired of fetching water from a well and pooping in their back yard.

  7. Fred2

    One can hope, but given the proportion of people that voted for Obama last time (they needed more evidence?) I’m not hopeful.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Emmy Award winning CNN Journalist blows the whistle and says CNN is paid by foreign governments to air or not air certain content. You don’t think the other MSM is doing the same thing? This is why the Liar in Chief said TODAY to not pay attention to bloggers or talk radio. He doesn’t control those. Yet.

    Here is another article by The Guardian:

    The foreign press does a much better job covering what is going on here. Our “Free Press” is a biased, slanted, non-objective joke. The big three TV networks blamed the republicans for the shutdown 61 times, the Democrats ZERO. They have all become a propaganda tool.
    You tool.
    Your Pal,

    • Walt

      Dude –
      To clarify, CNN is paid by foreign Governments AND US Agencies.
      Your Pal,

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      I was once on vacation in Panama and there was an english language Al Jazeera (sp?) channel in the hotel. Think the anchors were British. After all our govt brainwashing against this network, I was surprised that it was shockingly good and balanced.

      It was a real news cast as opposed to the news as entertainment mindset brought to us by Roone Arledge many years ago which we are forced to endure to this day.